My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 1407

Chapter 715: A Complaint Against Chi Yang

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Therefore, when Zhong Nuannuan grew up and had money, she could afford to waste anything but she would never waste food.

Ling Pinyuan was irked to find that although she was about to complain, Zhong Nuannuan did not seem to pay her any mind and continued eating heartily.

At the speed at which the autumn wind swept away fallen leaves, several plates were instantly emptied.

Ling Pinyuan, “…”

At this moment, she was still a little hesitant.

Was this woman not afraid?

Or did she have a backup plan?

However, no matter what tricks she had up her sleeve, it was unreasonable for Zhogng Nuannuan to have such good skills along with the supreme ability to subdue the enemy at a single move.

Therefore, Ling Pinyuan held the USB flash drive tightly to boost her courage.

Leng Jinpeng was triggered to the edge by Ling Pinyuan’s “upright, strict, tolerant, and open-minded” remark.

However, Leng Jinpeng had been in the position for so long that he could tell what she was plotting.

“What you’re saying isif I don’t listen to you in public, it means that I’m not upright enough to pay attention to the complaints raised by my subordinates and that I’m not careful. Is that what you’re saying?”

Ling Pinyuan pursed her lips and did not say anything, but that was what she meant.

Yesterday, Zhong Nuannuan suppressed her in every aspect. Today, she was going to let Zhong Nuannuan know that she, Ling Pinyuan, was not someone she could go up against.

“It’s not that you can’t complain, but if you complain in front of so many people, it will definitely affect the reputation of others. Are you sure you want to treat your comrades like this?”

“Sir, the person I’m complaining against is not my comrade. Therefore, I must lodge this complaint against her. The purpose is to prevent my comrade from being deceived by her appearance and suffering losses before her!”

“Yet, you’ll still damage their reputation. If the person you’re complaining against is not your comrade, then it must be someone who has a close relationship with your comrade. So, Ling Pinyuan, you have to think this through. You are allowed to complain in front of so many people, but if your complaint turns out to be untrue, then you’ll be charged with malicious intent. You’re an outstanding female officer in the special forces. Once you’re charged with this, you won’t be promoted in the next five years; and secondly, you’re no longer allowed to participate in this joint military exercise. Have you thought it through?”

Ling Pinyuan stubbornly asked, “Commander, you’ve only mentioned the punishments that I’d get if my complaint turns out to be untrue. Then, if my complaint is verified to be true, will it be a meritorious deed?”

“That’s right. If your complaint is verified and you’ve saved your comrade, then it will count as a meritorious deed.”

“Alright, I agree. Then, I’m complaining against Zhong Nuannuan, fiancee to Chi Yang, our Captain of the special forces!”


Everyone was stunned.

They looked at Ling Pinyuan as if she was crazy.

The little bunny was so innocent and cute, but Ling Pinyuan wanted to lodge a complaint against her?

Chi Yang was thoroughly enraged. He slammed his chopsticks on the table.

Even though it was just a minor act, it scared Ling Pinyuan so much that her face turned pale and she took a few steps back.

Chi Yang’s expression turned as black as coal. He enunciated each word, “I advise you to think carefully before you speak. Otherwise, you’ll come to realize that some people are simply people you can’t afford to provoke.”

However, not only did Ling Pinyuan not take this warning to heart, but she even asked, “Captain, are you threatening me? But what should I do? I’ve always been a practical person, and I’ve never been willing to accept threats.”

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