My Vampire System Chapter 696

688 The Third Party

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Quinn tried to use the map and the communicator on his watch several times but there were no results. If the map was the only thing that was affected then he wouldn't have been so spurious, but his watch was the final straw. These things were created to last a human lifetime, never needing to be charged.

Yet it wasn't even turning on as if it had run out of battery. The thought crossed his mind whether or not he should return. After all, something serious could be happening right now.

'They'll be fine Quinn, they don't need you to babysit them.' Quinn thought.

There were plenty of strong people in the Cursed faction now, and that was only on the surface. There were even stronger people in hiding such as Kazz. Trusting the others, Quinn thought it was best to continue his journey as he was doing and he would also try to recognise some of the places he passed. He no longer needed to look for a specific emperor tier beast, so it should be easier than before.

A distance away from Quinn, a group of three men were nervously looking around. One of them had their eyes closed, while the other two were looking through the greenery, tiptoeing about.

"He's on the move again," The man with his eyes closed opened them.

"Hey, how much longer do we have to do this!" One of them whispered loudly. "This is crazy, we're lucky to still be alive."

The man who had his eyes closed, went up to a strange device that had been propped up and had a small antenna placed in the middle. It was a jammer. It allowed for all electronic devices to seize working within five hundred meters.

They were hardly used, because if one knew they were being used, they could easily be destroyed or a countermeasure device could be placed. Its short range was also a problem, but it was perfect for doing their job, delaying Quinn from returning.

"He's really out here alone fighting these things?" Another said. "Is there really someone that strong? If the Parasites go against him, we'll all be goners."

"Why do you think we are out here doing this?"

At that moment, one of the men placed his hand on his stomach, and his face winced in pain.

"Is it that time already?"

Just then, leaves could be heard ruffling and coming their way from a distance.

"Is it a beast?!" One of them panicked.

The man closed his eyes again, and tried to see what was coming towards him, and when he saw it, he immediately opened his eyes.

"How?" He asked. Standing there, he knew it was already too late.

"What is it?"

Coming out from the trees, the other two men were absolutely shocked at what they were seeing, it was no beast, instead it was the very person they had been following this whole time.

Placing his finger in his ear, Quinn stood there looking at the strange device and the three men.

"You guys are quite the noisy bunch, aren't you?" Said Quinn. "Is that the thing that's been causing me trouble?"


The announcement had been made to both of the shelters, and it seemed like it had done its job. Quests were put on hold and there were no longer disputes or fights happening, however now everyone was waiting in anticipation for the event.

A location was sent form the Crows, an empty wasteland that was void of beasts, stationed not too far from their shelter, but a bit further away from the Parasites. Standing there waiting were the five people who would be taking part from the Cursed faction.

Dennis, Linda, Nate, Fex and Sil.

Behind them, many members of the Cursed family had come along to watch the event. A lot of them had a deep hatred for the Parasites after everything that had happened. In the crowd, there were also the leaders Blip, Megan, Paul and Kazz.

'Damn, I guess I have to be a little careful about what I show?' Fex thought, and he was looking at Linda wondering if she would be okay. If they could finish this fight quickly, then maybe she wouldn't have to show any of her abilities.

Meanwhile Nate and Dennis were busy looking at Sil.

"Is he really as strong as Fex said? He had a great pair of wings on him, but he didn't do much when we were fighting." Said Dennis.

"Hmm, I haven't seen him fight, but he also doesn't give off the fighting aura either. But if Fex said its true it has to be right, I mean he's close friends with Quinn." Nate replied.

Linda looked in the direction of her brother, but she wasn't nervous, she then briefly looked at Kazz as well and her fist clenched even tighter.

'I'll get you back for the trouble you have caused, but today is not the day. For now we are on the same side.' Linda thought.

Then off in the distance, the Parasites could be seen travelling on many vehicles, mainly jeeps and vans while the Cursed family had walked on foot.

"Are they just trying to show off?" Someone from the crowd said.

"Hey, aren't there a bunch of vehicles on the ship, why can't we use them?" Another asked.

"I think they're saving them for something."

The vehicles stopped and Mantis, along with the others started to walk over. They too had brought many members from their faction to watch the fight. However, only the five taking part walked towards the centre, to meet the other five.

There was Mantis, Wevil, Hana, the big eyed guy who's name was Tony and finally, a strange hooded man they hadn't seen before.

"Hey, you see that one, it looks like something's wrong with him." Nate whispered to Dennis.

The hooded man's skin was deathly pale, and his fingers were twitching constantly. On his back he had two hammers with large heads on it.

"Before we go over the rules, it would be best until we both wait for the third party we have called." Mantis said.

They agreed, after all they would be the referees of the fight. They waited a few moments, and everyone was visibly nervous.

"I hope you brought a decent faction over, you will be surprised when you see who we brought." Tony said smiling.

"Is it really a big deal?" Fex asked Linda. "They're acting like this person they invited is a part of their faction."

"It is. It shows the connections or relations one faction has. Although they might not be part of the same group, it will make others think twice about attacking them." Linda explained. "They could also have no relation at all, and just someone who is interested in the two groups, but neither side knows the truth."

Finally, a ship could be seen coming towards them, and when they saw it, it certainly set a few people back with it's strange design. It was pink in colour and had a giant love heart on the front. It stood out and definitely wasn't common for a ship to look like that.

However, Sam's face was full of concern seeing what group the Parasites had called.

"They know Daisy?" Sam said. Mantis and Tony couldn't stop smiling looking at their members panicking.

Daisy, was one of the top factions, considered the strongest just underneath the big four. It came as a surprise to them all how a small group like the Parasites would know or have contact with them. And yet, they even had said yes.

At the moment they were busy trying to take over the unclaimed planets and still they had the time to come here.

Parking their ship on the Parasites side, a group of ten females came out walking. Most of them were dressed in bright coloured beast gear as they left their ship. Each of them stunning in their own ways and at the front of them was the leader of Daisy, Helen. She stood out the most, with her bright pink hair and stunning long legs. The beast gear she had on was worn tightly to show off every curve on her body.

"The leader's here, is this why they were so confident?"Blip asked.

"No, if their relationship was so close, then they would have asked them to help in the fight." Sam said. "They're just trying to intimidate us."

Helen with two of her girls walked out to the centre where the Parasites and Cursed members were.

"Thank you for coming." Mantis said bowing his head down. "I didn't expect you to come yourself, Helen."

"There was something I wanted to see."

She looked at the other group to see if she recognised any of them, but she didn't.

'These are the guys that successfully defended an attack from the Sunshields?' She thought. When Mantis had asked her, due to the favour she owed him she was going to send some of her people. But when she found out what planet the duel was to take place on, she was suddenly interested.

At some point in time, this planet was on her list to take over as well. However, her information gathering was top notch compared to the other factions and she knew about the attack on the Crow's planet.

"She's so beautiful," Nate said. "Maybe I should go over and introduce myself." Before he knew it, his body was walking towards her.

"Hey, hey she's on the enemies side." Dennis said.

"Why don't you introduce yourself after we kick the parasites arses, won't that be more impressive?" Fex suggested.

Shaking his head, Nate was back to his regular self.

''You're right, I have to fight for love!"

"That's not what I said, but alright."

"Look at them." Tony said to Mantis. "They must be shook up after seeing Daisy. I didn't know you were so close with them, you even brought their leader here boss. Now whoever they bring will look like a pebble, they might even run away after seeing Helen here."

At that moment, another spaceship was seen approaching the area they were in. It didn't look to be anything special at all. It was just a regular ship that could hold around twenty or so people. When it landed the Parasite faction members didn't even seem to care who would be coming off the ship.

'I thought I would never have to see him again.' Blip said.

The ships door opened and out came ten men dressed in white robes and standing at the front, was Hector.

"What!!" Someone from the Parasites shouted.

The white robes gave away their identities in a second. They were from the Graylash family.

'Damn it! how can this be!' Tony screwed in his head.

'Looks like things are going to get interesting around here.' Helen thought.


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