My Vampire System Chapter 704

696 Everyone Turning

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Standing there, Quinn was unsure what Mantis meant by his words. However, whatever the case was, he was sure he was just trying to confuse him and distract him with them. It was clear, the answer and person who would be able to solve his problems, was right in front of him. Nothing else mattered.

Looking at the others, Quinn was looking for a direct path towards Mantis, who was around thirty meters across on the other side. The scent of blood had wafted strongly into his nose from his right side, and he could suddenly see a hooded man jumping out towards him.

He flashed stepped away, and the man's fist pounded the ground so forcefully. A loud bang was heard and with it, rocks and debris flew up in the air, and a small crater was left behind from where his fist had landed.

Looking over at Mantis, Quinn could still see one of the hooded men, out front, and two more by his side.

'The one that attacked me is none of them, so there was one more? Do all of them have the same ability, those punches are really strong?' Quin thought.

Mantis broke out in laughter, seeing what looked like to him, Quinn dodging the punch by the skin of his teeth, saving his life.

"Look how much trouble you are having, dealing with one, and I have three more like that." Mantis explained. "You see those men. They too have been affected by my poison. You see, after going through a painful process, their bodies end up like this. They become almost superhuman, gaining strong feats of strength and feeling next to no pain. Their minds aren't all there, but they listen to me for one reason, because I'm the only one that can save them. To bad when there this far gone, they are already set to die, nothing can save them now.

"For all your friends, it's the same, and the Cursed faction will no longer exist."


Struggling, Megan could feel her conciseness fading away. She didn't know how long she had been in her current position, but her mind was fading in and out. In a way she was thankful. She knew Dennis had the ability to turn his hands into a deadly claw, and if he had done so, used his full strength, he would have already crushed her windpipe. She would be dead.

This gave her hope that Dennis was still in control. Even if it didn't look like it based on his eyes. Trying to do something to set herself free, she lifted her hand, twisting it slightly, and tried to activate her ability. If she could just do something to let him go.

Something small started to form in her hand, what looked like little bubbles, but then they quickly disappeared, she couldn't stay conscious or concentrate for long enough to form her ability.

'I'm sorry, I couldn't do anything to help you..' Megan thought.

At that moment, coming into the room, the others had come from next door having finished their checkup. They were casually talking to each other, some of them coughing. This had strung up hope for Megan once more.

All she needed to do was make some noise, and she eventually used her ability, throwing out what looked like a bubble to a vase of flowers that were by Dennis's side of the bed. They fell to the floor smashing on the ground.

Rushing towards the noise, and drawing the curtain, Nate could see Dennis holding Megan up.

"What are you doing, let go of her!" Nate shouted, as he went for Dennis' hand and tried to loosen his grip, but even with all his strength, he could only help slightly. As time went on, he was being affected by the poison more and it made him feel incredibly weak

"Dennis!, Dennis!" he shouted.

Red string was tied around Dennis' arm, and although Fex was being affected by the poison as well. He had more strength then the others, now was not the time to hide his strength when someone's life was on the line.

He carefully managed to wrap string between his fingers, and yanked the hand off from Megan's neck. She fell to the floor, gasping for air, finally she could breathe again, but she had to have a few moments before she could regain her strength.

Now that Dennis was no longer holding Megan, he went for the person closest to him, and swung his arm out towards Nate. He managed to duck avoiding the blow.

'That nearly knocked my head off.'

"I think the poison did something to him! Look at his eyes!" Nate shouted, and the next second he started to cough causing him to stumble. There was no time to dodge the next attack, and he was hit by another arm that swung by, throwing him across the room and into the door.

"This, damn thing.." Nate croaked.

Dennis had great strength before for a human, and now he was even stronger, Fex wasn't sure even with how he was feeling at the moment, if he could do anything.

"I'll deal with this!" Linda shouted, running past both of them. She was the only person that was at a hundred percent, by now she was starting to get a hang of her strength. When she came towards Dennis, he swung out both of his arms together like a baseball bat, bashing it into Linda's side. She had managed to block the attack with her elbow but it was taken out of place in the process.

A shooting pain was felt, but nowhere near what it would have been before. She still felt pain unlike Peter, but they were heavily dulled. But by the time she would reach Dennis, she was already healed. Using her great strength, she grabbed Dennis by both of his wrists, and pulled them behind his back.

Fex saw this as an opportunity, and pushed past the drowsy feeling he had. He used his red string to continually tie up Dennis' hands.

"I think that's all I can help with for now."

Bursting into the room, a surprising couple had entered. Paul rushed forward with his hands glowing green, and Kazz stood in the room and looked at everyone for a second.

"Keep hold of him," Paul said.

Dennis was now being held down by Linda, and when Paul approached he placed his green coloured hands on the back of Dennis, he immediately started to whine and cry out in pain.

"What are you doing, are you hurting him more?" Linda asked, weary that maybe him and Kazz were working together.

"Sometimes the best medicine for poison, is another type of poison," Paul said.

The cries from Dennis started to lessen, and eventually he was no longer shouting.

They had a nice moment of rest, until they could hear Nate heavily coughing, and eventually, he too had thrown up blood onto the ground.

"Damn!" Nate said, wiping his mouth. "I hope we don't all become like Dennis, otherwise who's going to hold us back?"

It was a big worry they all had, after all it had taken all of them to just get Dennis under control.

Back in the storage warehouse, Quinn had enough of listening to Mantis ramble on. Everything he said had just proved that he was running out of time. He started to walk forward towards them again.

"Haha, idiot, get rid of him!" Mantis said.

The hooded man who had just caused the large crater, jumped in front of Quinn and pulled back his fist ready to blow his body apart. Inside, Mantis was squealing like a little girl as he imagined the cocky brat exploding to pieces.

"You, have no idea," Quinn said. "You have no idea what I am!"

Stomping his foot on the ground, Quinn prepared and went through the motions of the Hammer strike. While doing so, he activated his shadow equip, putting on his gauntlets, beast equipment and mask giving all of his extra stats.

The mask was set to improve his strength, and for the first time, against another human, Quinn didn't hold back throwing out his fist.

When the two of them touched, the force itself was causing the hooded man's own arm to collapse within itself, the force from the blow was so strong that wind could be felt blowing Mantis's hair from the other side of the room.

Finally, the hooded man's upper half of his body had disappeared, only his legs remained, falling to the ground.


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