My Vampire System Chapter 712

704 Infinite Flame Gauntlets

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As the last sheet was pulled off, Quinn's eyes were glued to the gauntlets he could see in front of him. Just like the others, it had a red base of colours from being mixed in with Alex's blood. Running up the gauntlet's sides and within the palm itself, a brighter red radiating energy could be seen coming from it. Running down the arm, several small spikes that looked similar to those that were on a Dalki's back.

"Is it still active?" Quinn asked, wondering why the palm and sides were glowing red.

"I only just recently finished creating these gauntlets. They took the longest out of everything. I think the energy from the crystals is still seeping out from it, but it should start to cool down a bit and return to regular looking gauntlets in a few hours or so." Alex explained.

If it wasn't the case, then Quinn could imagine he would have to wear the gauntlets less often, otherwise others would think he was preparing to attack them all of a sudden.

Nervously, Quinn looked at them, he didn't even want to touch the gauntlets and was afraid to use his inspect skill. After being disappointed a little by the other pieces of equipment, he didn't want to over expect with these.

One thing for sure, they certainly pleased in the looks department, if that was anything to go by, then it would be quite the great outcome.

'Alright let's go'


[Infinite Flame Gauntlets - Emperor tier]

[Strength + 20]

[Defence +20 ]

'So far so good,' Quinn thought.

The strength was increased by double compared to his last pair of Gauntlets, which was a huge improvement.

[Active skill: Blade condense]

[Using the power of the fire crystals, the active skill allows the user to condense and harness the power to create a four inch spike made of flames. The spike will appear from the palm of the user's hand. The skill can be activated and deactivated at will as many times as the user wishes.]

Just on the description alone, Quinn was wondering how useful such a skill could be. Essentially, the spike that would come out from his gauntlets, was a hidden Blade. When attacking enemies they would assume he had no weapon, or if his reach wasn't enough he could form a spike made of flames.

He was unsure how strong the condensed flame was, otherwise it would be useless against certain times of armour.

However, what Quinn was more interested in, was how he could improve the active skill like he had done with the previous one. When infusing his Qi into the last pair of gauntlets, he could use his shock skill for longer. As long as he had Qi, the shock would work.

These gauntlets didn't seem to have a time frame on how long or short the skill could be used for. So he was wondering what effect it would have, if he infused his Qi into the gauntlets themselves, before activating the skill.

"Would the blade be stronger, longer or maybe it would even do nothing?'

It sounded a little like a weapon, and Quinn wasn't really good at using weapons. Still, at least it came out from the palm of his hand, allowing him to continue to use his martial arts in the fight. It was probably the best type of weapon he could ask for from an active skill.

The second thing was, Quinn was trying to figure out a way, in his head, to combine this with his shadow powers. Similar to how he had done with the shadow scythe. It didn't seem like he could fuse this with the scythes like he did before, but it also didn't make sense for him to switch out these gauntlets for his last pair like the rest of his equipment.

After all, these gave him more strength stats then the others, so even without an active skill it was overall just better for him to use these.

"What do you think?" Alex asked.

"They're great, I'll need to do some testing with them though, get the hang of them for a bit." Quinn replied.

Touching all pieces of equipment, Quinn placed it into his dimensional space, that way he could shadow equip them on at any time. He wouldn't use the emperor tier armour, unless he was going up against a foe that required it.

"In the future, I will place the crystals that are a similar attribute off to the side." Alex said. "And then when I get a set of emperor tier crystals to create something for you, I will make sure to try my best."

With the emperor tier equipment collected it was finally time. They could start their conquest of the other planets. There had been a few changes in the teams since the latest incident.

They now had more people then before and one less leader compared to before. It was a tough decision to make, but in the end, Wevil from the Parasites was invited to join the Cursed leaders. This was because he had the most trust over his people and he knew them best.

He wouldn;t have the same respect and possibly his words wouldn;t carry as much weight, but it was important for him to be there in the decision making process.

Wevil was replaced with Blip, to head off with Nate, Dennis and Linda as an attack force. As the people that would be going with them, they were the old Parasites. This solved two problems, as the force that was originally with Blip and Linda, were moved over to Sil and Peter and now they too had a group that was willing to follow them and attack.

Every team had already been given their briefing and were getting ready to move out. The Cursed ship would soon arrive at the Crow's planet and that was when each team was to make their movements.

At the moment, Quinn was looking around trying to look for the others that would be joining him. Kazz, Paul and Fex. When looking for them, it turned out that Kaz was also looking for Quinn. They had bumped down the hallway of the living quarters and for once Paul was nowhere to be seen.

"Quinn, before we head out, due to how long we might not be in contact with the council. I have decided to push forward the in person report," Kazz explained.

Once a month Kazz was required to make an in person report, on top of her weekly reports, the last time this happened, they had two unexpected vampires going after Paul's life.

Quinn couldn't really decline her quest. The only reason why they were allowed out in the first place, was to investigate the disappearance of the vampire spies all around. Truthfully, he hadn't even been trying to investigate about that, and was thankful that Kazz wasn't pestering him about it, perhaps because she knew that everything else going on was more important at the moment.

"That's fine, I hope you can say good things about us." Quinns said, attempting to smile at her. " When you come back we can move out."

Kazz herself was nervous. She hadn't made an in person report ever since what happened to the first family members, and she also had not informed her father of their doings either. Since her weekly reports went directly to the king.

Returning meant she would also have to meet and speak with him. To explain why Quinn wasn't dealt with yet. This too was something she couldn't avoid, and she walked off.

Seeing Kazz walk off back to her room and head to the vampire world, it gave Quinn a thought. He had been so concerned with the human's, he didn't have time to think about them.

"I wonder how both Leo and Erin are doing, and the rest of the tenth Family? I hope they are living a better life than before, and I hope things are less crazy there then they have been here."


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