My Vampire System Chapter 717

709 Im Differen

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Hearing the mysterious woman speak, they were wondering just what student would be so brave to say these words. Perhaps behind ones back, but not right in their face.

Although, a lot of students there had the same thoughts. They carried the same resentment deep down against the direct descendants. Of course, not all descendents were like this. But in every group there would be those that led the way. Pushing others to have similar thoughts to their own, influencing them. This had caused a fraction between the regular vampires and those that live in the castles.

Vampires were meant to be able to speak up and tell their leaders the concerns they had. The family leaders were there not only to protect them, but to better their lives, but lately, the young vampires had been treating them more like slaves, rather than as fellow people they were responsible for. Yet, not a single one of them would dare complain for fear.

Which was why someone speaking up, in front of them all had come at such a surprise to everyone. When they turned to look at her, they did not recognise her but there were many vampires that chose to just live with their families and would only be seen at a later time.

The reason they did not recognise Erin as one of the humans that had come to attack a short time ago, was because her facial features and hair colour had changed since the last time they had seen her. Before she was a blonde haired woman, but now her hair was black.

"I know your type." Erin said. She continued and ignored the death stares Nicu was giving back to her.

"My type?" Nicu replied. "You mean us here, those that have a chance at being a leader, those that protect you."

"A leader? All I see is a child who has let everything go to his head. I've seen a real leader before." She thought back to her father who had protected the planet at the risk of his own life. These types of leaders, when trouble came, were the first to run away. "Leaders are meant to gain the respect of their people. They chose to follow them, not force them. Even if you have the title of leader, you will never be one."

By now, all those that were around Erin had moved off to the side. They did not want to be associated with her at all, and the only ones that were still standing next to her, were the same group that had arrived with her.

"Maybe we should calm down a little, huh Erin, it is the first day and all?" Amy said, nervoley.

She knew that they would probably be targeted by a few people here and there but she was hoping that Xander's past deeds and strength would deter most of those away. She never thought the descendants would be attending the same school. Even Xander with his skill stood no chance. Now with Erin winding up the descendants, there would be the centre of attention and a bigger target.

However, she didn't know Erin's strength either. She had never seen her directly fight before and was wondering where this strange confidence was coming from.

Nicu was thinking about what to say, when he noticed the people standing by the annoying girls side. He was hoping to prove her wrong and shut up this wench, but seeing a certain someone gave him an idea. His angry frown had turned into a smile.

"Now I see why you were acting up." Nicu said. "It's because Xander is there standing behind you, right? I had heard that he was once the most promising student of the school and had even been invited to join the first family. I had heard you had moved to the tenth family. Have you been made to just be a simple babysitter? It would be best if you keep those girls of yours mouths shut!"

Those comments had now even infuriated Amy as well.

"What did you say you snot nosed brat!" Amy shouted back. "We don't need his permission to speak, we can speak for ourselves. Look at you, Erin was right, you are a child. Have you stopped sucking on your mothers breast yet?!"

Worried that maybe Eirn had gone too far, Xander didn't think for a second that the real person he needed to keep under control, was Amy.

The other decedents standing behind Nicu started to chuckle at the comments and this only infuriated him more.

"Let's see who gets the last laugh." Nicu said.

"Stand back." Erin said.

Before anyone, Erin knew what was about to happen, she could tell with her ability, the change in his aura had gotten aggressive and it was moving out before him. The next second he was already on the move with his hand held out.

"Amy!" Xander shouted, who was closest to her. He pulled her back out of the way, and went to hit Nicu, but in compassion to Nicu's speed, it looked like Xander's fist was moving in slow motion.

Nicu ducked, and did a sweeping kick knocking Xander off his feat. Before Xander could try anything else, with an aggressive stomp he had not only pinned down Xander's arm, but had crushed it as well.

"Ha, ha!" Nicu laughed widely. You see this, this is the difference between us decedents and the rest of you. Even the strongest of you is not a match for us."

"Get off him," Erin said, walking towards the two with her hand on the hilt of her blade. She had switched to a katana like blade that matched what Leo would use, but on her back, she also still carried a long sword.

"I just defeated your leader, what do you think you can do?" Nicu asked.

Not saying anything else, when Erin was in striking distance, in one smooth motion she took out her sword ready to strike at Nicu.

A loud clang was heard stopping her blade.

'How did he block it?' Erin thought.

When she looked at who had blocked her attack, it wasn't Nicu.

"What is going on here, and on the first day?" Silver said.

"It's Vampire knight Silver." The students gasped and spoke.

"Is she going to be teaching at the school again?"

"She must be, that's probably why she's here right?"

The blade had been stopped by Silver's hardened hand, and it looked like Silver had used the blood hardening skill as her fingertips were incased in blood.

"Everyone. Head to your classes immediately. I will not have this on the first day." Silver commanded and everyone started to follow.

Silver made sure that the direct descendants entered the school a while before she allowed Erin and her group to move.

Lifting her hand up, she felt a slight stinging pain and she could see the palm of her hand had been cut. 'That's your student Leo, I can see she is a strong one. But a dangerous one as well. If I hadn't stopped that attack just now, then Nicu's head would have been rolling on the floor.'

Heading to the school, Erin continued to close her eyes and was acting as if the incident that had just happened, never did in the first place. She wanted to use every opportunity she had possible to train her new ability.

She wasn't like Leo, and she would need to try to increase her level somehow.

'I was able to see his aura quite clearly. But it seemed like that was because he was quite the wild one, and had a lot of energy.'

However, during that small little scuffle she noticed something else as well. She had felt something different when her aggression had risen towards Nicu. What shocked her more than anything was the Aura's she had seen.

Everyone around them, weak or strong had the same colour aura. There were differences in the sub classes like Amy and so on but they were similar. There was one person with a completely different aura though, and that was herself.

'Quinn did you lie to me, what am I?' Erin thought.


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