My Vampire System Chapter 711

703 Poor Equipmen

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With everything that had happened on the Cursed Ship so far, everyone seemed to be recovering at a steady pace, all except one person who was affected by this just as much as Linda was.

Heading over to the living quarters, Quinn had stopped just outside one of the rooms and entered. In his hand was a blood pack that had been taken from the medical storage centre. He threw the pack over and it landed right on Fex's face, who didn't even move, allowing it to slide off onto the bed.

"Well the tables have turned now," Quinn said, "Usually you're the one who comes to cheer me up."

For the last three days, Fex hadn't left his room after finding out what he had done to Blip. Blip had been nothing but nice to him since they joined, he was nice to everyone. The events that day were worse for him compared to Nate and Dennis.

When the others had regained consciousness, they couldn't remember a thing that happened when they were crazed, but Fex remembered everything. Just like when Quinn would turn into a Bloodsucker, Fex had experienced the same thing. When regaining consciousness, they would remember everything that they did and knew they were responsible.

"You need to eat, we will be moving soon and I need you to lead one of the attack teams." Quinn said.

Getting himself out of the bed, Fex sat on the edge and looked at the blood pack. Looking at it, reminded him of when he had killed Blip.

"Have you ever heard of a vampire that is scared of blood?" Fex replied back chuckling, while his hands were also shaking.

"No, but I do know that if you don't consume any blood, then there is a good chance you're going to turn into a bloodsucker again." Quinn replied.

Although it seemed like Quinn was being tough in situations like this, he had to be and it seemed to work. Hearing Quinn say those words, Fex tore into the bag and started to drink from it.

On Quinn's request, Sam had got people on the ship to start donating blood. Sam thought it was strange for they didn't even have a capable doctor that could perform things like a blood transfusion anyway. But Quinn said it was best to prepare for the future.

Sam thought that it might have something to do with having a safe food supply, but the amount of blood requested was too much and Quinn's suggestion was strange as well. He didn't ask for certain blood types to be stored, instead he asked to gather as many different types of blood from people as possible.

Of course, to the faction members this made sense and they were willing. They would be called in for a routine checkup and the procedure for drawing blood was simple.

'Is there something about vampires that Quinn hasn't told me about?' Sam thought.

By now a decent amount of different blood packs would be stored in the medical bay, which was a bunch of stat points that Quinn would have access to soon.

Before leaving the room, Quinn had one more thing to say to Fex.

"If you want to stop pointless deaths and things like this from happening, then help me win this war." Quinn said.

The plan was to move out tomorrow when Quinn had been given some news by Alex. He was told that the emperor tier equipment he had been working on was finally ready. Entering the forgery, it was quiet this time. Alex had told the others to take a break and it was mostly because he wanted to show Quinn everything he had made.

They too were curious about what Alex had been working on nonstop this whole time, and they were starting to think he wasn't human. Rumours were spreading about how they hardly saw Alex get a wink of sleep while working on these pieces of equipment.

Alex didn't know whether he was being paranoid or not, but because of this he chose to give everyone a break in the forging room until he was done. Any request in the meantime were to be sent to the Parasite shelter where they had their own forgers there as well.

Just like before, Alex had spread out the items on his work bench and had a piece of cloth individually under each one.

"You sure like to put on a show." Quinn said.

Although Alex wasn't as happy as he was last time, or at least he didn't seem to be as he had his hand over the first piece of cloth.

"Is something wrong?" Quinn asked.

"You'll understand when you see it, but I promise you. I tried my best." Alex said.

Instead of revealing the pieces one by one, he had pulled all the pieces of cloth down apart from one at the very end and each piece of equipment was shown for their body parts. Boots, legs, chest and shoulders.

Looking at them, Quinn had two things to comment.

"Aren't they a bit big, and flashy?"

Alex shook his head as he knew this would be Quinn's comments. The emperor tier looked impressive. It was nicely designed and one could see and feel the quality it had been made from. But the pieces were extremely large.

The shoulder protectors were twice as large as regular ones and it was the same nearly with every other piece. Quinn's other comment was that all of the equipment was red in colour.

It was usual for the equipment to take the colour of the beast crystals they had come from. However, Quinn had used many different emperor tier crystals to create this.

"I should have realised this sooner." Alex started to explain, "I've never worked with high tier crystals before, but mixing the different types of crystals was a huge mistake. I was unable to create any type of active skill on any of them. However I did do my best making it the highest quality possible.

"Rather than lacking in any department and wasting the crystal, I made whatever I could best and this was the result. As for the red colour, I did as you asked and added a bit of my blood. When that happened all the pieces of armour started to dye red."

Although he couldn't say much about the colours from the sounds of it, the equipment might be pretty disappointing, and using his inspect skill, Quinn was even more worried.

[Basic emperor tier - chest piece: All stats +1]

[Basic emperor tier - boots: All stats +1]

[Basic emperor tier - shoulder guards: All stats +1]

[Basic emperor tier - leg covers: All stats +1]

'How can this be, it's worse than the king tier equipment, but we used so many emperor tier crystals.'

Seeing the look on Quinn's face greatly pained Alex. He knew he was expecting a lot from this, and he felt like his inexperience had let him down. There were some crystals that he had gathered that were similar and if he knew beforehand maybe he could have made something else.

Before making full judgement, Quinn felt like there had to be more to it, and decided to look into things a little further.

[Chest piece defence: 100]

[Shoulder guards: 30]

[Boots: 20]

[Legs: 30]

[Total defence: 180]

[Active set kill: When wearing all pieces of equipment, defence of armour is able to double for five minutes]

Now Quinn was starting to understand a little more, why the gear was considered to be at the emperor tier level. His king tier chest piece from before had a defensive capability of thirty. While the chest piece alone was set at a hundred. He was sure wearing this full set of armour, he might not be able to be injured by an enraged king tier beast.

However, it did remove the extra stat points he would usually get, so he would be slower and his attacks weaker with this set of armour. Thinking about it, Quinn thought it would be perfect to use his shadow equip. Depending on the opponent he was facing, he could switch between the emperor tier gear, and the regular gear he had until he improved.

After finding this out, he was no longer as disheartened as before.

"Don't worry, you did a good job." Quinn said.

Moving onto the final piece, Alex had a smile on his face for this one, because it was finally time for him to show the emperor tier gauntlets.


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