My Vampire System Chapter 723

715 Activating True Power

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As Silver was making her way around the forest, she decided to move up high through the trees. She had a better view from up there, although she didn't want the students to know where she was, so she had to make sure her footsteps were as quiet as possible.

So far she thought everything was going well. There had hardly been any bad experiences happening from her end. Because of this, she decided to try to find one of the other teachers who was also going around the forest to see if there was anything going on.

Her search was cut short, however, as she had stumbled across something devastating. Leaving the disguise of the trees she dropped to the floor and her foot landed in a pool. A pool of blood. One of the teachers had been killed. Judging by how the blood was bright red and hadn't dried yet, it looked like the teacher was killed recently.

"Attention, there's something wrong, we need to cancel the expedition. Gather the students and return to the school immediately." Silver ordered on her wrist watch communicator, but there was no reply from the teachers around her.

Something was seriously wrong, and if she was to leave now then the students would be in trouble. Making another call, she decided to inform the castle of the situation, but she would be staying behind and it would take them a while to get there.

"I hope everyone is okay."


The blood sucker slowly got up from the ground and Nicu and his group were frozen in fear. The others stood behind him, waiting for him to do something. They were young and had never seen a blood evolver before while Nicu was frozen for a different reason.

Nicu went through training, as a descendant he needed to learn about the blood suckers and possibly what to do if they met one, so he knew how much trouble they were in now.

When the blood sucker finally stood up from the ground, it looked at the large cut that was in its forearm.

"Arghh!" It screamed. Right now the blood sucker was experiencing something it hadn't done for in a long time - pain. For some reason the attack coming from Erin was hurting the blood sucker greatly.

Rather than looking at the group of kids in front of it, it started to look towards Erin instead. Soon it went after her.

"Huh, aren't they meant to be crazy wild beasts?" Nicu thought. Usually they would just attack anything they would see in front of them. If this had intelligence then that means it came from them.

There was a group that Bryce had warned him about before. Then a realisation hit him, this blood sucker was from that certain group.

"Argh!" More screams were heard from behind Nicu, it was too late. Turning around he could see two more blood suckers and they had stabbed two of the other students.

"Get off them!" Nicu shouted, and throwing two blood swipes of his own, he attempted to hit both of them, but using the bodies of his fellow students, they moved them to block the attacks.

What little life they had left, were taken by Nicu's own hands.

"We have to help them." Timmy said.

"No, we have to look after ourselves." Erin replied. "There are more."

Coming out from the other side of the lake, three more blood suckers were seen heading their way. Slashes were let out in succession from Erin's blade, but this time they had avoided them all. Their speed was faster than anything they had dealt with before.

Amy spread her wings and flew up high.

"Go get help!" Erin said as they saw Amy looking down on them, worried. She knew there was nothing else she could do but try and get help.

Xander, coming to the scene when it counted, went to engage one of the blood suckers head on. He wasn't the best when it came to using blood skills, so he decided to use his fist instead, he was skilled when it came to combat.

"No!" Erin shouted but it was too late for her to intervene, the other two blood suckers were headed in her direction, and there was one coming from behind.

A punch was thrown out from Xander, and a wild swing had come out from the blood sucker. Both of their fists collided head on. One of the attacks was far stronger than the other. One second Xander was there in front of them, the next he was gone and he was on the other side with the others, back in the forest of trees.

Now it was three against one, even with her increased skills, Erin didn't know how she was going to get out of this one. She was a little worried for Timmy, but he was no longer by his side.

He had ignored her warnings and had transformed into mist, covering both him and Nicu in a strange mist, making it hard for the blood suckers to find them.

Right now, Nicu was thankful for the help he could get and couldn't believe that the only reason why he was possibly alive right now was due to another regular vampire.

The first blood sucker approaching her was too close and she had no chance to use her blood skills. Other than the blood swipe with her blade, she didn't really know how to use anything else.

The blood sucker confidently swiped its large claw towards Erin but the attack was blocked. What the blood sucker wasn't expecting was for her blade to go through it's tough skin and was slowly cutting through the muscle until it eventually reached the bone.

Once again, it screamed in pain. Her attack had done its job and her sword was now stuck in the blood sucker's arm.

She tried to pull it out but the other two were already upon her. They smashed hard into her stomach and she had no choice but to let go of her blade. She too was chucked over and slid across the floor.

'I won't fail!' She thought as she placed her hand on the ground and her knees skidded. Her head was facing towards the floor and she no longer had her Patna like blade. Still, she had one more weapon, the long sword on her back.

The pain running through her was strong, and a strange feeling started to rise in her. It wasn't the blood power, it wasn't Qi, but something else. It was the first time she had been greatly hurt and in a dire situation since she had turned into a vampire.

"You tried killing me, so that means I can do whatever I want to you bastards, right?"

When Erin raised her head, her eyes were glowing yellow. She felt stronger than she had ever before. Using Leo's ability, she could see that her blade was now covered in a yellow aura as well.

Without realising it, she had activated her true Dhampir abilities, and it was time for her to hunt some vampires.


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