My Vampire System Chapter 722

714 Capture The Flag

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Looking at the little vampire that had approached them, Xander was wondering who he was. Most of the decedents were quite well known, especially since there were so few of them, but he had never seen this one before.

"What!" Rokene snapped back. "Are you not happy with me or something?"

Without realising it, Xander was giving Rokene a strange look and Amy quickly pushed him off to the side.

"No, of course we're happy." Said Amy. "As you know though, we're just a little cautious. After the scene yesterday, we're just a little worried that they might have sent someone to disrupt our plans. You understand, right?"

Amy said this as she approached Rokene and gently placed her finger on his chin and slowly started to run it down his chest.

'Oh, is she trying to charm him?' Xander thought.

However, when she reached the midsection of his chest, Rokene had grabbed her hand.

"If I was to allow a subclass to charm me, I wouldn't really be allowed to call myself a decedent now, would I? You guys don't have to be cautious of me, I'm from the Fifth family. I'm only second from the bottom of the barrel, just above you."

The Fifth family, due to their weak ability, were mocked by the other families as well. If it wasn't for the fact that their leader was kind hearted, then there wouldn't be many who chose to be loyal to them either.

"Sorry about that, come on let's go." Xander said.

"I don't need your pity." Rokene said, as he saw the brief look Xander gave him. "I am my own person, and just like Quinn did, I'm going to do what I want."

Punching him on the shoulder, Erin gave him a smile.

"Then let's show the other teams who's boss."

Once all the groups had been assembled, they were led into the forest. This forest was explored by a lot of the vampire kids and there weren't dangerous beasts inside it, from time to time, one or two might appear but that was all.

However, this area was a very well known area by the descendants, because it was where they had their lessons before. It seemed like the descendants would be relied upon more in this game than they first thought.

The groups were given an additional ten minutes to split up all over the forest. Then, just outside the forest, a computer system was set up, which had information with a tag on all the flag's keeping track of points. The teachers had spread out in the forest themselves, dividing themselves into two groups.

One group stood around the outside perimeter, it was the area the students weren't allowed to go past. While the other teachers were asked to look over the students in case anything serious happened.

It was explained to them that this wasn't a battle, although they could use their abilities, it wasn't a sparring match or a fight, just a game to try to capture the flags. Silver would be looking over the students making sure they complied with this rule.

A flair was shot up into the sky, signalling the game had begun.

"What do we do, should we attack or defend?" Amy asked.

"Why don't you fly up and check around to see if there is anyone coming our way?" Xander said.

"No, that will only make us a target." Erin replied. "And it looks like we won't need to do any scouting of our own."

Looking at Rokene, he had summoned a black rabbit with a horn sticking out of it's head. It hopped off Rokene's shoulder and started to run off, soon it came back.

"There's a team not too far from here, He will lead the way." Rokene said.

"Not too bad after all." Xander said. Realising that it didn't matter if Rokene was strong or not, as this wasn't an event that relied on strength, but one that focused on using everyone's skills and teamwork.

When they eventually got close, Erin closed her eyes and she could see all of their positions. If anyone was hiding through the thick trees, she could see them.

After regrouping they came up with a plan and it was using Rokene's black rabbit. Judging by the auras, Erin could easily tell which was the strongest out of all of them. And the strongest would most likely be the decedent.

Although the decedent didn't have a flag of his own, that didn't matter. The black rabbit came out and the first thing it did was fire out an electric shock towards the decedent.

He blocked the attack easily, but it was never their goal in the first place. Soon after the black rabbit was off running at a great speed and was being chased, leaving the others behind.

Some of them were hidden, but Erin felt where they were quickly taking their flag, and the others positions were located with ease. They had captured all four of the flags and ran away with no trouble at all.

The four of them met up at a meeting point they had decided beforehand, but Rokene was nowhere to be seen. At that moment, ruffling through the leaves the black rabbit had appeared squealing to them all.

'I think it wants us to follow it." Amy said.

Following the rabbit they eventually found Rokene, who was beaten up and left on the ground. Nothing appeared to be broken but he was badly hurt.

"Whoever done this has already gone."

Amy went over to try and comfort him and suddenly placed her lips onto his giving her a kiss. Xander looked away with his face blushing red. While Timmy was the opposite, he couldn't stop looking at the two.

"You're a little perv aren't you?" Erin couldn't help but comment.

But he ignored it as if he was caught in a daze.

After a lustful kiss, Amy felt weaker, but the small wounds around Rokene's body started to heal and he was soon woken up.

"Damn it!" Rokene shouted, still recovering from his wounds. "That guy used his ability. The second he found out I had no flag, he locked on to what happened and said he was punishing me for it."

However, his mood was soon lighted up when he saw that the rest of his team had gotten four flags while not losing one off their own. Using both Erin's ability and Rokene's, it was easy pickings for them.

While Amy was weak due to using her strange powers, the others decided to rest for a bit. After all, they could do so with Erin and Rokene keeping guard. Their resting spot was by a stoney area by a small water stream.

They chose an open area as they thought many students wouldn't choose to be out in the open like so, even then they had the advantage.

Or at least that's what they thought. Soon Erin had spotted someone coming fast at them. Grabbing her sword, she immediately struck out a blood swipe that was thrown towards their direction.

However, this was the first time, where she was pushed back a little bit by the force.

"An attack, and from another vampire." Amy said.

Soon they could see five vampires coming out from the forest, and leading the charge, was the young boy Nicu.

"What are you doing Nicu!" Xander shouted standing in front of them. In his head he was the strongest one on the team, even though Rokene was a descendant. "You're not meant to attack. This isn't a fight."

"Hahah, does it matter how we get a flag? As long as no one sees what we're doing, it's your word against ours." Nicu replied.

Sadly, he was right. "Where are the teachers?" Amy asked.

Erin was afraid, not afraid of them, but that she would go too far hurting them and they would get the blame. So she closed her eyes and tried to see if there were any teachers nearby.

Soon, she quickly opened her eyes, and grabbed the hilt of her sword. "Watch out!" She shouted at the top of her lungs, while pulling out the sword from her sheath, as soon as it left, a large line of blood aura came out with it.

Nicu was skilled enough to know that the attack was off and wouldn't hit him so he remained still. He also thought it was strange to shout out something before you would attack.

"I knew you wouldn't have the guts to actually hit me, even you, are scared of us." Nicu said. Then, the sound of a deep growl was heard. Looking to his right, he could see a large blood sucker up in the air, only inches away from his face.

However, the attack from Erin and hit the Bloodsucker, making it fall and roll on the ground.

"A bloodsucker." Nicu said, covered in sweat. "What's it doing here?"

Erin for a second didn't let go off her sword, for she knew it wasn't the only one with them.


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