My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 1406

Chapter 714: Provocation

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Zhong Kuijun investigated Ling Pinyuan before. She was the daughter of the Ling Group and the second lieutenant in the special forces. She had her eyes on Chi Yang for a long time.

Initially, Zhong Kuijun was afraid that Ling Pinyuan would beat Zhong Qianqian to Chi Yang, so he invited Chi Yang to their house on Zhong Qianqian’s birthday. He was also the one who discreetly allowed Zhong Qianqian to drug Chi Yang.

Therefore, when he saw Ling Pinyuan’s aggressive manner, Zhong Kuijun guessed what was happening.

Sure enough, after Ling Pinyuan bumped into him, she directly rushed to Leng Jinpeng’s group and performed an extremely standard and powerful military salute to Leng Jinpeng.

“Commander, I have a complaint, sir!”

Fortunately, everyone was almost done eating. Otherwise, they would not have much appetite when they saw Ling Pinyuan.

Ling Pinyuan’s voice was very loud. Their table was already very eye-catching in the first place, so when she shouted loudly, this table immediately became the center of attention.

Leng Jinpeng knew about what happened at Soaring Clouds Pavilion yesterday, so he was extremely displeased to see Ling Pinyuan. However, as the commander-in-chief, he had the obligation to listen to every soldier’s request and complaints, along with helping them resolve said issues.

“If you have anything to complain about that requires my attention, you can see me at the commander-in-chief’s department.”

After all, Ling Pinyuan had made a few contributions before, and she could be considered a respected contributor to the military base. Even though he knew that she was completely in the wrong yesterday and that she was the one who was stirring up a storm with her complaint today, Leng Jinpeng still wanted to give her a chance.


Many people did not know how to cherish opportunities when they had them, and they would only regret it when they lost them.

Obviously, Ling Pinyuan was such a person.

“If I went to your office at one o’clock to complain, you probably wouldn’t deal with this matter. You might even cover it up. Therefore, I want to lodge a complaint in front of all the senior officers of the military base in the hopes that the commander-in-chief can handle this fairly, justly, and openly!”

“You haven’t even said what it is yet, and you’re already claiming that I’ll abuse the law? Isn’t that a little irresponsible?”

Ling Pinyuan stumbled a little at his words. However, when she saw Chi Yang and Zhong Nuannuan’s loving expressions and thought about how Zhong Nuannuan defeated her twice yesterday, Ling Pinyuan refused to bow down.

She felt that even if Chi Yang hated her forever for what she did today, forever pushing her out the door, this was something that she must do.

This was because by doing so, she could completely defeat Zhong Nuannuan, who was so smug in front of her. Secondly, she could make another contribution to the military base by digging up Zhong Nuannuan’s sh*t.

Therefore, whatever Ling Pinyuan could not get, she would not let Zhong Nuannuan have it either.

“It is indeed my fault for doubting you like this, sir! In my heart, you have always been an upright, strict, tolerant, and open-minded person. Thus, I have all the reasons to believe that you will handle this matter properly. It’s just that I don’t believe some people. After all, some people are too good at disguising themselves.”

Ling Pinyuan then glanced at Zhong Nuannuan.

However, Zhong Nuannuan ignored her and continued her war against food.

Even though Zhong Nuanuan was well-off, she was a foodie. She had a good appetite and was not picky about food. No matter how luxurious the food was or how cheap the lunchbox food was, she remained a good child who was not picky about food and refused to waste any of that.

After all, when she was sold to the organization by human traffickers, she went through the experience of either killed or being killed for a meal. If she did not kill someone else, she would have died.

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