My Vampire System Chapter 733

725 Down To The Last Few

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The vampires and students were a little struck at what they were seeing. They knew that there was a high chance that they would be facing bloodsuckers, however, they never knew how many. Coming towards them, it looked like an army of bloodsucking crazy beasts were on their way.

Some were running straight down the street, while others were using their hard claws to climb the side of buildings, and few were running on the top of rooftops.

"Stay close together!" Edward said. "Remember they can't use blood attacks, our range is our advantage."

"How many of them are there?" Amy asked, nervous herself wondering if they could even survive such an attack.

"I'm not sure, they're moving fast, maybe thirty?" Erin replied.

"Fifty is closer." Leo said.

There was no point hiding the enemy's true numbers; it would do nothing for them. On their side, twenty four vampires, two vampire knights and fourteen students. It wasn't a fair fight at all.

The vampires had gotten in a row standing in front of the students, they stayed strong in their beast armour.

"What are you doing, we can fight as well!" Erin complained.

"We never brought you students out to fight in the first place," said Edward. "We brought you out because we thought you would be safer with us."

Edward nodded towards the two boys and they started to move.

Xander and Timmy's bodies were changing slightly. Timmy was faster and had formed mist over more than half the students, while Xander finally had gotten a hang of what he was trying to do, and covered the remaining students in a mist.

As he promised, he worked harder than any student Edward had seen and, he could already use the mist ability, still there was a lot to learn.

"Erin, protect them," Leo said.

The vampires in a line were waiting for Edward's orders and then when the bloodsuckers were close enough, Edward shouted the signal. He released a blood swipe out from his hands. The rest followed and multiple lines of red aura could be seen ripping through the streets.

There were too many for all the bloodsuckers to avoid. The bloodsuckers responded wildly, as some pushed each other over. They tried jumping to the side, getting on the rooftops, but the attacks had hit their legs and arms causing some of them to fall onto the ground.

"Keep firing, don't let them get close!" Edward said.

While some bloodsuckers were getting injured. They saw someone break formation and start to run towards the street, that's when they recognised it was Leo.

"We might hit him?" One of the vampires said concerned.

"Don't worry about him and keep attacking!" Edward said.

Out on the field, Leo was able to avoid each of the strikes coming from behind as if he had eyes on the back of his head, and those bloodsuckers who were injured, he would slash down with his sword one by one. Getting rid of their numbers as they were now, would be a big blow to the enemy.

However, he knew that this was only to help them in the long battle, as soon, the bloodsuckers had reached the vampire's position. The ranged battle had become a physical one.

The bloodsuckers barged their way through crashing into the enemy and digging their strong claws into the armour. Some of the vampires screamed and if it wasn't for the beast gear they would be dead by now.

Still, it was strange as the target of the bloodsuckers never seemed to be the vampires themselves. Their eyes would wonder and they would constantly be looking ahead at the mist.

'They are after one of the students,' Leo thought.

Hurrying, he slashed the few bloodsuckers that were rolling about on the floor and went back to help.

"I can't really see through this fog, what's happening?" Someone asked.

"Just stay here and we'll be safe." Another replied.

"He's right, we have to trust them," Said Amy.

The group of students were a little further back from the fighting force, but still close enough to hear every detail of what was going on. They heard screams, snarls , shouts of pain and cursing. Some of the students were thankful they couldn't see what was going on outside.

"Everyone ready!" Erin suddenly said. Which came as shock to the others, did it mean they were about to be attacked?

She knew what was happening outside, and she didn't really want to tell the others either. The vampires had put up a great fight killing many bloodsuckers in the process, but in the end they were too many, and they were stronger and faster than the vampires.

The second it became a close ranged fight, they were at the disadvantage.

'I won't let them die?' Erin thought, gritting her teeth.

The only other two that were aware of what had happened outside, was Xander and Timmy. Seeing the scene had even caused them to shiver, and breaking their concentration the mist started to disappear, revealing the horrifying scene in the street.

That's when they saw it, the vampires, were only down two a couple along with Edward and Leo a little behind them. While the bloodsuckers still had half their size left. Nearly all the vampires were dead.

"No!' We're going to die!" A student screamed.

With so little vampires holding the line, the bloodsuckers had started to charge forward at the students and leapt through the air, but before it could reach out, it's body was sliced in half.

Even though Leo was far away, he had performed a Qi mixed attack with blood aura to kill the beasts and as soon as it sliced through the body, the red aura disappeared in seconds not continued to move forward.

'Has he learnt blood control already?' Edward thought seeing this, still distracting a couple of the bloodsuckers.

Rushing to their side, Leo was ready to protect them all.

"Don't move," Leo said. "If you move it makes it harder for me to protect you."

Things weren't looking the best, but Erin was still confident. They had Leo and Edward, even herself, and she felt they should be enough to get rid of the remaining forces. Whether they could do so protecting all the other students was a different story.

However, the bloodsuckers didn't move forward and instead were looking back down the street. As if their attention was on something else.

"He's here, the big boss has finally arrived," Leo said.

Bloodsuckers were generally already a little bigger than normal human beings, and now, one twice the size could be seen walking calmly down the street.

"I'm surprised you were able to kill this many," Rowa said. "I was told that the tenth family was a weak family. Looks like their information was wrong and there isn't only one special person among you all."

Leo knew that they would run into this man eventually, but he didn't predict how strong the bloodsuckers would be, or the size of their force. The bloodsuckers attacking them now were stronger and faster than those that had attacked them before.

So his predictions needed to change, just going up against Rowa alone. Leo felt that him and Edward needed to work together.

"Ahh!" A student screamed from behind. Leo quickly threw out another blood swipe, but this time the blood sucker jumped back avoiding the slash.

"Stay with them, protect the kids!" Edward shouted. "I will deal with him, don't worry about me, I am a vampire knight for a reason. When you've finished dealing with them, we will get rid of this guy as well."

Leo was wondering what to do, he sensed Erin's energy as well as the other students. Judging by their strength, it was impossible for them to come out alive without his help.

'He stood by the gate for so long. Perhaps he was worried about reinforcements from the other families. Did he come out because he could tell his people were dying. Then maybe there is still a chance.' Leo thought

Readjusting his position on the sword, Leo was ready.

"I will be helping you soon, right after I kill all these bloodsuckers."

Closing his eyes he focused on his chest, and the strange warm energy was ready to be brought out. Leo was ready to use his soul weapon.


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