My Vampire System Chapter 728

720 Taking The Blame

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The longer Nicu was leaving things, the more his mind was going to strange thoughts. The disappointment, the shame he would bring to his family. If he didn't do something then his whole life would be ruined.

When one got to this point, they needed to speak to someone to rationalise their thoughts, a friend to tell them what they were thinking was crazy, but Nicu had no one but himself. He felt like he had to do something, before everything got out of hand.

From the two of the vampire knights that were talking with the inspector earlier on, he spotted one of them speaking to students and decided to approach him. The knight he was approching worked for the twelfth family, the Killton family. These guys always seemed a bit snobbish when someone would speak to them.

As if they had a different upbringing even compared to the descendants. When drinking blood, they would do so by placing it in the perfect glass, and the blood would have to be at the perfect temperature. Small sips would be made from here and there.

The twelfth family was a major family that was against the idea of the vampires making their own blood. Although they weren't blood addicts, they were certainly blood connoisseurs, and there had been rumours that he had requested to see some of the humans they had caught multiple times, however they were always refused.

The king had made a deal, and he would keep to the deal.

The knight he approached was quite the young looking person named Jax. He had high spikes back hair and his uniform didn't have a single crease on it. Although it was always hard to tell how old vampires were especially the higher up in rank they went.

"Master Nicu, I was just about to come and see you." Jax said.

The relationship between the first and twelfth family wasn't a bad one, but it wasn't as if they were best of friends. This was the case for a lot of the families

On his way over, Nicu had ironed his will repeating in his head, what he was going to say a number of times. He didn't want to appear nervous in front of the knight. It was strange how before he was panicking, but now, he had already decided to dump a certain person, he was back to his usual self.

"I overheard you talking with the other knight before," said Nicu. "As you know, those two were in my team. The truth is, I didn't want to say anything before because I didn't want the vampire in question to get in trouble, but now that you are running an investigation, I don't think the vampire knights time should be wasted.

"Before we encountered the blood suckers, we came across Rokene's team. They were trying to take our flags, and she, used her blood swipe against us. At the same time, I sensed the bloodsuckers appearing and went to deal with them, and that's when it happened. The two students fell due to her attacks." Nicu said without faltering and looking towards Erin.

"That's the new turned from the tenth family." Jax said after inspecting her for a while. "Prima was right, he said the tenth family would bring us trouble, I guess since they were a former human, she feels nothing attacking us."

This was ecllecnt news for Nicu, he had no clue that Erin was someone who had been turned, and was a past human at that. The only ones that did know of this information, were the vampire knights and the leaders. As Quinn had gotten permission from the king to do so.

It looked like all the blame would easily be falling on her now.

"Thanks for the information," Jax said. "You did an exllent job in protecting them all, and defeating that bloodsucker. I will be sure to mention this to my leader and hope they pass it on to the kings castle. We need more vampires like you."

The praise made him happier then ever, and it looked like he was goign to get some unexpected rewards out of all of this. He never wanted to take claim for something he hadn't done, but what was the harm in it.

Soon, Erin would be out of the picture and he would be the only one. No one would believe the tenth family over a direct decendent.

Jax had immediately gone over to where Erin was, she was currently listening away to the three boys and Amy talk about what just happened. They were making up thier own theories as to why they were suddenly attacked by bloodsuckers. But the one who had the most interesting story to tell, was Amy. Who was describing the odd giant bloodsucker.

Before Jax had even arrived, Erin started to walk towards him as well. Just from his aura alone, she could tell who he was looking for.

"Oh, it seems you know you have done wrong and have come to turn yourself in," Jax said.

"Not at all," Erin replied. "I just didn't want to waste my time waiting for you to come over to me."


A sharp slapping sound was heard and Eirn's cheek had gone bright red. For once, she hadn't seen the aura move before the hand did. Also, she wasn't expecting to be hit out of the blue like that.

"You don't talk to a vampire knight like so, even if you were human, where are your manners? You should show respect to those that are higher than you. I am a vampire knight and I should be treated like one." Jax said.

Eirn's breathing was out of control as the same energy as before was rising in her, but she needed to calm down. She was doing everything she coudl to hold herself back. Everyone near by who was talking and yapping away, had turned to look at the incident.

"Now onto the matter of business," Jax continued. "There have been reports that the two students' deaths were not done by the bloodsucker but by a student, and an eyewitness has said that student was you. You are to be restrained until further notice."

"What!" Erin shouted, having now managed to restrain most of the strange energy, her Qi control helped with that greatly. "I didn't kill anyone."

"Now you are lying infornt of a vampire knight, your punishments will only add up. Dear Nicu said he saw you kill them with your own blood aura."

"That's not true." Xander interfered.. "When the bloodsuckers came, he was the one who had hit them and killed them."

"Xander huh, you have always had the soft spot for women, on top of this I believe you would have a grudge against Nicu, in fact, the whole tenth family would have. I can't believe you all are accusing the one that saved you from the bloodsuckers, do none of you have any pride?"

"He saved us!?" Erin shouted, her blood boiling. "He was shivering there like a log when he killed his fellow students, he didn't even lift a finger against the bloodsuckers. I was the one who killed them!"

Many in the room started to laugh at what they had just heard.

"Does she think just because she got the best score on one silly test, that she would be strong enough to kill a bloodsucker?"

"Enough of your lies," Jax said. "I will now tie you until we reach the castle."

Jax took one step forward, and Erin looked up at him, she had given him a daring look, saying if he was to take one step closer, she would attack him and he could feel this.

Not holding back like he did last time, he reacted to this himself. Lifting his hand by his side, he was preparing to slap Erin on the face again. Swinging out his hand, it was too fast for Erin to do anything.

She thought she had gotten stronger, better, but a vampire knight was still beyond what she could deal with. Then, bits of blood had splattered across Erin's face, and the sound of something hitting the floor was heard.

She felt no pain, and her face was perfectly fine.

"Arghhh!!!" An almighty scream came from Jax. "My arm, my arm!"

When she wiped her face, she coudl see that Jax's arm was on the floor.

"If you try hurting my family member one more time, the next thing that will be rolling is your head." Leo said.


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