My Vampire System Chapter 716

708 We Are Better Than You

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The next day had arrived in the Tenth castle. Both Xander and Amy had chosen to sleep over as they were all to leave in the morning together and head off to school.

No words were spoken to them as they left, whatever they needed to do, it was better if they found out for themselves, Edward and Leo thought. If they really needed their help, they would know where to come find them.

A few moments after the kids had left for school, Edward suggested it was best for the two of them to start performing their leader duties. This whole time, Leo had pretty much stayed in the castle. He knew those that had joined the inner circle and even fought with them a couple of times, but the same couldn't be said about the rest of the family.

Edward wanted the Tenth family to grow a strong connection, like the one that it had in the past and not the fractured connection they have today. So he wanted Leo to get more acquainted with them.

'Is this really the right thing to do?' Leo thought to himself. 'One day I will leave you guys as well.'

He was worried, worried that something might happen here similar to the past. The vampires were strong, but so were his close friends back at the dojo. It seemed a little strange, the vampires acted as if there was no threat to them.

Judging by what he had seen so far, the vampires should have been just as worried about the Dalki as the humans were. Judging by how little vampires there were, if the two sides were to clash at this moment, he would put his money on the Dalki winning.

He was making this judgement without having seen the royal family or the king act though, which could sway things in their favour.

Edward had given Leo a change of armour, it was the set that those in the castle wore.

He had his own armour, but the idea behind Leo walking out in this one, was simply promotion to the other family members. They had already seen his power and some in the Tenth now looked up to him. Edward was hoping if they saw him wearing something they could actually get, they would be excited to work harder.

Coming out from the front of the castle, Leo was in a full suit of silver and blue beast gear.

"You look great!" Edward said, wearing the same gear himself.

Just as the two of them were leaving the castle, there was a surprising visit, someone standing there at their front gate.

"Now what is a beauty like you doing here?" Edward asked.

Walking forward, her long silver hair swayed and seemed to shine even in the darkness of the planet.

"I came to speak to you." Silver said, walking towards Leo. "I'm sure Edward has already told you this, but you and those you care about need to be careful. The new Tenth family is an unknown to the other families, and the unknown scares people.

"With things moving forward the way they are, I'm sure there will be many that will try to influence you, trick you or out right force you into doing their bidding."

Leo smiled.

"You are a caring type, I thought the only person you cared about was your brother. Even though he is not here, you have come down here to warn us."

Hearing this, Silver stepped back as she tried to think of another reason as to why she had come down here.

"I was just in the ar-"

"Worry not." Leo replied. "We, everyone, have expected this, especially with the disruption we caused. But I assure you, each of us in the Tenth family has a goal, and it will be hard to kill any of us until our goals are achieved."

Quickly, Silver pulled her hand and performed a blood slash, stepping her foot forward and trying to fire one out as fast as she could. Before she knew it, Leo had sliced the blood slash and placed his sword back in its sheath.

"Looks like I had nothing to worry about." Silver said walking off.

Walking to school, Timmy was shaking with excitement and Amy and Xander were chatting away. Meanwhile, Erin remained mostly silent the whole time.

"I can't wait, everyone is going to be so surprised when they see my new powers!" Timmy said excitedly. "You really should have taken Edward's offer Xander, maybe now I can even beat you!"

"Hey," Xander snapped back, "Don't get too cocky now, remember I was, and still am the best student, even with no ability."

Truthfully, Amy was a little worried that they might be subjected to what the Tenth family were subjected to before. Now both Xander and Amy were part of the Tenth family, it could prove troublesome compared to the past.

Even in this short amount of time, those that she used to call her friends at school hadn't come to visit her once, not like they used to. They hadn't hung out, gone to the centre together or anything.

The only reason she could think of, was it was because of her current family situation.

"Those fake girls, I don't need them. They can flip flop all over the place!" Amy shouted in anger.

However, she did feel lonely without them and there wasn't even Layla here to talk to. Turning to look at Erin, she could see that she had her eyes closed. She had not only been quiet the whole way but had been walking the whole time with her eyes closed.


The path they took wasn't a straight one, and there were many things that would get in one's way. If a person tried to walk with their eyes closed, their imagination often started to make them fear what was in front of them, but Erin was walking just fine.

When they finally reached the school, which was located in a different area from the main vampire settlement, they could see everyone was already making their way inside the gates, but once they got past the gate, they noticed that there was quite the audience. Instead of heading straight to their classes, the students were fascinated by something outside.

"What's going on?" Amy said out loud.

Stood on the open field, were around thirty of the direct descendants. Students who had already learnt the abilities of their families, lived in the castle and had the chance of becoming a family leader themselves.

It was a mixture of boys and girls, and even Rokene was stood there nervously. He had been forced to comply by the others.

"What are they doing here?" One of the students asked.

"Aren't they supposed to have their own special training, don't tell me they're going to be joining us?"

The students were beyond shocked, none of them had been informed of this change. The reason for their worries was because some of them already worked under these kids outside of the school, and they had beyond a superiority complex.

This was something that many of the leaders encouraged for some reason. They would fill their heads and tell them that they were born to be a leader and were better than the others.

Standing in the centre, there was a handsome looking boy who had his hair gelled back. His hair was blonde in colour with a black streak running down the middle.

Xander noticed him straight away and thought he would be up to this.

'One of the first family descendants, Nicu."

Nicu was younger than most there and he had an older brother. That was until he was killed during the expedition trip. He was killed by the new Tenth leader, yet nothing was done about it.

This had caused him to focus his anger towards those in the Tenth more than anyone, but in some ways the event helped him. Because of his brother's death, he was allowed to attend school earlier than expected, but then was disappointed once again after learning he had to do so with everyone else.

So he had decided to call this gathering, a gathering to make the others aware of their positions.

"You see us standing here in front of you, you all are staring at us like we are different." Nicu said. "Well, that's because we are different. Although we are attending school with you, we hold a higher position than you, we hold more importance to the vampire's future than you, and that is why we expect to be treated better than you."

The students started to mumble and talk to each other. They didn't like where this was going. School was a break from their family duties and now it looked like they would have to keep it up here as well.

"Are you really that special?" A voice said.

"Who said that?" Nicu asked, annoyed he was interrupted in the middle of his speech. There were many mumbling about what was happening but he chose to ignore them, however this was said loud and clear and was directed at him.

When the crowd cleared the way to reveal who had spoken those words, they were all staring at a girl they didn't recognise.

"It was me, and I said, are you really that much better than us?" Erin repeated.


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