My Vampire System Chapter 724

716 Yellow Power

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Without even moving her body, Erin could both feel and see the new found energy rising within her. Since joining the school, her aura and power levels had been the same, however, she noticed that there were instances where it would increase.

She noticed it when sparring against Leo as well as Edward, and when she was about to hit Nicu outside of the school. The difference in power was noticeable but right now, it was on a different level altogether. She didn't know if it was because of anger, or possibly just because there were more vampires she classified as enemies in front of her.

Looking at the field she was trying her best to assess the situation. Two students were still on the floor, they looked to be dead, and one student had run off into the woods somewhere. Amy had gone to try and find help, and Xander was probably too hurt to get back up. Otherwise he would have retuned by now.

There were five blood suckers in total. Two of them were being distracted thanks to Timmy's mist skill. However, his ability level was still quite low, so he was unable to cover the entire area in mist.

That meant she had to deal with the remaining three. One of them was charging at her before she even had time to recover while the other two moved forward as well, but decided to hold back and move slower intentionally.

It was as if they were waiting to see the outcome of what was about to happen.

'My ribs, I think they've healed enough now.'

When the beasts leapt up through the air, dragging her sword across the ground, she swiped upward using all her strength and also activating the blood aura around her blade. This time, she was trying something different. Controlling her Qi better than before, she wrapped the blood aura around her large sword and using the Qi held it in place. Rather than a blood swipe, she increased the strength of her blade, leaving a glow around it.

The blood sucker hadn't expected Erin to recover that fast, nor her strike to be that quick either. He was sure he had gauged her speed before, but now it was even faster. He could do nothing but brace while the blade passed through his body, which it did like butter. The sword sliced the blood sucker in half.

"One down, and I'm ready to take on even more of you ugly men." Erin said, flicking her sword to the side, allowing for the beast's blood to splatter on the floor. "I'm sorry, but I don't like bald guys."

With the blood off her blade the other blood suckers and herself could see it. The blood aura compared to before was a different colour. Blood swipes always came out red, just like every other vampire hers did as well, but right now, the aura was yellow in colour.

The two blood suckers that were advancing had stopped, and the one furthest away jumped across back on to the other side of the water stream.

"Fall back!" The blood sucker said, in a deep demonic voice. The voice was a little mumbled as if it had its mouth full, but it appeared to sound like so due to the large fangs in its mouth.

'It can speak?' Erin thought, surprised. It certainly didn't look like something that could speak. They just looked like crazy wild beasts in a humanoid form.

When the blood sucker that seemed to be their leader gave the orders, the beasts that were in the mist and the other one fell back. They left running back through the forest while the leader turned to look at Erin.

'I will have to report this to the leader, he will definitely be pleased.'

At first Erin thought maybe they were just hiding, it was a trick. They were outnumbered and outmatched. She was lucky with her first strike just because the blood sucker underestimated her, but their strength and speed were similar to hers. They surely would have come up with something to take her on, she thought.

After activating her ability she knew they really had gone. Then, placing her sword back on her back she went to pick her katana blade off the ground.

She turned to look at Timmy and Nicu. Nicu was on his knees looking at the two bodies in front of him.

At this moment, she was very thankful for Timmy's ability. Because of the mist none of them saw what Erin had done. The secret Quinn had told her to keep was still a secret.

However, it was clear that Nicu wasn't in the right mind in the first place. He was down on his knees and surprisingly he had tears in his eyes.

"Come on guys, you're alive right, tell me you're alive!" Nicu said, looking at their bodies but there was no response.

Nicu was younger than them all by a couple of years, he had always been pampered at the First castle. It wasn't even normal for vampires to experience such things in the first place. Even if he was a bully and someone who threw his weight around, he never wanted death upon other vampires.

He would have never gone that far, more so, he had delivered the killing blow. He didn't know Timmy had an ability like that, and noticing how effective it was against the blood sucker, if he hadn't acted so rashly, then maybe Timmy's mist could have given them all a chance to escape.

Finally, it looked like Xander had come out from the forest, he held one of his arms, which still hadn't healed and he had a slight limp as he walked out.

"How come no one came to check uo if I was okay?" Xander said. "Come on, let's get out of here and try find a teacher, we'll head back towards the school and report back to them about what happened."


Silver had been running around for a while now, she had bumped into a few students and informed them that the whole test was over. She escorted a few of them back, leaving them with the teacher who was just outside the forest in charge of the system.

The call had been made to the castle, and people were on their way, but Silver couldn't sit there doing nothing knowing there was trouble inside the forest still. After searching some more, she had come across another dead teacher, only this time, on the ground not too far away from her was a blood sucker.

'A blood sucker here? Did one of the students turn into one by accident?' She thought, on inspection it looked like he two of them killed each other in quite the difficult battle.

She was now by the blood sucker's body, seeing if she could find any clues, but the pieces of clothing it did have on that weren't torn off, did not resemble the school uniform or what vampires would usually wear.

All the clothing was a dark blue color.

'Is it them, if it is, have they finally decided to attack the settlement, but why? They know they would stand no chance against the whole family.'

Attaching her strings to the blood sucker, controlling it like a puppet, she lifted it up and threw the body behind her. The body was ripped completely in half in a second and behind the body Silver was looking at a blood sucker that was twice the size of the one that she had just used as a meat shield.

"Silver?" The blood sucker said in a deep booming voice. "I'm surprised to see you have become a teacher, I never thought you would fall this low. Even if the Thirtieth family has always had a man as their leader I thought you would be the one to change it.

"But, I'm afraid it's impossible now, because you won't be living to see another day."

Silver didn't have a clue who this blood sucker was, any resemblance they once had as a vampire was now gone with the way they looked now, but it was clear that this man had known her at one point in his life.

It was also clear that he wanted to kill her. Using her blood she threw out her red strings and successfully wrapped them around his ankles, but he carried on walking slowly and the strings just broke apart as if they did nothing.

'Who is this guy, he must have been an incredibly strong vampire before turning into a blood sucker.'

The fear could be seen in Silver's eyes as she stepped back continually until her back had gone up against a tree.

"I will not die here."

"I don't think you have a choice."


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