My Vampire System Chapter 703

695 Should You Be Here?

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Sam and Megan were rushing around the Cursed ship, trying their best to gather information. It was important they found out whether or not this was something that could be spread to others. They had multiple search teams asking others if they experienced any similar symptoms. There were a few that came forward and were placed in a different room from the others.

After a quick rundown, it seemed like the symptoms were similar but not the same, but were still kept under observation. Just in case it would take a few days for anything to happen. It was also important that they didn;t start to cause panic on the ship as well. So everything needed to be done in secret.

"So far it looks like the only ones that are affected, are the ones from the fight," Sam said.

"Well, at least that's some good news, right?" Megan replied, biting her nail nervously. She hadn't been able to calm down ever since Dennis was admitted into the medical bay.

"I just hope they can recover soon, and there are no severe side effects from this." Said Sam. "Losing them will be a big blow to the Cursed faction. They are some of our strongest people."

At that moment, one of the faction members came up to Sam to give him a report. Knowing where Quinn was going, it was quite easy to get a group to follow him from the base. Although they kept quite the distance away, not wanting to make the situation worse between the two camps.

"Quinn..." Sam said under his breath, as he heard the news.

"Is it bad?" Megan asked, unsure what had happened to warrant that type of action from Sam.

"We're getting reports that Quinn, has just marched into the Parasite shelter and destroyed the front gate."

It was what they all thought he was going to do, but couldn't believe he would do it at the same time.


Entering the shelter, as soon as the Parasites saw someone they didn't recognize, Travellers immediately started to attack the following intruder. In their eyes, Quinn was the one who had suddenly attacked them first.

It was no time to ask questions and figure out what was going on; they were just defending themselves. All different types of attacking abilities that had some type of range, including ranged weapons, came towards Quinn through the air.

They thought with a single person, it would be impossible for him to dodge so many attacks. However, Quinn never needed to dodge. Lifting up his shadow in front of him, he was able to block all of the abilities.

It had used up a number of MC cells, but the attacks weren't strong enough to put a huge dent in them. When the shadow dropped, the attacks flung forward, destroying the ground beneath, and there was no sign of Quinn.

Soon, cries were heard coming from nearby. A few of them twisted their heads to see what was happening, but all they could see were their men being beaten, and bloody on the floor but no attacker. Whatever was attacking them, was moving far too fast.

After defeating a few of them, using his fists and speed, the others had backed up, and more had come towards the Shelter wall and gate. If there were around fifty or so men before, there were now around two hundred faction members, all with their anger towards one person.

With this many people, his MC cells would take quite the toll if he was to use his shadow to block their attacks. If he was only to use his fist, speed and flash step, he would run out of stamina before beating them all and using his blood skills was not an option.

Not unless he didn't want to leave a single one of them alive. There was the soul weapon, but as the thought crossed his mind, he saw mothers running with their children. Trying to escape the chaos and fighting.

'I can't use my soul weapon here, what if I hurt someone who's not involved?' Quinn thought.

"Quinn go, leave this to me," Sil said, entering through the broken gate that Quinn had just destroyed. Copying those that Quinn had beaten. Sil now had plenty of abilities to use and to choose from to deal with all of these.

Quinn's enemy was never the parasites themselves anyway, using his shadow cloak. He disappeared in front of all their eyes as if he had turned invisible. Some tried to look for him, and attack where he once was, but a wall of wind was raised that stopped all of that.

"I might not be at a hundred percent," Sil said, coughing a few times. "But I can definitely deal with a bunch of nobodies."

At times when Quinn would use the shadow cloak, there were those that were strong enough to sense Quinn's presence. However, those outside in the shelter weren't one of those people. It might have been due to the panic, their senses were more dulled, and with Sil as a distraction. It allowed Quinn to go past them all and head right into the faction base.

Now inside, he needed to look for them, but when he entered the base, a strange scent had entered his nose.

'I smell blood, but inside the faction base? What is going on?'

Following his nose, Quinn was eventually led to a set of double doors, the smell was strongest from here, but he realized while walking around the building. There was the smell of blood in different areas as well.

Through the double doors, it could be a trap, but nothing was going to stop him from seeing Mantis. Pushing the doors open, it looked like Quinn had entered a storage room. It was large in size with crates filled and pushed off to the side. And at the very back, sitting on top of a crate relaxed, was Mantis.

He wasn't the only one in the room. There was Wevil, Hana, Tony and the strange hooded man. All the people who had fought in the duel. Although there wasn't just one pale man in a hood, but three. With two of them standing by Mantis's side like bodyguards.

As for what Quinn could smell, the blood was coming from those men. Dribbling from their mouths, blood was trailing down their body and onto clothes, and in the room itself, small pools of blood could be seen.

"The second I saw your ability and you gave me back those three men." Said Mantis. "I knew you would have some way to get here by passing all those people."

"Mantis, you're going to help, or take back whatever you did to everyone, and then you're going to wish you were never alive. I'm going to drain you of your blood every day just enough for you to survive!" Quinn shouted in anger.

"Now, that's not a way to ask someone for a favor. After a threat like that, why the hell would I ever help you guys?" Said Mantis. "You should be kneeling down, begging me to get rid of what is affecting their bodies.

"Let me ask you a question, how long has it been since they've been throwing up blood?"

It was now clear that Mantis was behind it.

"I can see by the look on your face it's already started. I'm sure at least that eagle winged guy should have hurled up a few times already? I was extra sure to personally speed up the process with that one."

'If I remember correctly, he was quite the strong one. You see the question you should be asking yourself Quinn, is whether or not you should really be here, or you should be on the ship. For those that are infected by my poison, tend to get a bit wild towards the end."

Back at the cursed ship, inside the medical bay, Megan had gone to check up on Dennis, who was still soundly asleep. She preferred him like this, at least this way when he wasn't awake in pain.

The others were going through a check up with the nurse in a private room. Leaving just the two of them. She looked at his tired eyes, and went to brush his golden hair, as her hand touched his skin. His eyes suddenly opened wide, bloodshot.

"You're aw-"

Before she could say anything, Dennis's hand was tightly gripped around her throat.

'What's happening to him?'

The life was being squeezed out from her by the second.


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