My Vampire System Chapter 698

690 Result Of The Duel

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The Cursed faction cheered as they saw Linda deliver a devastating blow to the other team. It was the only good thing that had happened since the fight had started, and they needed something to celebrate about.

They didn't care how she had such great strength at the moment, they could figure that out later, they just wanted her to win. Paul, on the other hand, was glancing at Kazz to see if she would act.

"What?" Kazz replied, staring back at him. 'I'm not going to do anything. Super strength can be explained in many ways. No one is suddenly going to think she's a vampire. Even if she showed healing or multiple abilities, people won't just assume they're a vampire because of this."

Paul didn't reply back, but at least his worries were diminished, Kazz couldn't act with all these people around them already and she was right. The blood aura was different because it was something only vampires could perform, which was why right now, Fex was struggling with his opponents.

Fex could easily dodge the incoming attacks, but the barriers that were being made were invisible. He had even tried hitting one to try break it, but using regular strength there was no luck. To break one he would have to use full force, or maybe his blood skills, and that would reveal him.

So he was in quite a difficult position. The same could be said for Nate. Nate wasn't getting hurt by Wevil, but at the same time, he wasn't able to hold him, stop him or damage him, in a situation like this. It was a bad matchup for Nate.

If he was patient, then he could just wait for Wevil to run out of stamina, but Nate wanted to act now.

'My princess Helen is watching me. If I don't show I can do something, then she will think I'm weak. And who would want to go out with someone weak!' Nate thought.

Seeing Fex in trouble, and figuring out what was happening, Nate decided it was time for a change of plan. Ignoring Wevil, he went towards where Fex was and when he was close, with his fists hardened; he threw out a punch smashing the barriers.

"Do you mind swapping with me?" Nate asked.

"My pleasure," Fex replied.

Immediately, when Wevil came towards him, Fex had set up a trap with his strings, tying his legs up and then punching him in the stomach, sending him to the floor.

Wevil got up and took a few steps back, bent over from the blow.

'His string is really not good for my ability, but there is still something I can do,' Wevil thought.

Activating his soul weapon, he managed to enhance his speed. For a brief time, he could now move twice as fast.

'With this, he won't be able to catch me going this fast.' Wevil thought.

Changing direction, moving left and right, Wevil was ready with his daggers, but Fex just stood there trying to keep track of him. Then when Wevil jumped, he was stopped again, held by the string.

"But how? How could you still see me?"

"I know people who are a lot faster than you. And if I couldn't see them, then I would be pretty useless!" Fex said, pulling him forward with the string and punching him right in the face.

Meanwhile, Nate was smashing through barriers as they were being made and the wind attacks were proving useless against him.

"I'm just wasting my time here!" Tony said in frustration. His ability was more suited to reflect those that used elemental abilities, but against someone with strength like this, it was useless. Looking around, Tony was trying to see if there was anyone else he could go for and that's when he spotted Sil, standing at the back with his hands by his side.

"He looks like an easy one!" Tony said, going right past Nate.

"No!" Nate called out trying to stop him, but Hana, attacking with her wind strikes, stopped him from moving. Nate was worried. He knew Fex said Sil was strong but he hadn't seen any of that to prove it.

Laughing like a mad man, Tony thought he had Sil right where he needed him. A barrier was raised behind and to both of his sides, so if he was to try and escape there was only one direction he could move in, but Sil just stayed there still.

Grabbing the beast spear from his back. Tony thrusted it forward.


Touching Sil's skin, a clang noise was heard, and the spear hadn't moved a single inch into his skin.

'Hardening?' Nate thought, 'but I thought his ability was transformation, like Dennis's?"

Grabbing hold of the spear, Sil pulled Tony forward and placed his hand on his head, Tony tried punching Sil as hard as he could, but his body wouldn't budge and he had only hurt his own hand in the process.

"You have quite the fun ability, is this how you use it?" Lifting his hand, Sil created a barrier that perfectly fitted Tony inside. He tried to move, but he couldn't even move enough to build up momentum to strike the barrier.

Hana, seeing this, threw out a wind strike at Tony. When it hit, there was nothing, the barrier wasn't damaged or destroyed at all.

"How is this possible, his barrier it's stronger than mine!?' Tony said but no one could hear him.

At that point, all the others understood what Sil's ability was. He was able to copy other people's abilities.

Sil decided to go back, and continued to be uninvolved with the fight. Seeing this sent a shiver down Helen's spine. 'That boy, if he had joined the fight from the beginning this would be all over, but for such a strong ability there has to be a condition. Is it when he touched his head?'

"Now this is interesting, it seems like a lot happened while I was away, and it's good to know Sil is listening to what I said before." A voice from the crowd said.

When Blip turned around to see who the familiar voice was, he was surprised.

"Quinn, when did you get here?"

Quinn laughed a little.

"A while ago, but I didn't want to put pressure on you guys, I thought something might have happened when I found some troublesome people following me, but it looks like everything will be over soon."

Back at where Mantis was, now that Mune was no longer holding Dennis down, he was able to move. He grabbed Mantis's leg and pulled him down causing him to fall to the ground.

"You don't know how long I've been waiting to do this," Dennis said, pulling his fist back.

"Too bad you won't be able to," Mantis said smiling back. "We are forfeiting the fight!" He shouted.

"What? No!" Dennis said, pulling him by his collar.

"Put him down, the match is over," Helen ordered.

"She's right, if you refuse we will have to step in," Hector said.

Reluctantly, Dennis threw Mantis back on the ground, and went over to the others. It was inevitable. The fight had turned around, and they were going to lose, eventually.

Helen, the Parasite members, and the others could see this, so no one faulted Mantis for giving up the match. At least he had protected his people that way.

A healer was brought out and started their work on the participant's injuries, when all was done, the two groups were to meet in the middle, and this time, Quinn being the faction leader came out as well.

"Oh, so you were here?" Hector said.

"Nice to meet you again," Quinn replied.

"Who are you?" Helen asked.

"It's okay," Mantis interrupted, "He's the Cursed faction leader."

Helen took a look at Quinn, wondering what to make of him. Right now he wasn't giving off any type of aura, not one of a fighter at least. However, what was scary about it, was he wasn't giving off anything at all. It was like he wasn't even standing in front of her.

'This is someone I need to watch out for,' She thought.

"The outcome of this duel has been decided. The Cursed family are the winners. The parasites now have two choices. To abandon as a faction, or work and join under The Cursed family banner."

Mantis bowed down in front of Quinn, and put out his hand.

"We will work under the Cursed family banner. I can tell that this faction will be able to go somewhere in the future," Mantis said.

Quinn looked at the hand for a few seconds before giving his reply.

"No," Quinn replied. "I don't want any of the Parasites working for us. I want you off our Planet. Do what you want but not here."

"Wait, Quinn!" Sam tried to call out. They could use the parasite's people, and their resources to help them. And they needed more people for the future as well. It felt like Quinn was wasting this opportunity.

Opening up his hand, three shadows were opened and three beat up men fell from them.

"You can take these guys with you as well."

"Fine, we lost so we shall do as you wish, but it will take us at least a week to gather our things and leave this place," Mantis said.

With that, an agreement was made, and the two sides walked off in different directions. However, as Mantis walked back towards his group of people, he wasn't upset by this decision at all. Instead, a smile on his face was seen.


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