My Strength Does Not Allow Me To Low Key Chapter 1750

Chapter 1308: Super unicorn

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Xiao Feng really didn't expect this Li Xingkai, he really guessed his own thoughts.

In fact, the Rico family was destroyed before and so many assets were robbed, which didn't make him too happy.

What really made him happy was that he accepted the Hernandez family, the two ports, the wharf, and the warehouse.

Previously, the Hernandez family controlled these terminals, which were naturally used for trafficking flour like the United States, but after Xiao Feng took over, he no longer planned to do that kind of business.

At first his idea was to build a two-ocean railway, but that was just an idea.

But when he later learned that the Panama Canal was a toll standard, his idea of building a railway here became even stronger.

The toll for a ship can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Is this Nima unclear?

Of course, if there is no American backing, the Panamanian government would not dare to be so dark.

Regardless of the fact that the United States claims to have exchanged the Panama Canal to the Panamanian government, who does not know that the Panamanian government is actually a puppet of the United States.

The Panama Canal is still under the control of the Canal Management Committee.

The Panama Canal was first built by the legendary American banking tycoon JP Morgan, who raised US$40 million and hired 80,000 workers.

In that era, 40 million U.S. dollars was almost equivalent to 40 billion U.S. dollars today.

Of course, the United States also grabbed enough benefits on this canal, from 1914 when the canal was built to 65 years in 1974 in the last century.

This canal has always been in the hands of the Americans, and it was transferred to the Cloud Management Committee jointly established by the United States and Panama in 1974, but in fact, it was mainly the Americans who had the final say.

Later, in 1983, Norie added to Taiwan. After this old man came to power, his attitude towards the United States has not been very friendly. He once encouraged the domestic people to take back the Panama Canal.

This touched the American people's rebellion. As a result, in 1989, the local government of the United States imposed a drug trafficking charge on the president and directly launched an invasion, arrested the president, and overturned the Panamanian regime.

In this way, the Americans once again firmly controlled the Panama Canal, and it was not until 1999 that they signed an agreement with the Panamanian government to transfer the management of the canal back to Panama.

But in fact, behind Panamas existing canal management company, the majority shareholder is still American.

Otherwise, do you think that the courage of the Panama Canal, dare to charge hundreds of thousands of dollars in a one-time toll?

A standard 10,000-container cargo ship basically costs 780,000 U.S. dollars for a pass through the canal, while in the Suez Canal, the price is at least 100,000 U.S. dollars cheaper than the Panama Canal.

This is the main reason why, when many domestic cargo ships return to South America from the Atlantic Ocean, they would rather go around the Suez Canal than the Panama Canal.

Moreover, the Panama Canal is still controlled by the Americans, and it is very susceptible to political factors. It is too troublesome to board the ship for inspection and arrest.

Especially what Xiao Feng intends to do in the future is Venezuela's oil business, and Venezuela is still on the sanctions list of the United States.

It is estimated that the ships of the bear country would dare to swagger to transport oil through the Panama Canal, and the Panamanians would not dare to make things difficult.

If its your own ship, its probably the Americans who will inevitably do it.

Finally, after thinking about it, it is the most cost-effective to build a railway.

However, Xiao Feng only has a preliminary idea for the railway construction plan from Apaltado to Jurado Port. If this plan is really implemented, there are still many joints that need to be opened up.

These two ports are located in the provinces of Cordoba and Choc in Colombia. If you want to build a railway with these two ports, people in the local political circles must agree, otherwise the plan will be difficult to start.

The other is the Columbia Western Railway Company, which is the only railway company in Colombia, and the countrys railways are very unique.

It has been hundreds of years since the founding of the country, but the railway mileage is pitiful, from the ports of the Caribbean Sea, extending inland like Medellin, Bogota and other cities.

The entire country's railway network is just a long and thin oval shape, and there is not much thinking about radiation from other parts of the country.

This railway company was first state-owned, and it fell into the hands of the Jurado family until the privatization of the country in the 1970s.

But later it changed hands several times and became a stock company with many shareholders.

In the past ten years, the company's operating conditions have been in good condition. Now Li Xingkai has acquired the company and has become a major shareholder of the company.

And I know the legislators of those two provinces. From this point of view, this guy is really good at it!

Xiao Feng looked at Li Xingkai with a smile, and Li Xingkai looked at Xiao Feng with a smile.

"I have to admit that you are really a talent. Well, let me talk about it first, how did you know that I wanted to build a railway between these two ports?"

On this point, Xiao Feng is very curious.

Li Xingkai pointed to his head: "Of course it's observation!"

"I have been collecting information about you before, but from the information collected, you are a businessman doing a legitimate business. Until you were helping the Chen family in Tongguo, there were suddenly many Russians around you. And now in South America, that country has the most Russians? Of course it is Venezuela!"

I have to say that this guy's analysis of things is really clear.

"I hate to understand the situation on the Venezuelan side. They are so poor that they can't open the pot anymore. What are they going to pay to the people of Mao Xiong? There is only oil, but their oil quality is not high, and Mao Xiong is also a country that does not lack oil. So even if Mao Xiong gets the oil, he will definitely find a way to deal with it. Considering the principle of proximity, the only friend who can help them deal with the oil is you."

Xiao Feng listened to Li Xingkai's analysis and nodded frequently.

"Since you have already guessed this, why don't you report it like a U.S. citizen?"

The Americans are very powerful in South America. They are now sanctioning Venezuela. If Li Xingkai reports like them, Xiao Feng is quietly doing Venezuelan oil business.

Then it will definitely attract sanctions from the United States, even if Xiao Feng is not directly doing business with Venezuelans, that will not work. The long-arm jurisdiction of the United States is so overbearing.

But after hearing this, Li Xingkai shook his head: "Who am I? I was originally on the blacklist of Americans! Besides, why should I denounce like Americans? I wish more people would dig the corners of Americans! "

"Oh? Listening to your tone, you seem to be very dissatisfied with the Americans?"

"Haha, indeed, I have not been dissatisfied with them for a day or two. If you have a mother who died in the hands of a US policeman, and the last policeman was only sentenced to a light sentence, you will be dissatisfied. If you are on When you were in middle school, you were always the target of bullying, and you would be dissatisfied with the United States!"

Looking at Li Xingkai's slightly distorted face, Xiao Feng knew that this must have touched some unbearable memories of this guy.

I originally thought that this guy grew up in the United States and would have an overwhelming affection for the United States. I didn't expect that he would have such an unbearable past in the United States.

This can also explain why he didn't report on himself like those organizations in the United States.

"Then I ask one more question. I think you seem to be not opposed to cooperating with me. I really want to know why?"

"Why? If I don't cooperate with you, will you let me go?"

Xiao Feng smiled and shook his head, and Li Xingkai shrugged, "That's all right? Besides, I really don't like those guys with Li Fei, because since I was a kid, there have been no less than their brothers. "

At the end, Li Xingkai's face became serious again. It seems that even if they are cousins with Li Fei, they are not right!

"Well, if you were to be responsible for the construction of this railway, what would you do?"

"First of all, I will let someone arrange for the people of these two places to go to the parade..."


Xiao Feng listened for a moment, and Li Xingkai shrugged: "As you know, the employment situation in these two places has not been very good. Many people have no jobs. Now fishing at sea is not that easy, so many people are here. Hungry~www.wuxiaworld~ Xiao Feng still knows about this, so the labor in these two places is very cheap.

"Then I will contact the two councillors in the name of the railway company. On the railway company's side, I will arrange to put forward a railway construction plan, purchase land, and hire workers. The councillors will speed up the approval of the project. Up to three months, this will be enough. Made it."

It seems that Li Xingkai is very confident in this matter. Xiao Feng frowned. He knows the virtues of the Colombian government and its extremely low efficiency.

It can even be said that there is less success than failure. If you want to do something, before you start, you will jump out of a bunch of opponents and talk to you every day.

As for the construction of the Sino-Ocean Railway, many pro-U.S. lawmakers will definitely come forward to oppose it, but it seems to Li Xingkai that this is not a difficult task.

At this time, Li Xingkai seemed to be the roundworm in Xiao Feng's stomach. Although he didn't say anything, Li Xingkai had already guessed what he was worried about.

"Haha, those congressmen and officials, don't worry too much, because many of them are my customers. Even if they are not my customers, I still have a way to grab their pigtails."

It turned out to be like this! Xiao Feng smiled and nodded.

"Well, in this way, I really can't find a reason to kill you. Your wonderful performance convinced me. My Liangyang Railway Company just lacks a general manager."

Xiao Feng smiled and stretched out his hand to Li Xingkai, while Li Xingkai nodded with a smile.

"Actually, I am not interested in the position of general manager of the railway company, and you didn't ask me what I want?"

"Huh? Do you mean salary?"

This guy is really bold enough, but Xiao Feng likes this guy's straightforwardness.


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