My Vampire System Chapter 691

683 The Next Tier

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After a battle like the one they just had, the group needed to find somewhere to rest. At the same time, they wanted to be careful not running into any more beasts. In the fight, both Dennis and Nate had used their soul weapons which took a lot of energy and MC cells. They needed time to recover before they could fight again.

In the desert, there were several areas where large rocks would be sticking out of the sand; although most of them were small. Eventually, they managed to find one big enough that allowed them all to fit under, taking cover in the shade.

It wasn't hot like a regular desert back on earth, or on other planets. The planet itself was quite cool, but it was still a nice spot for them to gather their thoughts. While doing so, it felt like Quinn had the eyes of the Parasites on him, but it wasn't only them, as those in his group were staring at him as well.

'Quinn, I thought we were progressing fast,' Nate thought. 'I knew you were strong, and you surpassed me a while ago, but just how have you grown so much in a short amount of time? Will me and the others get left behind." Nate was clenching his fist, for some people, this would get them down.

However, for Nate, seeing someone strong and improving so much, just made him want to reach that place quick and just as fast.

Nate wasn't the only one who felt this way, the others did too, including Fex. The questions on their mind were, how much stronger could Quinn get? It was only a short while ago where he needed help from others to defeat an emperor tier beats, and now he was able to beat one on his own.

"Let me know when you guys have recovered," Quinn said. 'And we can head off and look for the next one."

"The next one!" Hana shouted. "What do you mean? Are we not going back? You already got two emperor tier crystals, and one of our people died."

Although these people were strong, she felt like they were fools. Even between different tiers of beasts, there were different strengths as well. Maybe the emperor tier they had fought with was weak compared to others. If they continued, she was sure more of them would die.

"Mantis said this was a joint hunt, we agreed to bring you along, and we have shown you this place," Quinn replied. "Look, I don't think it's the best idea you guys come with us either. Otherwise, some of you might die, and I don't want you to die for no reason."

"We will end our hunt when the sun goes down," Linda said. "If you want, Sil or Dennis can take you back to the van, and you can wait for us to return."

"Fine," Hanna yelled. "But if you don't return after two hours when the sun has gone down, then I will assume you all have died and return without you."

Pulling out his strong large wings, Sil was getting ready to take the two of them back to the van. With his fast flying abilities, it was easy for him to head back and return, but he could only carry two people at a time, and Dennis was still recovering.

"Do you want to go back with them first?" Hanna asked.

Wevil was silent for a second before he eventually replied.

"I'm not going back; I'm going to stay with them."

"What, come on Wevil, have you gone mad?" Hana asked. "You will be killed, and you're not part of the Cursed faction; they won't protect you when it really matters."

Wevil placed his hand on his stomach once more, as if he was in slight pain, and then looked at Quinn talking to those in his group.

"I can't let this opportunity slip by me, don't you think he's special, Hana? Do you know anyone who could have done what he had done, and shown the skills he did at the game? When I look at him, I think they're going somewhere. They follow him because they feel it too. When I look at Mantis." Once again, Wevil placed his hand on his stomach.

"Fine," Hana huffed. "You two, go ahead. We'll meet you at the van later tonight." She said to the others before turning back at Wevil. "If you're staying, then I'm staying as well. I don't see what you see, but I can't have these guys burying your body."

"Thank's Hana," Wevil said.

Sil, was off sending the other two back to the van, and before they left, Wevil made sure to tell them to contact the base and inform Mantis to not do anything to the Cursed family for now. Otherwise, they would be in for a whole pain of trouble.

While Sil was away, Quinn decided to go over to Dennis and try a few things. He got Dennis to sit down, and close his eyes and relax, Quinn would then place his hand on his back and focus on his Qi.

As he did this, he tried to get Dennis to focus as well. Although meditating and learning Qi control couldn't help one get their MC points back, it did help with recovering their stamina a lot faster.

By the time Sil had eventually returned, Dennis felt energized and was ready to fight again.

"What was that?" Dennis asked. "I feel great."

"It's something my teacher taught me a while back," Quinn replied.

"Can you teach it to me!" Dennis asked. With a faster recovery time, he could fight more often and get more out of his hunts.

'It's not mine to teach, but in the future, I hope to introduce him to everyone at the Cursed faction."

The group was off again, and decided to stay as close as they could along the borderline of the desert; they didn't want to go too far in. At the moment, they had hardly made a dent on their maps. As they explored more, the digital maps they carried would update themselves, and other Travellers could use this information in the future.

Along the way, they had discovered more Emperor tier beasts, only this time, it was only one rather than two. Quinn got involved with the fighting, helping them out, and with him, it was a lot easier. Wevil and Hana would stay back observing for the first emperor tier.

But when they came across another emperor tier beast, Wevil decided to try and help out, however, although brave in his actions, an emperor tier proved to be too much for him, and it looked like he would come to his demise.

Hana wanted to step in, and she tried, but she knew it would be useless and her legs wouldn't move, but none of that mattered. For, when Wevil was about to get hit, the shadow came in front of him, blocking the attack.

"If you are helping me out, then I will help you as well," Quinn said, and went on to kill the beast again.

In total, the group had defeated an additional three emperor tier beasts, giving them a total of five crystals. They were having a break once more, at the same rock as before. It had become their resting spot. They knew it was void of beasts so it was good for them.

"This place has plenty of emperor tier beasts," Linda said. "It's like we thought, the new land is quite a dangerous place compared to the rest of the planet."

"We have only scratched a small part of it according to the map," Nate said, holding the digital map in his hand. "It's best not to go in too far if we don't want any more trouble."

Both Hana and Wevil looked at each other.

"You're not planning to go further in, are you?" Wevil asked.

"Of course not," Dennis replied. "If there are that many emperor tier beasts just this close in, then that means the further we go in, there is more of a chance of us running into the next tier."

'The next tier.' Quinn thought. So far, the highest tier beast Quinn had fought against was an emperor tier beast. He was confident in his current skills that no matter what emperor tier beast came his way, as long as he could use his full strength, he could beat them.

The next tier they were talking about, was legendary tier beasts.

'I wonder how well I would do against them?'


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