My Vampire System Chapter 730

722 The Smug Tenth

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It had finally come to this. When Nicu had come up with his lie, he never thought this would be the result. It looked like Erin was already gearing up, ready for a fight, and Jax was giving him some type of look. As if he wanted him to teach her a lesson.

'This isn't the same, this isn't the same as in the forest.' Nicu thought. He had to tell himself this, as he was still a little shaky from what had happened before. He clenched his fist and started to walk to the centre of the hall.

The students had already cleared an area giving the two of them a place to fight.

'I've fought sparring matches before, this isn't some beast that's trying to kill me like the Bloodsucker, and I'm a descendant, I should have more skills then her.'

While Nicu was in shock back at the forest, he did not see how Erin was able to kill the bloodsucker, nor how strong the bloodsucker actually was. In his mind, he too would have been able to kill the bloodsucker if he had a fair chance against one.

Judging by both of their upbringing and his blood being more pure coming directly from the first family. Nicu thought he would win this, the only worry he had was the beast weapon she used. He was sure that the weapon was the reason for her beating him on the practical test and probably why she had killed the bloodsucker.

Cheers coming from the descendants erupted when Nicu went to the centre ready for a duel, on Erin's side, surprisingly there were a few supporting her other than her friends, and they looked to be all from the tenth family.

No longer were they as shy as they once were or suppressed, they felt confident knowing Leo would be there to strike anyone who would try to harm them in front of him.

"If it gets too dangerous, I will be stopping this silly fight immediately." Silver said, and Tela agreed.

The two of them stood closest to the two and would be watching their every move ready to interfere at any time. While the other vampire knights stood off to the side to deflect any oncoming attacks.

Nicu was the first to charge in, throwing out blood swipes, two of them either side of Erin and then one straight down the middle so she had no chance to dodge.

"You don't even care about hurting others, do you?" Erin said.

The two to her side were timed, so when the attack was blocked by the knights from hitting the crowd, the third strike would already be ready to hit her, but taking out her blade she simply slashed through the attack, not even using any of her own blood aura.

'I have to remain calm, I can't get too agitated otherwise it might happen again.' Erin thought. 'And I need to finish this quickly.'

A flurry of blood swipes continued, and Erin was avoiding them all, not even using her blade but just moving out of the way of the attack. Erin wasn't moving very fast so the onlookers were confused, and that's when they noticed she was moving just as Nicu was making his movements.

This was possible because of two things, first was Leo's ability, however, just because someone had this ability didn't mean everyone could avoid attacks like so.

She had the fighting experience and had trained constantly with Leo. Before becoming a vampire she was already a skilled warrior, but she had been in far too many dangerous situations later.. Compared to those at Pure, Arthur and Leo, these attacks were deadly slow.

"Blood rise!" Nicu shouted, cutting his own hand and controlling it before it dropped to the ground, forming it about in the air. This attack was similar to a blood swipe but was more flexible and it looked like Nicu could move it at will.

"I knew he was going easy on her, being able to use blood control at such a young age. He is talent we all need." Jax said.

Although she wasn't able to avoid this attack, just like with the first blood swipe, using her sword she was able to cut through it. It was now clear to everyone that when comparing the two attacks, Erin's was stronger.

Blood attacks would not work on her, so Nicu went for a different strategy moving in at a great speed, he went to punch her in the stomach but with the guard of the sword, Erin had blocked the attack.

"That's not what I was going for." Using all his strength, he hit the but off the sword knocking it out of her hand falling to the floor.

"Without your sword, you're useless." Nicu said, now at close range he went to punch her again, but she punched his hand up with a greater force and then hit him back in the chest making him fall to the floor.

When Nicu went to get up, the blade from the floor was already pointing at his neck.

"You would be dead if it wasn't for me back at the forest, and this is how you repay me?" Erin asked.

At that moment, having realised he had lost the fight to a vampire, and through Erin's words it had all hit him. He started to break down in tears.

"I'm sorry," Nicu cried. "I lied, she wasn't the one who killed them, I did. Butbutit was an accident. The blood sucker pulled them in front of my attack."

Nicu continued to sob and all the students looking at him realised something seeing this scene, Nicu was still a child, younger than all of them, because of his skill they were treating him like an adult.

"I hope that has satisfied you," Leo said.

"Fine, she can leave, but I will need to interrogate further into this." Jax replied.

'That sword something has to be up with that sword.'

They probably could have pushed further, Leo could have asked for more, but he thought it was best to leave it as it was. As Silver had said before, no problems had been caused and everything was fixed, there was no need to make more problems and an enemy.

The others and the tenth family finally had something to be smug about, one of their own had defeated one of the strongest direct descendants. Soon they would no longer be called a weak family they felt.

Then, word back from the castle had been received and Silver as the current figure of the school had made an announcement.

"While we teachers can't guarantee you protection in the school, a decision has been made to suspend school for the time being. All students should head back with their vampire knight and to their respective families. Once we believe it is safe for you all. Then school will reopen once again."

At that moment, standing in front of the tenth gate, was a hooded man. It was the border between the pooling area and those that lived in the inner area of the tenth family.

"It's time to take over this place."


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