My Vampire System Chapter 701

693 Spreading Virus

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Spread out across the table straight out from Dennis' mouth, was blood. Immediately, two people in the room started to feel strange as the scent entered their noses. Paul felt himself drawn towards the blood, slowly moving his body forward.

"Snap out of it, not here, I don't want to kill you," Kazz said.

Those few words were enough to reign Paul back to his senses, and he was able to control himself from the urge. He had already had to deal with blood a few times, so it was easier for Paul, but as for the other, it was Sam. He suddenly stumbled, keeping his head down. He knew from what Quinn had told him that when a vampire couldn't control their urges, their eyes would start to change colour.

Slamming his hand on the table, he was trying to stop himself. The others were starting to show concern towards him as well.

"Sam, is it a bug that's spreading around? Are you feeling alright?" Nate asked as he approached him, but Quinn then stood in his way.

"Take Dennis to the medical Bay immediately, make sure he's okay." Quinn ordered.

"What about Sam?" Nate asked.

While Quinn stood in his way, Sam grabbed his flask that he always kept attached to him by his side. Took a sip from it, and his sudden thirst was quelled.

"Don't worry Nate," Sam said, lifting his head. "I was just worried about Dennis, let's see if he's okay."

There were no doctors on board the cursed ship, however, there were some nurses that acted as healers with healing abilities that tried their best to heal Dennis. His skin was starting to look pale, and he looked incredibly weak.

Although he hadn't thrown up again after, he stated that he still felt a pain in his stomach. No matter what the healer tried to do, they were unable to make the pain go away. Once the healer was done, Quinn decided to pay him a visit as well. Hoping maybe he could do something with his Qi.

When he entered the room, he could see Dennis lying down, on a hospital bed. His eyes were tired and half asleep. He had never seen Dennis like this before.

Placing his hand on his chest, Dennis knew what Quinn was doing as he had felt this before. A warm glow was felt through his body, and the pain started to go away.

"Thank's Quinn," Dennis replied. Coughing a couple of times after.

"Do you know what happened?" Quinn asked.

Dennis shook his head.

"As I said to the girl before, I felt fine, strong as always, and then a couple of days ago, there was this small pain in my stomach. I thought it might have been something bad I ate. I knew I shouldn't have eaten that slice of pizza on the floor, but five second rule and all.

"The pain started to get worse, and then this, all for a slice of pizza," Dennis explained.

Before leaving, Quinn lessened the pain for Dennis one more time and went off to talk with the others. He wasn't so sure that it was a slice of pizza. Although the healer said that there was no reason to panic.

It looked like whatever had happened, the worst of it was over, and Dennis probably just needed some time to rest now, soon he would be back to his normal self.

Quinn hoped this was the case, before going to talk to the others, he decided he would stop by a certain place. The forging area.

When entering, he could see Alex hammering away as usual. When he saw Quinn enter, he stopped and placed his hammer down on the workbench, but the other workers' sounds still hammering could be heard.

"Seeing you here, you must have some nice gifts you brought?" Alex said with a smile.

Quinn dropped all the emperor tier crystals he had, and Alex's eyes opened wide, the back of his jacket could be seen moving as if something wanted to poke out from it.

'Ah, so whenever he's happy, his wings feel like moving,' Quinn noted.

"I didn't think you could do it, I know you said you were going to, but you actually got all the emperor tier crystals you needed?" Alex said, suprised.

"We plan on moving out in around four days, as long as everything goes to plan. Do you think you can have everything ready by then?" Quinn asked.

"If it was the old me, then it would have been impossible," Alex replied. "But the new me, I can work twice as fast, and three times longer. Do you want me to add my blood to the gauntlets as well?"

"If it doesn't affect the quality and outcome of the weapon itself, then go ahead," Quinn said.

The order was made, and now in four days time, he would have his full set of emperor tier equipment, before heading out and letting the world know of the Cursed faction.

When Quinn left the room, and was on his way to head to the bridge, he spotted Megan looking panicked, out of breath.

"Quinn, there you are!" Megan shouted. "Come quick, it's Dennis, his acting up again, he told me to come get you. Please, I don't know what's happening."

Rushing off, when Quinn arrived at the medical bay, he could hear coughing from outside the door violently, when he entered the room, it was a bloody red mess. The bedsheets were filled with stains of blood, and it looked like Dennis had thrown up blood onto the floor once again.

If any of the others were here, they probably would have been disorientated by the smell of blood, but Quinn was used to it by now.

"My powers, I've tried everything, but it seems like nothing is working." The healer said, frightened.

Still coughing, Quinn immediately went by Dennis' side, and started to focus his Qi, the coughing started to stop, and when it did, Dennis fell to sleep, not giving a chance for Quinn to even speak to him.

"Quinn what's happening? What's wrong with him?" Megan asked.

"I don't know" Quinn replied, desperately wanting to know the answer.

Just then, the sound of the door opening behind them was heard, and standing by the door, someone had his hand over his stomach. "Quinn, I don't feel too good," Sil said.

"You too. Is it a pain in your stomach?" Quinn asked.

Sil nodded in response.

'Has whatever bug Dennis got spread to Sil, or is it something else?'

Knowing that the healer could do nothing, Quinn decided to use his Qi on Sil as well, but this was only a temporary measure; he needed to get to the bottom of this. Having a bad feeling, Quinn called a meeting bringing Sil along with him.

The others could see Megan's puffy eyes and knew she had been crying, she cared deeply about Dennis, which meant something must have happened.

"Is this about Dennis?" Blip asked.

"A little bit, but I need to ask you all, have any of you been experiencing stomach pains or anyone approached you with similar symptoms?" Quinn asked. "I need you to be honest."

Eventually, Sil raised his hand, which Quinn already knew about, but the next person to raise his hand was Nate, and finally, Fex had raised his hand as well.

'Even Fex has been affected?' Quinn thought, surprised.

Only these had experienced symptoms and no one else on the spaceship so far.

Seeing what Quinn was asking, Sam had figured out what Quinn was getting at, but there was one missing piece.

"Linda, don't you feel anything?" Sam asked.

"No, I feel fine, better than ever," Linda replied.

So far, everyone who had experienced stomach pains were those that had fought the Parasite members in the duel, however, Linda was the odd one out.

'Wait, is it because she's an undead?' Quinn thought. 'Like Peter, he isn't affected by certain thingslike poison.'

At that moment, as Quinn had figured out who was the most likely suspect in this whole thing. Sil by his side, started to cough violently, and when he moved his hand from his mouth, blood could be seen.

Looking up at Quinn, Sil looked deadly frightened.

"Quinn, am I going to die?" Sil asked.

"No, I won't let that happen," Quinn replied, clenching his fist. 'But someone is!' He thought, picturing one person, Mantis.


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