My Strength Does Not Allow Me To Low Key Chapter 1793

Chapter 1775: The end of traditional car companies

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But when I think about Liu Jin, he must be inseparable from the Russian mafia. Those guys have a lot of magical powers in Eastern Europe, Central Europe, and even Western Europe.

The reputation of one of the few gangs who dare to head-to-head with the Napoli people in Italy is definitely not covered.

Regarding the flour business, Li Yun and Li Zhen also told him that the main market for flour in South America is the United States.

Of course, it was once supplied to Japan, but with the rise of the Golden Triangle, the markets in Japan and Asia were taken away by the Golden Triangle.

As for the European market, it has always been supplied by Golden Crescent and Golden Triangle. South American gangs have also tried to enter the European market, but they are too far away.

And in Europe, they have no foundation.

So many times, they just supply the Napoli people in Italy. As for what they do, they don't care.

And this time they can get on the line with the Russians through Xiao Feng, which will open up the European market, of course.

This is good news for Li Yun and Li Fei, and it can open up a market.

If Li Xingkai didn't tell him this today, he hadn't really thought about these things before.

At this time, he looked at Li Xingkai and laughed, and he felt that this man was an interesting and wonderful person.

"How did you dismiss the security? Don't you know that you are dangerous?"

"Ha! Of course I know, but even Li Fei can't stop you, even security guards like me can't stop you? And although they are guys who work for money, I have always been skeptical of their professional ethics. If When they are facing a life and death crisis, I suspect that they will betray me as soon as possible. Rather than waiting for them to betray me, it is better to dismiss them as soon as possible. This will save me a lot of money!"

Xiao Feng couldn't help but rolled his eyes: "You have a very good reason, I was right!"

"Haha, am I smart?"

Li Xingkai on the opposite side laughed haha, Xiao Feng looked at this guy, and he felt a little like this guy's character.

"Aren't you afraid?"

"Are you afraid you don't have to die?"

This answer is very good, Xiao Feng spread his hands.

"Since it is impossible to escape death, why not be more chic?"

"You have time to escape?"

"Where to go? China? Southeast Asia? I have never been, and I don't want to go, let alone your place there. Going to Europe, it is too cold there, and you know Russians, I know their ability in Europe . Then only South America, Africa, North America, and Antarctica are left for me to choose from!"

This guy actually started talking, as if he wasn't talking about himself.

"Africa is too messy, I dare not go. Antarctica is too cold, I don't want to be neighbors with penguins. North America is going there, I'm sorry, many people don't want me to go back. So where else can I go? I can only stay Its most suitable here!

Xiao Feng nodded. He admired this guy more and more. Facing such a situation, he could still talk freely. This is not something ordinary people can do.

At the very least, it seemed to him that he had more muscles than his brains than Li Fei and Li Kai, and he only knew that the guys who would fight and kill were much stronger.

"But I don't think you stay here to wait for me, just to die. A smart person like you can't wait for death!"

As soon as Xiao Feng turned the topic, Li Xingkai on the other side also laughed.

"Of course I don't want to die, and I don't want to die. So during this time I have been collecting information about you and researching your preferences. Finally I found a reason for me to continue living."

"Oh? Then please convince me!"

Xiao Feng said with a smile.

Li Xingkai directly took out a tablet and pushed Xiao Feng over.

"These are multiple accounts managed by my team and I. There are NYSE, Frankfurt, London, Tokyo, and there are probably more than 10 billion U.S. dollars in these accounts. Funds are flowing. In addition, we have more than 10 billion U.S. dollars in deposits in our accounts in the Cayman Islands, the Virgin Islands, and the Andres Islands. If I die, then all of this money will be spent. Who do you think the owner of this money will ask for compensation?"

Li Xingkai is also betting. For him, these customers are also his amulet.

Among these people are the countrys Senate, the major shareholders behind multinational companies, and politicians from several countries in South America, and most of them are the flour traders who lose out to South America.

He is now responsible for the laundering of his funds. If he dies, then the money will basically be unavailable.

This is also his most worthy amulet for proofs.

But Xiao Feng smiled faintly at this moment: "Your team in Miami and the team hiding in Andres are basically in our hands now. We have basically mastered the fund account and path. As for you Its a big deal to ask a few computer experts to crack the password you have. Compared with the money, I dont think its too expensive to rent a supercomputer to crack the password.

Xiao Feng didn't say a word, and Li Xingkai's face turned pale.

Because every time Xiao Feng says something, he loses one point of the chips in his hand.

At the end, when he heard that Xiao Feng planned to rent a supercomputer to crack those account passwords that only he knew, he couldn't help laughing three times.

"You are really ruthless! You deserve to be someone who can kill Li Fei's family. It really is an exhaustive plan!"

"Thank you, thank you, so now do you think you have any reason to continue living?"

"I bought the shares of the Columbia Western Railway Company, and I have contacted the councillors of Cordoba and Choc, as long as you can keep me alive. I can contact them for approval. Railway construction to Jurado Port."


Hearing what Li Xingkai said, Xiao Feng finally sat up straight.

This Li Xingkai, how could he guess his plan?

Sure enough, he is not a simple person! Amazing, you can even guess what you think?

In fact, the previous victory in Medellin seemed to him to consolidate the position of the Li family in the region and obtain huge economic benefits. At the same time, the most important thing is to get the Arpa from the Hernandez family. The two ports of Altado and Jurado.

The straight-line distance between the two ports is only more than 150 kilometers, but they face the Pacific and the Caribbean.

In the future, if he wants to get oil from Venezuela, the biggest headache is how to transport Venezuela's oil from the Caribbean to the Pacific.

The closest route is of course the Panama Strait.

Previously, he and Huayang Petroleum had planned to obtain oil from Venezuela, then take the Panama Strait, and use small tankers to transport the oil to the islands on the Karapag archipelago. After refining, it would be sold locally, or Repurchase domestically.

But in terms of actual operation, one of the biggest problems has to be faced, and that is cost.

The cost of pumping oil from Venezuela will not be mentioned for the time being. It is the most troublesome to transport oil through the Panama Strait.

After learning about the freight of the Panama Canal, Xiao Feng couldn't help but curse that the country was so dark.

Of course, the money must have ended up in the pockets of their major American shareholders, so it should be the American Tet's so black.

This canal currently has about 170,000 ships navigable every year, carrying 600 million tons of cargo, of which 38% are Chinese cargo ships, and the toll paid by Chinese enterprises in one year must be paid. More than tens of billions of soft sister coins.

A ship crossing the canal will be charged according to different types of cruise ships, freighters, etc. The fee for freighters is very high. A freighter of 10,000 TEUs across the river starts at 780,000 U.S. dollars.

At present, the two largest donors of the Panama Canal in the world are the United States and China.

However, the major shareholders behind the Panama Canal are Americans, so Americans pay money with nothing more than a left hand for a right hand.

But the country of China is different, it's a real slaughter!

At present, Hua Guoguang pays tolls on the Panama Canal every year, with almost 20 billion U.S. dollars!

This shows how much cost will this increase the goods?

Now Xiao Feng is engaged in Venezuela's oil. He is cooperating with Huayang Petroleum and the Russian company behind Liujin ~ www.wuxiaworld~ They are responsible for transporting oil, so he doesn't need to consider the tolls.

Sooner or later, he has to leave these two companies aside and engage in oil by himself, so the tolls must be considered.

He is not willing to be blocked and robbed by Americans like this. The most important thing is that Venezuelan oil is still being sanctioned by Yankees.

If it were detained in Panama, it would be a big loss.

So he is considering other alternatives, and the best way is naturally to open another channel in Colombia.

He didn't think about the Nicaragua Grand Canal. After all, it would touch the roots of the Americans.

But if you open a railway between the two ports of Apaltado and Jurado, together with the two oceans, this time you Americans will have nothing to say, right?

Before China did not rise, the biggest benefactor of the Panama Canal was the Americans, so no one wanted to open a railway connecting the two oceans here.

But now that China has risen and is still the world's largest trading power, the strategic significance of opening such a railway is quite critical.

After all, with this railway, you will not be sacked by the Americans.

The construction of a 150-kilometer railway will not cost much at all.

The carrying capacity is definitely inferior to the Panama Canal, and it is also very troublesome to unload, load, unload, and load from the two ports back and forth.

But the Panama Canal navigable price set by the Americans is helpless, and it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time, which is really too dark.

This price is unacceptable just to hear it. Xiao Feng has also sent a lot of investigators these days to investigate the cost of human transportation between the two ports.

The final conclusion is that no matter how much you toss, the cost of passing the same goods is definitely lower than the cost of crossing the canal.

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