My Vampire System Chapter 692

684 Fear Of Death

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The sun was starting to set, which was the signal, saying it was time for the hunt to end. For Quinn, Fex and Linda, they weren't really worn out or tired. They could also fight just fine in the dark. However, the same couldn't be said for the others.

Although Quinn could use his Qi control to help out Dennis and the others in recovering, it could only do so much. If forced too much, Quinn was afraid that he might start to affect them badly. After all, he only knew so little about Qi, as Leo hadn't taught him much beyond controlling it.

After reaching the van, the Parasite members seemed to be overjoyed that both Wevil and Hana were still alive, and hadn't gotten injured. Linda took the wheel, and they were off again.

While travelling back, Quinn started to think about a few different things. Seeing how he was able to defeat so many emperor tiers without too much struggle, he thought it was a waste of time for Alex to make him a set of king tier equipment.

Now, he wanted to use the crystals to create a full set of emperor tier armour. At the moment, he only had the mask, and it was barely considered emperor tier due to only one crystal being used to make it.

If he wanted high-quality emperor tier equipment, he would need several crystal pieces for each different part of the body. Out of everything, what he thought was most important to think about was a weapon.

For him, the weapons he had always used were his hands, and the gauntlets with the electric shock skill had helped greatly. It had even enhanced his powers when using it with his Shadow scythe.

His gauntlets were only at the advanced level, and back then, three lighting attribute crystals were used. If he wanted an active skill just as powerful, he would have to do the same for the emperor tier crystals.

'At the moment, I have one fire elemental emperor tier crystal. If I get two more of these, that will be the easiest thing for me to do.'

Elemental beasts were rare to come by, just like humanoid ones, so he wouldn't worry about it too much for the rest of his equipment. It could take him months to find the specific beasts, and he didn't have months.

A chest piece to be made would require three crystals, for boots two, leg's two, shoulders three. If including the crystals for the gauntlets, it meant he would need a total of thirteen emperor tier crystals to create a full set, and he had five at the moment.

Although four of them were gathered with the help of the others, he would have to ask them whether or not it was okay to take the crystals and compensate them in some other way. It was only fair.

There were also other items that could be made on top of this, A helmet, but Quinn already had a mask, and he didn't like items that covered his whole head. Accessories, such as rings and earrings. With these, the beast usually had to be oddly specific, it felt like chance if a person was to run into a beast crystal that could be used to create one of these.

'That's a lot of crystals, and the elemental beasts will be harder than the ones we fought against today.' Quinn thought. 'Maybe, it would be better if I went out hunting on my own. This way, I would be able to use all of my strength without worrying. I won't have to worry about the others either.'

It had felt like a long day for everyone, and they just wanted to head back home and sleep for the night, but Quinn didn't want to leave until they had gotten there Glathrium. Exiting out of the van, they immediately headed for the Parasites base along with Wevil.

"Your back," Mantis said with a smile, but it soon faded when he noticed that one of his members was missing, yet none of the Cursed were.

"What happened?" He asked.

"He-"Quinn was about to speak, when Wevil cut him off.

"Sorry, Sir it's our fault! They did as asked, showing us hunting spots, but we were unprepared."

"I see," Mantis said with his finger on his chin.

The others couldn't see it, but sweat was running down Wevil's face, worried for what was about to happen next.

"Very well, these things tend to happen, people die out on the field all the time. You should know this being a faction leader?" Mantis said, looking at Quinn. "I'm sure we have all had our fair share of deaths. After all, anything can happen on a hunt."

"We did as asked and showed new hunting spots you were unaware of before," Linda explained. "It was unfortunate that we couldn't stop one of your members from dying."

'Always taking the political stance, sitting on the fence.' Dennis thought.

"I know what you are going to ask, and don't worry, I am a man of my word. We shall apply you with twenty kilos of Glathrium free of charge. I'm afraid any more than that, and the members will kick up a fuss."

'Twenty kilos,' Quinn had no idea how long that would last, but he imagined it couldn't be enough for a long time. They still needed more in the future.

Quinn didn't want to just use it to create weapons. Like the military did, he wanted it to be used to create structures in the future. This was just a temporary fix to the problem and by no means a permanent solution.

Still, Quinn would have to see this as a freebie, they were already planning to go out for a hunt, and now they had enough for him to create the equipment he needed.

After collecting everything, they were off heading back to their shelter, using Quinn once again, and heading back for the cursed ship.

"What's wrong, Linda?" Dennis asked. "You've been quiet ever since we left their base."

"Yeah, it's just, I thought the reaction of their leader was a little odd when they found out one of their own had died. It's almost as if he didn't care, and the look on the others' faces, they were" She paused for a second.

"They were scared," Quinn finished her sentence. He could hear their heartbeat rapidly change the second they had entered their own base. He knew it too. Something was wrong.

Back at the Parasite base, Wevil and the others had been brought into Mantis' office.

"Now, explain to me how a member of our Parasites died, yet not a single one of their team is gone. They had a D rank on their team, for frick sake!" Mantis shouted out of breath and panting. When he finally caught his breath, he continued.

"And all I got from you, was a message telling me not to mess with them? Speak, explain yourselves."

"They were hunting emperor tier beast sir, we were never a match," Hana explained. She went on to tell Mantis everything, the abilities they used, their strength and so on. Most of it made sense to him. All of it, apart from how their faction leader was able to take down an emperor tier on his own. Someone that strong would have been known by everyone.

That wasn't even the level of an A rank, it was at least the level of an AA rank Traveller.

"This just means that we won't be able to deal with them directly as I first thought." Said Mantis. "And, we'll have to do something about that troublesome leader of theirs."

All four of them stood there straight nervously, and Wevil's stomach was starting to hurt again.

Finally, Mantis sat back down in his seat and seeing this, one of the men let out a little sigh of relief.

"Oh, you think I'm going to let you off for allowing one of our men to die. All four of you shall suffer for two days."

"Two days!' The large man said, coming forward and falling to his knees, begging.

"Please, I can't last two days. I can't go through it again."

'Don't worry, I assure you you won't die, but you might wish you were dead."


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