My Vampire System Chapter 697

689 Super Strength

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As soon as the men left the ship, everyone there knew exactly who they were. Their prominent white robes had been displayed many times on different T/V stations, news broadcast shows, and they were currently in the center of the Civil war being one of the only big two families remaining.

The question on everyone's mind, including those in the Cursed family, was what were they doing here?

Leaving the ship, Hector stood at the front. He wore a similar uniform to those behind him, however his uniform had a green trim around the edges and his sleeves had a slit showing his forearms. This uniform indicated that he was part of the Altum class within the Graylash family. The highest class there was out of the three classes.

The nine men behind him though, had no such colour and only wore pure white, which indicated they were the Humilis class. The lowest Graylash class. Still, the fact that they had sent someone of the Altum class meant they deemed this as important, which had blown the others away, especially Helen.

Walking towards the center, Hector looked around as if he was looking for a certain someone, but he was a little disappointed, as all he could see was Blip, avoiding eye contact, looking away and whistling.

When Hector and two of his men joined the centre and walked towards the two groups. Everyone there gave them a respectful bow, including those in Daisy and the Parasites.

"Where is your faction leader?" Hector asked.

"He's busy at the moment, but will be returning in a few days," Linda replied.

Hector looked a little disappointed by the answer. If Quinn wasn't here, he felt like him being here was a waste of his time. When the request came through, the only reason why it was accepted was because of Owen. Owen was too busy doing his own things to travel to the planet, so he had asked Hector to oversee things and to look out for Quinn, hoping to see his skills in the duel.

"What are they even doing here?" Tony asked. "Why would they help an F rank faction like this one?"

"Don't you know?" Helen replied. "This planet belonged to the Graylash family, and the faction called the Crow's used to work for them. Information is key, and you guys should have done your own research. However, I thought the relationship was broken off between the two of them, but it seems like they might still be linked."

In Helen's mind, it was the only way to explain why they were here right now.

"This is why they accepted the duel, is this why they've been acting so cocky!" Mantis said in anger and walked forward so the other group could hear them.

"We did not know that this planet was owned by the Graylash family, and this faction was under you. We do not wish to fight and cause trouble with the Graylash family, the duel is off." Mantis demanded.

Hector turned to look at him, and just the sheer stare and name had frightened Mantis. In truth, Mantis was hoping to show his power to Daisy today. That way, after calming the planet, it would be easy for him to join up with them and he could get a high position in the faction.

He had no intention of dealing with any of the big powerhouses, not yet anyway. He knew his strength and how far it could take them.

"I think there has been some misunderstanding," Hector said. "This planet does not belong to the Graylash family and belongs to the Cursed faction. We are only here to officiate. If anything happens to them, it is none of our business, and the two of you are free to do as you wish."

Lifting up his hand, Hector pointed at Blip in the crowd.

"If you wanted to, you could tie up that man and beat him until he could no longer speak, and the Graylash family nor I would do a thing to stop you."

"Damn it, I knew you still had a grudge!" Blip shouted.

It seemed like what the Graylash family was saying was the truth. They also had no reason to lie, they were so strong that if they wanted to, they could get involved and stop all of this in an instant, there was no reason for them to do this.

"So they thought they could just scare us?" Tony said. "Throw us off our game by getting in contact with an old flame. If this planet used to belong to them, of course they would say yes."

Although the others' nerves were settled a little after what Hector had said. Helen thought a little differently, she made note that Hector had asked for the faction leader personally.

Knowing that they had successfully defended an attack from the Sunshields and now this. It was certainly something they needed to keep an eye out for.

The rules were explained to both groups, and the third parties were both there to listen in. It was clear that if death was to happen; it was not the fault of one or the other. If a member was knocked out, then Helen or Hector would come in and take the knocked out person off to the side, and they would no longer be in the fight.

There were no boundaries for the fight, but they would try to keep it within a certain area, so it did not hurt both crowds of people that were watching. If there were any stray attacks, those from Daisy and those from the Graylashes, would try to protect the crowds.

A team could either admit defeat, or until all of one side was killed or knocked out. This would be the end of the duel. Both teams had got into position, and it was finally time for the fight to start.

"We should win this pretty easy, right?" Megan asked.

"I'm not too sure," Paul replied. "The one that worries me most is that hooded man, his skin. It looks like he's been poisoned."

"Start!" Helen shouted signalling the battle.

"Did you come up with any strategies for the fight?" Megan asked.

"No," Sam replied. "I thought it would be best to leave it to them, after all, we have no clue what their abilities are."

The first one to act from the Cursed family, was Dennis, transforming immediately and flying towards the centre of them.

"Wait!" Fex shouted. He knew they were all strong, but the best thing to do was to learn all of their abilities first. Being arrogant would be the death of their team.

With Dennis charging forward, they would now all have to move to support him. Even if he was strong, it was five on one. Everyone dashed forward knowing this, but that's when Fex noticed Sil had stayed back.

"Sil, what are you doing? Come with us?" Fex asked.

"No," Sil replied. "Quinn said to only help if I think you need it. He said you need to get better."

"Huh, don't you think we need it right now, what happens if we all get knocked out, and you're the only one left?"

"Then I will help and beat them for you." He said, smiling. It was strange sometimes Sil had confidence, sometimes he didn't. However, Fex being distracted by all of this, was unaware of the others that were already locked in combat.

Dennis flying straight into the centre of the five was hoping to knock them all down like a bowling ball.

"Mune, Deal with this," Mantis ordered.

Moving from the side, to the front, the hooded man stood in front of Dennis's path and placed both of his hands outward.

Dennis collided right into Mune, and dust was thrown towards the other side from his large wings. When the dust started to settle, Mune could be seen holding onto Dennis's clawed hands, not having moved from the spot.

The veins on his hand bulged, bleeding as the claws were dug in.

Mune then lifted Dennis up and slammed him into the ground, creating a crater underneath him.

"How much strength does that guy have?" Blip said.

Dennis was hurt, and in pain, he tried to move but was being pinned down by Mune's strength. All he could do was turn his head to see Mantis now standing by his side.

"This is going to hurt a little," Mantis said as he placed his green coloured hand on top of Dennis's body, and a cry of screams was heard after.

"It's as I thought, one of them has a poison ability," Paul said.

"I'll knock him off!" Nate shouted, moving slow, but stood in his way, Wevil came attacking with his two daggers.

Nate had blocked, using his hardened hands, then reached out to try to grab Wevil, but he had already moved back using his super speed.

"I know what your soul weapon is," Wevil said, "Do you think I'm going to let you touch me?"

The next person to try and help Dennis out was Fex. He threw out his string, and was going to pull Mune off of him, but the string never reached as it looked as if it was hit by an invisible wall.

"A barrier?" Fex thought.

"Us two will deal with you, pretty boy," Hanna said, throwing out slashes of wind. Fex moved to dodge them easily, but when the third attack appeared, he felt his body bang into something else. It was another Barrier.

"This fight isn't as easy as you thought it was going to be, is it?" Tony said, laughing.

Without Sil helping, and Dennis pinned down, it didn't look like a good start for the Cursed faction. The members were nervously watching away, their confidence from before had disappeared.

"Get off him!" Linda shouted, throwing her fist as hard as she could.

"Why isn't she using her ability?" Blip thought. Even if she transformed a little, it would have helped her have some extra strength. But her transformation wasn't known for strength, and her attack was definitely weaker when compared to Dennis.

Mune, with a single hand, continued to hold Dennis down, and raised another to block the attack. Everyone watching thought it was a useless attempt. Until the fist was blocked.

"Big mistake!" Linda shouted, and immediately, Mune's whole hand, was crushed within itself, and with another punch to his body, he was sent flying off from Dennis.

"Linda, what happened to you?" Blip said, with his mouth left wide open.


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