My Vampire System Chapter 690

682 The Cursed Team

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The battle for the Cursed members against the Sand Ruler continued. A few things made it quite tricky for them to fight, even though there were many of them. Its hands were large, and there were clear white claws that protruded from them.

However, when Dennis and Sil would attack the beast's hands and arms, it felt like they were physically just attacking sand. Large gash marks would be made, but more sand would soon cover them up, and the beast would seem like it was healing in seconds, even though it was never getting hurt in the first place.

It had a strong suction force with its strange mouth and neck that would try to pull the members into its razor-sharp teeth.

After their Parasite member's death, the rest were cowering and shivering behind Wevil, not helping out one bit while the others fought. But honestly, even if they did help, they would probably just get in the way.

"The centre of its body isn't covered with sand!" Linda shouted. "I think this is where we can attack."

So far, Linda had been fighting on the ground with Nate, which Dennis had made a note of. She hadn't been using her abilities either but was dodging the attacks coming her way quite well.

Listening to her advice, Nate went forward and tried to attack the centre of the Sand Ruler's body. He flash stepped forward, it wasn't as fast as what Quinn could produce, but his wasn't meant for dodging. His was to increase the force of his punch.

"Crumble to pieces, you ugly sand monster!" Nate shouted. As long as his fist hit the actual body of the beast, it would do some damage.

However, as soon as his fist got close, strange white bones started to appear out of the sand covering the beast's body and created what looked like a ribcage over its midriff. Nate's hardened hand smashed into the ribcage, and the bones snapped, but it wasn't strong enough to go through the bone and damage the physical body.

Watching everything unfold, Sil was carefully avoiding the suction from the beast's head and blocking attacks every now and then.

'Is it time to help them?' He thought.

Before going out, Quinn had told Sil to hold back using his full strength. He knew Sil was plenty strong, and the others around him were as well. Based on the way Sil's ability worked, the more people that were strong around him, the stronger he would be.

It wasn't a time for Sil to show his strength though, the others in the faction needed to improve their skill and abilities. For now, while it seemed like everything was going okay, he would hold back, like Quinn had asked.

Worried for Nate, Linda had overstepped her zone that she had created where she could perfectly avoid the large hands of the Sand Ruler. She was hoping to go in and follow up if Nate couldn't finish off the beast.

With an Emperor tier beast, it was dangerous, and she might not have been able to hide her new strength, and she knew that. Now stepping in too close, one of the large hands was swiping her way, and all she could do was brace herself. As she was hit by the large hand, the others could see her body flying through the air and landing somewhere in the sand.

"Linda!" Dennis screamed; they needed to take out this beast, and they needed to do it now.

While one of the hands were low, Nate dashed forward towards it and used his soul weapon. He was able to solidify the hand and make it stiff, heavy, and slower. With this, it wouldn't be able to use the sand around it either.

However, one of the other hands was still free. It wasn't for long, as Fex tied it up with his red string, using all his strength to tie it down. Sil had its head focused on him, and with its rib cage broken, it now had no way to defend itself.

Dennis was no longer in the air; he had flown a distance back and was hovering slightly above the sand, kicking up a mini storm as he flapped his wings. Moving forward, he charged in as fast as he could, spinning his body. Then, he activated his soul weapon, and what looked like a golden arrow had formed.

Hitting the beast, he had gone right through the centre of it, causing a large hole in its body, and soon it started to crumble to the ground. The emperor tier beast was defeated.

"They did it; they really managed to defeat an emperor tier beast." One of the Parasite members said. Other than Hana and Wevil, the others had only been watching the Cursed family fighting, unaware of what happened behind them.

The parasites cheered as they thought they could live to see another day, but there was no celebration for Dennis. He had rushed over to where Linda was last seen, where she had landed. Panic filled him as he wondered what happened to her.

A single attack from the beast was able to slice through a large beast shield, he dreaded to think what it would do to her. When he got closer to the area, he could see someone walking through the sand, and he eventually slowed down.

"Linda, are you, are you," Dennis started fumbling his words, looking all over her, to see if he could spot anything. "You're completely fine?" He said, confused.

"Yeah, I was lucky that the attack mostly hit my emperor tier chest piece, so I wasn't really hurt," Linda replied, smiling.

'Is her chest piece that good? I thought it was only as good as mine.' Dennis thought.

If they were fighting a king tier beast, maybe he could see this was possible, but an emperor tier beast? It should have done some damage, and she had fallen from a great height too. She had been hit with such force, and yet, there were no broken bones; there wasn't even a single scratch on her body.

The truth was when Linda was hit, she was greatly hurt. Her hand landed awkwardly, breaking the bones in her arm, and the bones from her ankle were sticking out from her skin. But soon, the effects of her new body were taking place, and she started healing on the spot as if she was never hurt in the first place.

Dennis wanted to ask more questions about why she hadn't used her ability and more, but he was a little tired and thought now wasn't the time for questioning; maybe that should be a job for her brother.

Heading back to the others, they could see that there was an argument going on.

"What the hell happened!" Nate shouted. "You guys just froze there and didn't even help us."

"I'm sorry," Wevil admitted with his head held down in shame. "We were unaware of what we were about to go up against."

Hana, who was by Wevil's side, wanted to complain, to shout out that they should have told them what they were planning. But Wevil said they did. From the beginning, they had said they were going to fight an emperor tier beast, but they were the ones that chose not to believe them, because of that, one of their members died.

They couldn't argue or complain. Without the Cursed family, Wevil knew that all of them would have died. Which is why he had his head held down now.

"You think a sorry is going to fix our team..mate." Towards the end, Nate started to trail off as he could see that Linda had returned completely fine. Seeing this, the anger in him began to diminish.

"I'm still angry with you guys," Nate said as he went off to look over his teammates.

Now that everyone was safe, they could celebrate what they had achieved. To Nate, it felt like each of them had made huge improvements compared to last time. When fighting an emperor tier beast before, two of their people had died doing so. It was a humanoid type beast and was slightly stronger, but it was clear they had improved.

'Was it the fight with the Sunshields? Even though we don't have better equipment, it looks like everyone really grew from that.' Nate thought.

While thinking this, he spotted one more person that he hadn't seen during the fight.

"Quinn!" Nate yelled, running over to give him an earful as well. "What were you doing this whole time? I understand why you didn't join for the advanced tier beasts, but this was an emperor tier; we could have been in serious trouble."

Although Linda and Dennis didn't express this towards Quinn, they felt the same way. With Quinn's strength, why didn't he help? Even if he wanted them to improve, he could have at least been by their side helping them. Nate was the only one that was able to say what was fully on his mind to him.

"Yeah, you're right," Quinn replied. "Someone could have seriously gotten hurt, if I didn't get involved," Quinn said, throwing a crystal in the air up and down, catching it in his hand.

The others could see the clarity of the crystal. Nate looked back at Dennis, and they could see that the crystal was almost the same colour and clarity.

"Huh, you mean, what?" Nate jumbled his words, and staring past Quinn, they could see another Sand Ruler's body.

"Please tell me I'm dreaming right now."


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