My Vampire System Chapter 729

721 Solving The Issue

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"Hey who's that?" A student asked.

"I'm not sure, but he just sliced off a vampire knight arm, he has to at least be another vampire knight, right?"

"That's Leo, the new tenth vampire knight." Another student said proudly. "Did you not here about his introduction event?"

Leo had briefly shown up at Fex's execution, but he hadn't made much of an impact or impression, and the people who watched what was happening that day, were far too focused on other things to even notice Leo.

However, what was memorable was when Leo had been announced as a vampire knight. That day, anyone who disagreed with him about becoming a vampire knight, he fought them head on in a duel and he would often slice off their arms in the process.

This news had spread to the other families. It was dubbed a crazy and exaggerated story, but they did not know what Leo looked like that well either. Those in the tenth of course remembered who Leo was, and that's why they were proudly telling others that this was their vampire knight.

'Why does it hurt so much, and how was he able to cut through my arm so easily?!' Jax thought, as he gripped tightly applying pressure around the wound. Usually, something like this would have healed up by now, but it was still seeping out blood.

Looking up at Leo, filled him with rage, an unknown person from the tenth family, the lowest of the families had chopped off his arm. He needed to pay them back. With his other arm, he had surrounded it with his blood like a red wax, and then used the hardening skill. This time, he wouldn't let a silly beast sword harm him.

Knowing the intent behind his attack, Leo could tell this strike was going in for the kill, so Leo was ready to retaliate.

"If you plan to take my life, then I am allowed to take yours." Leo replied, slashing his sword vertically. It didn't manage to reach Jax for it was stopped as sparks flew up in the air and the attack had hit another blade.

A two handed long blade but something was different about it. If it was an ordinary blade with as much power as Leo had put in, it would have sliced right through. Looking at the man holding the two handed sword he noticed that the hilt of the sword where his hands were wrapped around, was covered in blood.

From his new sensitive nose he could tell it wasn't just any blood, but it was human blood.

Going upward from the hilt of the blade, the red energy could be seen down the centre line of the sword.

'Is this one of those blood weapon's the vampires have?' Leo thought.

"Put down your sword, and stop attacking at once." Tela said.

Telal was the vampire knight who was wielding the blood weapon. An older knight who worked for the Seventh family, the dawn family. He was even older than the current leader but that still didn't stop him from doing his duties, and he was quite popular between the other knights as well.

Looking around, Leo could see that four other vampire knights including Tela had surrounded him, and one of them was Silver. She had wrapped her red string around Leo's bicep before his strike had hit Telo's sword, weakening the power.

"Leo, listen to him, we don't want this to turn into a serious matter, not while everyone is still alive and well." Silver explained.

Complying, Leo put his sword away. Even he wasn't sure if he could take on this many vampire knights. The blood weapons were a big variable and he was unsure how many vampires carried them.

Not even all vampire leaders had a blood weapon.

Tela, when putting down his sword could feel his hands were numb.

'How can a human turned vampire be so strong?'

"I'm sorry, maybe I was mistaken, but I have been told that my duty as a vampire knight is to protect those in my family." Leo explained. "I couldn't just stand idly by while he was hitting one of my own."

What Leo said made some sense, but that would only be true if Erin was somebody. They could understand his actions if he was trying to protect someone important, but not just a simple vampire who worked for the tenth.

"Leo, but you attacked another vampire knight." Silver said in a soft tone, trying to express what type of situation he was in.

"Even more reason why he shouldn't have acted so unreasonably. Tell me, should he not be punished for hitting an innocent person, someone who isn't even an adult yet. In my eyes, I can see the real person who should be punished."

"Innocent!" Jax shouted, while still holding his severed arm. The end of it was throbbing as it tried to regrow.

'That blade is not a normal blade, has it been made with fairy blood?' Jax thought.

"I am innocent, you didn't even listen to what I had to say!" Erin shouted back.

This was a troublesome matter, the situation had calmed down a bit, and while Leo had gone over to Erin to talk to her, the other vampire knights were talking trying to solve the situation.

Honestly, they didn't want a matter like this to go up to the council if there wasn't the need for it. The problem was the people involved. To use the influence skill on Nicu they would need the permission of the first leader Bryce, and it was unlikely they would get that. As for it to be used on Erin, they would need Quinn's permission, or at least the person acting as leader currently.

That person was Leo. Silver had brought up that this was just not possible as Leo didn't have a strong enough influence skill to make her submit, and she also mentioned if anyone else tried, it would be against the rules.

Finally, Jax's arm had healed to the point where the wound had at least healed up and he decided to speak his mind.

"There is no need for this to go to the castle, we just need to know who is lying."

"There is a simple way to find out that girl is lying." Jax replied. "She said she was the one who killed the bloodsucker, something even the teachers failed to beat as well as all the other decedents. Apart from Nicu. I say let the two of them fight. Let's catch her for her lies, and she should be punished for it."

Silver was wondering if this was really a good idea and if it would even solve anything, how was showing one strength proof if they were the killer or not, but there was a little idea to his madness. He felt if he could prove that Erin was a liar with this, then maybe the others would feel like she was lying about everything.

Still wondering what to do, Jax had already walked out to the others and made the suggestion.

"So you say that Nicu was quaking in his boots, that you were really the one who defeated the bloodsucker? Then prove it, prove your strength by defeating Nicu in front of everyone here."

Getting away from Leo, Erin pulled out her blade.



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