My Vampire System Chapter 695

687 The Selected Five

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Huffing and panting, Quinn was covered in sweat. He was standing on black ground, which had several fissures running through it. The sound of hot steam was heard gushing out from behind him. Turning around to take a look, he could see the hot steam evaporating from the fissures into the air.

On the floor lay a rock beast with a strange red energy glowing through its body that slowly started to fade.

'That one was a bit harder than I thought.' Quinn tipped the sweat from his forehead and pulled out the flask to take a small sip. It was a must.

He had been pushing himself too much, going from one emperor tier beast to the next, and he had made the fatal mistake of overestimating himself. He thought he still had enough in the tank to go on fighting another one.

However, this emperor tier beast was more powerful than the last ones, making the fight difficult. Still, even though he was tired, he couldn't be upset. For finally, he had gathered the three fire element crystals needed to create a new weapon.

'Now I just need the other crystals.'

Before Quinn's backside was scalded by the hot steam, he rushed to find a nice place to rest and climbed a small hill of rocks that overlooked the place he had just fought in. Looking around, he no longer recognised the area he was in.

He was naturally just going to the place where he thought the fire elemental beasts would be. It worked, and he finally got the most important crystals, but he had been travelling for days, and now he was lost.

As long as he had his map with him, he would be able to tell where he was and just head in the right direction. Pulling it out, he started to shake it a few times. The small shakes started to become frantic as panic settled in.

'This thing, why won't it turn on?'

When he first started his hunt a couple of days ago, he checked that the map and all of his equipment was working fine. Yet, for some reason, now the map did nothing.

He was a little concerned, he had made no reference, no marking to know which way he had headed. He simply was relying on modern technology to help him. It had never let him down before, so what a time for it to do just that.

Quinn wasn't too worried, it just meant that it might take him a little longer to get back than he originally thought, but he thought he should also make the others aware of this. So that if they needed him for anything, they would know where to pick him up.

Lifting his hand, he noticed the light on his watch wasn't activating either.

'Don't tell me.'

The watch now wasn't working.

'Is this a coincidence? How could both of them not work?' Quinn thought.

He was either one of the unluckiest people in the world, or someone was behind this.


Inside the meeting room at the shelter, they had been given more details about the upcoming duel. Duels weren't so uncommon between factions to settle things. In instances like this one where two forces were of equal power, it made sense to settle it this way, decided by the top dogs.

However, these duels did have certain rules; there were two styles of duels. One on one bouts, or a group duel. In this instance, they had asked for a group style duel. A five on five. In cases like these, each faction would have to contact a third party to step in and keep the peace. This was to make sure that the other party would follow through with the deal whatever the results were.

"A third party, but we don't know any other factions?" Nate said.

"Well, I know one, but they are unlikely to be able to help," Dennis replied. "They are aligned with one of the big families. I can still try, but their answer might be no."

It was hard in the current times to set up a proper duel. Most factions have already chosen to side with one of the big four. It was worrisome if they even had a different motive.

Banging his head on the table and grinding his teeth, Blip had a suggestion.

"There is someone I know who might be happy- maybe not happy, but at least willing to help us out in this."

Leaving the meeting room, Blip reluctantly lifted his feet and went to his old office to get in contact with the third party. A short while later, he returned and gave everyone the thumbs up. With a third party secured, they could move on to the next step.

"Who would be the best choice for our team?" Sam said, as he had a list of names up on a digital screen and next to it five slots.

"I have to be on the team!" Dennis said, shooting up like a school child from his seat. He startled Megan, who was sitting next to him. "This whole thing is my mess in the first place, so I have to fix it."

"Dennis is a strong fighter and a Rank A traveller, one of our best. I see no problems in that one." Sam replied.

"If we are going by rank, then shouldn't Blip be involved as well?" Megan suggested. "Both Dennis and Blip have good chemistry together as well."

Based on the suggestions, Sam moved both of their names into the slots leaving three.

"I'm happy to fight for the family, but unless Linda is as well, then I think it's best you pick someone else."

This came as a surprise to many, and they were wondering why Blip was being so stubborn. Before Dennis, the two of them had worked together all the time as well so perhaps that was the reason.

However, the truth was Blip was trying to take advantage of the situation, to see if his sister would step up. If she didn't in such an important event like this one, something was definitely up.

"Okay, I'll take part," Linda replied.

This response not only surprised her brother Blip, but Fex at the table who was looking at Kazz and Paul, who didn't show any signs of interest at all.

"Damn, all of you keep talking and won't let me say what I want to say!' Nate said, standing up. "If it's fighting, then you gotta count me in as well."

"Now, hold on a second," Sam said. "So far, we have three members who were originally from the Crows. I know we all belong to the same faction, but those that should be representing the Cursed family should be more varied. Do any of you want to take part in this?"

Paul shook his head, he was strong, but his ability probably wasn't at the level where it could be useful without having the need to demonstrate his vampire powers. After Paul refused, Kazz did as well, but she was only known as a healer in the first place.

Sam then turned his head to Fex, who was wondering if there was anyone that would be a good fit to fight. Peter was a strong white who was just as powerful as Quinn. With his sheer raw power, he could overwhelm them, but he was in charge of the ship currently, and in terms of pure power, they already had plenty of that.

Borden was out of the question. His true form was a Dalki and the second people saw what he was, maybe everyone watching the fight would turn on them. Then there was himself, with his strong ability, in a group battle, it was incredibly helpful.

It could be used to block attacks, tie up enemies and even more if he was willing to show his vampire powers. Maybe he would even get a chance to use that, but it was unlikely judging from their impression of the Parasites so far.

"It might sound a little big headed, but I think myself will be a good addition to the team." Fex volunteered.

"It's not big headed." Sam replied. "I think it's a good choice as well."

"If no one else wants to jump in, then I guess that only leaves me?" Nate said with a smile on his face, but Fex had his hand raised once more.

"Fine," Sam said, sliding it in.

They looked at the list, and it was Blip, Kazz, Dennis, Fex and Nate.

This would be their final five.

"Can I make a suggestion?" Fex said. "I don't think that should be our final five. It's not that I doubt anyone's strength here, but I'm sure you all thought about it as well. If the Parasites have requested this duel then they might actually have something, a reason why they think they can beat us. Just in case I really think we should put our strongest people forward and give our team the highest chance of victory."

The others were a little confused by what Fex was saying. They looked around the table, and other than Nate they couldn't think of anyone else that was stronger than him. Who would give them a better chance of winning?

"I recommend Sil for this fight if we absolutely want to win." Fex said.

"That strange boy you brought back, the one that won't talk to anyone?" Megan asked sceptically.

The others didn't know Sil's ability, not even the extent of it. To them, he was just a friend of Quinn he had brought back with him.

"I promise you, even if all of us were struck down and he was the last one left standing, we would win the fight." Said Fex.

"Well, if you're that confident, and he agrees. But who do we swap him with?" Sam said, hovering his finger over the names. He slowly let it hover over Nate's name, and it looked like he was about to be replaced.

"Swap him with me." Blip said. "We already have three Ariel fighters, and mine and Linda's abilities are the same anyway. Besides, I've had a really bad shoulder these days."

It was a lie, an obvious lie that didn't get past anyone. Sam looked at Linda, seeing if she was okay with it, and she nodded.

"Alright, so this is our final team, Linda, Dennis, Nate, Fex and finally Sil. Let's crush those Parasites!'


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