My Vampire System Chapter 713

705 The Tenths Strength

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The tenth castle was busy compared to when Quinn had last left it. It now had vampires walking around the empty hallways and the once empty rooms now were half filled. Thanks to Leo's little display, people were happy with him being the vampire knight and there were no complaints internally within the family.

Most of the tenth, still wished to eventually leave and one day join one of the other more recognised families, however, they no longer felt as hopeless as before. Thanks to Edward and Quinn's idea, it gave them a goal and hope. Their little reward system seemed to work out.

Unlike the other families, who were able to share their abilities with those they saw potential in or were directly linked to the family, the tenth family didn't have that. So they came up with a reward system.

Most of the vampire technology ran on beast crystals and it was what they used as a way of trade between each other. Once in a while, groups from each of the families would go out on expeditions. Before there were many in the tenth family who would simply give the crystals that they earnt, to the other families with hopes of gaining favour.

Now, those that did well on the expeditions and returned with the crystals, would be rewarded with different sets of beast equipment, or gadgets that had been created by Vincent in the past. Some of the items had been duplicated and were made into a special set.

The tenth family soon felt like they were in the middle of a type of collection game. When they had the gauntlets, they wanted to get the shoulder guards and the boots that went with them. With each item they felt stronger. This was because the set of equipment they were giving to people, had an active skill that would activate when all of the items were together in a set. As long as you had all the items, they would gain a boost in power.

Once they had collected the full set, they were able to decide whether or not they wished to move out of the pooling area, and join the main castle. There, it would be traded for a better set of beast gear equipment.

If anyone was to leave the tenth family, they would have to give their equipment back.

Although Quinn had come up with the idea, he wasn't the one that had thought about all the little smaller final details. This was all thanks to Timmy, who had become a close assistant of Edward.

At first there weren't many vampires who even cared for the beast gear equipment. It was embarrassing for vampires to have to rely on such a thing. It was seen as something humans needed to match up to them in terms of strength.

However, from using the beast gear himself, Timmy knew. He knew that once they got the taste and strength of beast gear, it would be hard for them to turn back from it. Which led to the result they had today.

Twenty five vampires had completed the full set of beast gear equipment and had chosen to trade in their set, for a better tier of equipment. They now lived inside the castle and would no longer be able to move between the other families.

Even though they had no leader, things were changing around the place.

Xander and Amy didn't live in the castle. They had moved with their family and although they were happy to join the tenth, Xander still couldn't commit to the tenth family inner circle so soon. It was a loss not just for him, but his family as well. The tenth family still had the reputation of being at the bottom of the barrel and that wouldn;t change soon.

However, the two of them did often come to the castle, to talk to Edward, Timmy, and Amy wanted to get to know Erin a bit more. In her mind, a friend of Layla's and Cia's was a friend of hers, even if she seemed to be a little colder than the other two.

The reason they were in the castle today, was because they had been invited by Edward to watch something. One of the storage rooms that wasn't sealed like the one on the top floor. Had been converted into a plain empty room. The room itself was covered in scratch marks, broken pieces of rubble and more.

It was one of the worst rooms they had seen, but the room itself made them wonder, what type of training was going on in here. The castle was built using a mixture of the strange black rock that Vampires had managed to obtain. Although the castle walls were mixed with other materials to mold and shape the structures, it was still very strong and sturdy.

Xander imagined even if he used his full strength to punch the wall, or swung at it with a sword he wouldn't be able to make a scratch.

When the two of them entered, they could see Leo and Erin standing against the wall on one side. In the middle of the room, was Edward and Timmy, who was huffing and panting and had marks over his face. His body looked as if he had been hit a few times.

"I guess Timmy is no longer the cry-baby he was before, huh?' Xander said.

"Yep, it looks like someone's gotten a promotion." Amy replied, with a giggle, looking at Xander. She was happy, although Xander might have been less pleased with the current situation he was in. He was by far in a better place.

When Xander was part of the first family, he had this pressure to achieve something and be something. He needed to get better and learn the first ability not to disappoint all those that had hope for him.

Now with that pressure gone. He was far more calmer and didn't start up useless fights and arguments with people.

"Again!" Edward shouted.

Taking a deep breath, Timmy's body started to vanish and soon a mist appeared, it surrounded Edward. The others could see Edwards' position but had no clue where Timmy was. Then suddenly, Timmy's shape started to form, immediately Edward went forward and punched the human shape in the mist, but it had disappeared. A few seconds later and the mist started to finish and Timmy could be seen now on his knees gasping for air.

"I did it!" Timmy said, managing to pull a smile.

"You have grown a lot," Edward said. "I see our guests have made it."

Both Amy and Xander gave a bow to Edward. He was now their vampire knight but the two of them would have even respected him before this.

"My mist ability is quite strong right, we all know how weak Timmy was, and now look how much he has improved." Edward said. Although these words might have hurt Timmy, Timmy didn't care because he was thankful that Edward even allowed him to learn his ability and be his personal teacher.

"I know you guys are stubborn about learning one of the other families abilities, and you don't want to rely on the beast gear, but there are still plenty to choose from," Edward explained.

Now Xander knew what he was trying to do. He was trying to get Xander to become his pupil. Before the whole mess, Xander was considered the top student, if one wasn't being compared to the direct descendants like Fex.

Edward knew in the future if they could make sure he wouldn't move to another family leader. He would be a big plus to have on their side.

"The ability is certainly one of the best ones. It's not even available at the marketplace, so it is nearly as rare as a leader's abilities." Xander said. "But please, give me some more time."

"Is the mist invincible?' Amy asked. "Does it just require a lot of MC cells?"

Edward started to laugh.

"If you are really interested in how it works, then are free to learn it, for some users who are extremely skilled, it can seem invincible but there is always the main body hiding in the mist somewhere."

While saying this, Edward was peaking over at Leo. Interested in what his powers were, once the two of them had fought a little. Just to test their skills. There were two things that amazed him at the time. The first being that his ability allowed Leo to find out where Edwards' true body was at any moment and time. The second, when being injured by Leo'ss sword. HIs wounds took longer to heal. At first he thought it might have something to do with the weapon.

However, Erin, his disciple, was able to do the same thing. It seemed like they had learnt something dangerous that could be used against the vampires. He was in the middle of whether or not to ask Leo, if he could teach the other vampires, but he thought if they had found out about this strange skill they knew, then the two of them would be targeted even more.

Edward turned and looked at Layla and was deeply concerned about her.

Moments before Timmy had gone through his final training session with Edward, Erin had done the same.

'So you taught her in the end, huh?' Edward thought.

Having been turned, Erin was finally able to learn an ability. While browsing the market she was unable to find one that she had liked. After much deliberation she was wondering if she ever would.

Then that day, she had seen the fight between Leo and Edward, she had made up her mind.

"Leo, would you please teach me your ability?" Erin asked.


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