My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 1405

Chapter 713: Sour

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“Old Master, my wife wants to treat the commander-in-chief to a meal tonight. Chi Yang and I have always been on good terms too. Since this is your first time in Jiang District, would you give me some face and have a meal together?”


“It’s okay, Grandpa. The chief of staff is quite close with us. Let’s eat together.”

Since Chi Yang had spoken, the old man had no reason to turn down the offer, so he agreed.

Of course, since they invited the Old Master, Chi Yang and Nuannuan had to go as well.

Hence, after the chief of staff invited his guests, he left happily.

Seeing Qu Mingyi’s vigorous footsteps, Leng Jinpeng could not help but pout.

What was the big deal?

They only met once a year! They were nothing more than reenacting the tale of Cowherd and Weaver Girl.

After Qu Mingyi left, the four of them happily had lunch.

When they were about to finish eating, Zhong Kuijun walked in. When he saw Zhong Nuannuan, he was agitated.

Just as he was about to walk forward to greet her, someone bumped into his back.

Zhong Kuijun stumbled and almost fell.

He was about to scold the person when he realized that it was a female soldier who bumped into him.

At that moment, the female soldier had already walked in the direction diagonal to her and was walking towards Nuannuan. At second glance, was this not the young lady from Jiang District’s super-wealthy Ling family?

She was a female soldier in the special forces. She should be here to see Chi Yang, right?

When Zhong Kuijun saw Ling Pinyuan’s aggressive look, he prepared to stay and observe the situation.

Now that he had been blacklisted by Nuannuan, she refused to answer his calls. To put it bluntly, Nuannuan was so disappointed in him that she put him in the same category as Jiang Shuwan.

Zhong Kuijun regretted it so much.

He clearly wanted to compensate Nuannuan.

Qianqian had taken over her identity and she had nothing left. He had decided to make it up to her, so even when he found out that Nuannuan slept with Chi Yang, he did not blame her too much.

Actually, he really wanted to see Nuannuan and Chi Yang get together. Who knew that halfway through, Wang Gangyi would step in and destroy the father-daughter bond between him and Nuannuan.

At that moment, Zhong Kuijun pushed all the blame onto Wang Gangyi. He did not think that it was inappropriate for him, as a father, to ask his daughter to break off the engagement for his own benefit.

However, now that things had reached this point where Nuannuan no longer cared about him, the bad premonition that he had was growing stronger by the minute. He did not have his upline’s contact number, so before Zhong Qianqian returned to her influential family, he must patch up his relationship with Nuannuan. This way, not only would the military base not be able to find any evidence against him, even if they did, they would go easy on him on account that he was Nuannuan’s father.

In this way, without any evidence, even if they suspected him, they would not go too far for Chi Yang’s sake. Furthermore, Qianqian was about to obtain a high status. To continue being someone else’s granddaughter and live like a lady from a wealthy family, she would spare no effort to save her father.

Therefore, his priority was to mend the father-daughter relationship with Nuannuan.

Zhong Kuijun decided that if Ling Pinyuan planned to mess with Nuannuan, he would immediately speak up for Nuannuan, letting her understand that he was her support. Without him as her backer and without the support of Cloud Group, a mere Ling Pinyuan could walk all over Nuannuan.

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