My Vampire System Chapter 735

727 The Second Ability

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Seeing the king arrive himself, everyone felt a sense of relief that this would soon all be over. The kids could feel the comfortable, strong energy radiating from him. To them, the king was a sign of power and they could never imagine him losing to anyone.

The students were quickly protected by the royal vampires, and Dwight had even pulled Leo back with them.

'Did he do all this by himself, it looks like my evaluation of his strength was off by quite a bit.' Dwight thought, seeing all the dead bloodsuckers on the floor. 'What worries me more than anything is this might not even be his peak.'

When they knew all the kids were safe, they moved a distance away from the fight so as not to get hurt, but could still see everything with their superior eyesight. With attacks coming from these two strong forces, if a stray was to come at them, not even they could stop it.

"With the king here, it should be over."

"He'll get rid of that giant bloodsucker and get revenge for us." The students started to talk.

Although everyone seemed calm and thought nothing could go wrong, there was a look of concern on both Dwight's and the other royal knight's face. This was because only they knew what the current condition of the king was.

'Please, just don't use too much power.' Dwight thought.

"The king is finally getting involved, I thought you would never leave your castle old man." Rowa said. "Well, it looks like we have just moved from step three all the way to step ten. This was going to happen eventually." Slamming his fist into his hand, each time creating a loud bang.

"Edward!" Timmy continued to cry, he hadn't stopped crying his name since he had seen what had been done to him. That's when Dwight realised that his body was still in range of their attacks. Quickly going in, he grabbed the body and returned to where the others were.

When placing the body on the floor, everyone saw Edward's headless body, though the head wasn't missing, it was just inside of his own chest. He was dead, and there was no coming back from this.

'What will happen to the Tenth family without you Edward?' Dwight thought. 'Now was not the right time for you to leave them.'

The Tenth was already a shambles before, and there were many times where the council had thought about selecting a new leader, but Edward was what held it all together. He knew the ways of the vampires and how the vampires acted, with him gone, who else could take the lead of this fragmented family?

The king took off his grand white robe, dropping it on the floor to reveal a strange armour that was radiating with power. The chest piece was black in colour but the design on it almost looked like a demon face was engraved into the front, and there were two red glowing eyes near the pectoral area.

Underneath the armour he wore a simple white bright shirt, but there were more pieces of armour around his hands and feet. They had a similar design of red and black to match the chest piece.

"The king's armour, passed down from king to king." Rowa said. "It looks like you decided to take this fight seriously, then so will I."

Rowa was the first to act, pushing both his feet off the ground. The power was so strong that the floor beneath him rose up like an explosion. The ground had been flung so forcibly that it destroyed a house behind it.

When Rowa reached the king, he threw out his fist too fast for nearly anyone to keep track of, but Erin and Leo could follow it with their aura. The attack continued moving forward destroying three buildings in front of it from the force of the wind generated.

"How is it possible to have that much power?" Xander asked. "Can the king really beat that thing?"

"Do not doubt the king," Dwight said sternly.

Standing on Rowa's body on top his shoulder was the king himself.

"With such a large body you are very easy to hit, and the biggest weakness of a blood sucker, how weak their vitality is!" Lifting his foot up, the king stomped hard into his shoulder and Rowa's feet were sunk deep into the ground.

He tried to grab onto the king but he was no longer there, instead he clawed at the back of his knee making him fall on his front. Pulling one of his legs out of the ground, Rowa managed to land a kick on the king, but he had blocked the attack in time raising both his hands.

There was no time for rest between the two of them, as they continued to attack each other, but it was clear that the king was faster, and it looked like his blows were dealing more damage as well. Soon Rowa was covered with cuts and punctures all over his body.

Rowa had managed to hit the king a few times, his speed was also great but each one was blocked. Soon it looked like Rowa life was going to come to an end, there were too many wounds on his body.

Dwight was thankful that so far the king hadn't used any blood skills, for this was his main concern if he was to get involved in a fight.

Falling to the floor, it appeared that Rowa was done for.

"We will bring you in and find out who has been helping you." The king said. "You shall suffer for the rest of your days, never getting a day of peace until you tell us who has been helping you."

But then, something strange started to happen. Rowa's body started to shrink down, the blood sucker's features were becoming less prominent and he was now back to looking like a normal vampire.

Apart from the hair, he looked exactly like his old self when he was leader.

"Surprised?" Rowa croaked out. "You thought that once someone turned into a blood sucker through blood addiction, it wasn't possible to turn back into a regular vampire. This was why you punished us, tried to chase us out, but I knew that one day I would prove you wrong."

Rowa was expecting the king to be shocked by this revelation, to feel bad for how he had treated all the past vampires, but he just stood there looking at him.

"Come on say something! Think about all the vampires you executed that didn't need to be killed! I was right, I proved you wrong."

"Is this why you have decided to return?" The king finally replied. "That isn't the reason for getting rid of the blood suckers. When you turn into one, you are too far gone for us to change you, the way you think. We already knew it was possible to change your body back. Just like when a vampire is starved from blood, there are ways for it to revert back, of course there would be ways for those addicted."

Rowa's hand was now shaking with anger, he didn't understand. What had he been doing this whole time? Why had he been trying so hard to solve this problem? There was a time he thought that maybe if he returned to the king proving this fact, that he would allow them to return to the vampires, to live side by side with them, but now the king was saying this was never a possibility.

"Why! Why do you reject this part of the vampires so much!" Rowa shouted, as blood continued to pour out from his wounds. The more he moved, the quicker it looked like he would come to his death.

"Because, we must protect the humans," The king replied. "This is something that not only you, but some of the vampires don't understand. It is our mission, it was what we were born in this world to do."

Barely standing on his two wobbly feet, Rowa was still shaking with anger.

"Once I've killed you, I'm going to kill all your precious humans as well."

A strange bubble formed around the whole of Rowa's body, and nearly in an instant all of his wounds that he had, seemed to be disappearing in front of everyone's eyes.

"Is he healing himself?" Amy asked. "But he didn't drink any blood."

"No, he's not healing." Dwight replied. "Rowa used to be the leader of the Second family. They have the ability to reverse time in a small area and right now, he's making it as if the wounds on his body had never happened yet."

When all the wounds had finally healed, Rowa started to transform his body into the blood sucker once again.

"I know you're getting tired old man, I could feel and see your movements getting slower towards the end of the fight." Rowa said. "You thought the fight was over, and now you will have to beat me all over again, and I will come back no matter how many times it takes to beat you!"

Instead of looking at Rowa, at that moment the king turned towards Dwight.

'No your majesty please don't.' Dwight wanted to call out. He knew why he was looking his way. 'If you do this, you will die.'

"You are right, if I have to battle you over and over again, I would tire before your ability would run out." The king said. " Which means I only have one option - to completely over power you and kill you. I will not give you a chance to use your ability again."

The king's eyes started to glow red, and his whole body started to shake.


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