My Vampire System Chapter 732

724 The Tenth Vampires Fall

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It was strange at first for Leo, as he could hardly sense anything. When people or things were further away, it was hard for him to feel the strength or see the certain creatures' aura. This was unless he was trying to look for it. This would also limit the range as he tried to look further. But even then, if the force was weak he was unlikely to be able to sense it.

Which was what had shocked him even more. His abilities should have allowed him to sense only those in the castle, yet though the castle walls, out far, he could sense a strong energy and it was the same as what was in the forest.

'He came straight to the tenth castle, so they really are after something from the tenth family? Or someone wants to get rid of us?" Leo thought while looking at Erin.

"Tell Edward to gather the vampires and inform the Council immediately, tell them that the bloodsucker that was in the forest has arrived, they will understand. Then we shall all meet up in the reception of the castle, hurry!"

Erin hadn't seen Leo so panicked before, so rather than asking questions about what was going on, she rushed off to gather the others and did as she was told.

Walking out, down to the bottom floor, Leo was trying his hardest to concentrate on the energy. There were only two times he had felt a power similar to this one that worried him.

Once, when he was underground to rescue the kids, later the energy was found to belong to Arthur, the other energy the vampire king himself and now this one.

'Is he as strong as Arthur?' Leo thought. 'No, he's weaker, but he's still strong.'

Erin had gone to Edward to inform him of what the whole commotion was about. He had a devastated look on his face, and looked like he nearly fell over.

"Now of all times," Edward replied. "I will inform the rest of the inner castle vampires and the council, you, gather the rest of the students and head for the reception area as well."

"Wait, you're going to take them all outside?" Erin asked. "Isn't that were the enemy is?"

"Last time, while you were at school, we too were attacked by the bloodsuckers and that was in this very castle. No one should be able to enter the castle so easily. At the front door there is a lock that only so few know the combination to.

"Sure these days, it is left unlocked more often due to the vampires coming in and out, but there were guards stationed that hadn't seen a thing. I can only guess that there might be people working with these foul creatures, or there is also someone working against us in the castle.

"There's a good chance that these guys are after the children for some reason based on their past attack. The safest place for everyone right now, is beside me and Leo where we can protect you. Now go!"

Erin didn't ask a second time and she was off to gather everyone else, storming into their rooms one by one, but she couldn't help but think, were the bloodsuckers after her? The bloodsuckers had seen her use her strange powers that day, and just maybe, she was the reason why they had returned.

'It's happening again, we're getting attacked, everyone I care about.' Erin thought, worried that history was just repeating itself with a new enemy, only this time it might be due to her.

Everyone was now in the reception area, their students looked worried while the adult vampires were doing their best to put on a brave face, some even excited that their skills would be put to the test.

Each of them was wearing the advanced tier beast gear which was handed to them for contributing to the tenth family. The students were also handed the intermediate beast armour, which usually would be given piece by piece as they completed more tasks for the family, but this was an emergency matter.

"I'm sure you are aware, but it looks like the Bloodsuckers who refer to themselves as the true vampires have attacked. I have tried to get through to the eighth leader Jill, but she is not receiving communication, which means I can not contact the council at this moment." Edward explained.

"We don't know what their aim is, but the most important thing is those beasts are out there in our inner castle area, we don't know how many they are, how strong their forces are, but the people we wish to protect are out there. I don't want any of the tenth members to die. Stay close to me and Leo at all times, and follow our orders."

The kids were shaking, their teeth rattling. They had already seen the bloodsuckers once before, and how strong they were. They thought they were now safe out of the forest and in the castle walls, but now they found out they were about to go face them once again.

Seeing this, Leo stood out in front of all fourteen students.

"The enemy is strong, but so are you. If you are worried about getting hit, stay close to me and I will take the hit instead."

What Leo was saying sounded ridiculous, how could he guarantee none of the students getting hurt, but for some reason, his words had given them confidence.

Wasting no more time. The small little army left the tenth castle and ventured into the inner castle living areas. The first thing that they noticed was it was quiet. They were meant to be under attack and they were sure they would hear screams.

"Can you sense anything Leo?" Erin asked.

"For now I can only sense their leader who is staying by the gates. Maybe he is staying there to stop any reinforcements from coming in." Leo replied.

Soon a little while later, they noticed that it was far too quiet. Even if the place was being attacked, there would be some vampires out in the streets, talking and more, but there was none of that. That's when one of the vampires spotted a dead body in the street.

Soon walking, they spotted more dead bodies. Leo could sense the aura left behind by the attacker but the tracks were going all over the place, trails could be seen left and right. It was clear there was more than one enemy, and that's when he could see multiple Aura trails heading inside the buildings.

"Check the houses!" Leo shouted. "Every one of them."

The soldiers got right to it. The group split off into two but still stayed close together. Leo led the students and Edward the castle vampires. When entering the house, Leo made the students stay outside, for he could guess what had happened.

After checking every household in the area and reporting back with the other team, Leo's fears were confirmed. Somehow without causing an alarm, or any one of them noticing, every vampire in the tenth households was killed.

If this was the case for all the households, then that would be nearly half the vampires belonging to the tenth family. Many vampires had been invited to live in the inner castle area from the tenth family, out of kindness and support, rather than keeping them in the open pooling area. The conditions were better and so were the houses.

If they were empty anyway, then they saw no harm with them being used.

"How, my family, noo!" A student started to cry at the top of their lungs.

It set off a chain reaction, as the students realised there was a good possibility that their parents had been killed. The ones that lived in the castle, some of their families worked in the castle as servants and were safe, but there were a few that had extended family that lived in the inner area. They also had mixed emotions. Some showing anger, other sadness and regret.

Some of the students that were also greatly affected, were Erin's group. All of their families had just moved into the inner circle area, and although they hadn't checked their homes yet, they feared the worst.

"Mother, father!" Xander cried, along with Timmy and Amy.

"Why, why did this happen to us?" A vampire asked.

"We still don't know what's happening, this could be happening to the whole settlement." Edward replied. "After all, I still can't get through to Jill."

Although Edward wasn't so sure about that, Jill was one of the vampires that had a grudge against the tenth family due to what had happened at the execution, there was a good chance she was just ignoring Edward's call.

"Everyone, pick up your weapons." Leo said, drawing his blade. "Your friends and families might be dead but you still live, and the enemy still lives. You want revenge right? Well ,now is your chance."

Coming right at them, was a small army of blood suckers, the battle had begun.


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