My Vampire System Chapter 737

729 The Fallen King

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After the incident with those that called themselves the true form vampires, the Tenth family was in recovery mode. Now standing outside the inner castle, were a few vampires from the royal family who were each as strong as a vampire knight.

They were placed there just in case anything else was to occur. They had realised after the attack that the Tenth family were the only family who were attacked. None of the other vampire families, or areas had been touched.

Even though the supposed leader of the true vampires were dead, they still suspected that there were more blood suckers out there that hadn't joined in with the battle, without a leader, or perhaps now under the control of whoever was helping them before, which was why the guards were placed there.

An investigation was carried out with the main purpose of clarifying a few things. Why was the Tenth family targeted? It would have made sense if it was another family's doing, but not for Rowa to target them since he knew nothing about the recent changes in the vampire council. The second purpose was to find out who had helped them.

The investigation led them to discover a few key things. The guards that were stationed at the Tenth's gate to the inner castle area had been influenced to not raise an alarm. It was assumed this was how the blood suckers were able to infiltrate the Tenth area without anyone knowing and killing those that were inside.

It was hard to tell whether it was a vampire from one of the other vampire families or not after the revelation that Rowa was able to turn back to his regular state and use his powers as per usual. As a leader, he would have easily been able to influence them and anyone on the way who would have seen anything.

Still, Dwight was keeping to his word and he wasn't letting any leaf go unturned in his thorough investigation. It would take some time, the problem was he felt like time was something they didn't have.

At the Tenth castle, they were struggling without Edward, there was no support sent from the council and on top of this, the king wasn't in a position to help them much either with the investigation. All the trust that they had built up with the vampires had disappeared in one moment.

Since the other families were full, vampires who wished to move families weren't able to, but no longer did anyone want to move into the inner castle area where so many had died. In their minds, the Tenth leaders and vampire knights failed to protect them and the one thing that put them altogether was Edward.

The only ones that had remained in the inner castle area were staying at the castle itself, and those were the students that had survived. They saw what happened first hand, they could tell that if Rowa had attacked any of the other castle areas it would have been the same result.

It was why the king had to use so much power. Also where else could they go? Their families had been slaughtered and now there was nothing else they could do. What stood out in their minds though most were the vampires that had fought to protect them from the blood suckers.

That memory was ingrained in their minds, when they fought, they fought as the Tenth family vampires and the students wanted to do the same, not letting their blood be split in vain.

With Edward gone and wishing to help Leo with his duties, two people stood up to the task. That was both Xander and Timmy. Xander knew a lot about vampire politics as he studied about it before joining the First family.

It was important for him not to offend anyone and tip toe around if he wanted to rise up and he thought this knowledge would help greatly. As for Timmy, before Leo and the others arrived he was Edward's personal assistant, so he knew the tasks that needed to be done day in and day out.

In front of the Tenth castle, a ceremony was held for the vampires that had died as well as a special send off to the vampire knight Edward. Anyone was free to join from the other families and surprisingly nearly every vampire from the Tenth family had attended.

Even if they never wanted to be in the Tenth family, they could still remember and appreciate everything Edwards did for them. Surprisingly there was also a high turnout from the other vampire families, with six family leaders turning up with their vampire knights.

They were the leaders that had chosen not to get involved on the day of Fex's execution.

"Edward, you were quite the popular guy." Leo said. "Our time together was short, but I could tell that you were a good man. Too many good people die in this world to allow others to live."

When the ceremony was over, the students entered the castle in tears, and Xander, Amy, and Timmy couldn't stop sobbing as they walked back inside. It was an unusual thing to experience, vampires often just went into eternal sleep when they were ready. It was peaceful and it was something they wished to do.

To them, death was a horrible thought, leaving the world without doing everything one had wished.

As for Erin, she stormed off after the ceremony and when she entered the castle she went straight for one of the training rooms. She threw her katana-like blade on the ground, and used the large thick heavy blade on her back. She didn't want to focus on practicing on skill, she didn't want to think about anything but just letting her anger out as she swung the heavy blade.

Images would constantly appear in her head, not just of what had recently happened but also what had happened in the past.

"It's the same! I didn't do anything! I thought I had gotten stronger!" She screamed, swinging the blade again and again.

A strange energy was rising in her as she pictured Edwards' head getting smashed in. She swung hard hitting the floor, when she saw her parents being killed by the Dalki.

"What am I meant to do noooow!" She shouted.

At that moment the doors opened and Erin turned around huffing and panting to see who it was.

"Erin, are you okay?" Amy asked, but she soon covered her hand over her mouth. "Erin, your eyes, they're, they're yellow."

In the king's bedroom, Cindy the Second leader had tried her best to use her ability on him, but it was impossible. Her ability could only reverse time by so much. If she was reversing his condition by two hours, he was worsening at such a rate that all it was doing was slowing it down.

"Is there nothing you can do!" Dwight shouted in anger.

Cindy didn't take this personally, as she knew Dwight just cared about the king. If a new king was elected by vampire code Dwight would have to leave him, this was why most royal vampire knights decided to pass on with their king.

But Dwight didn't want the king to go to sleep, not yet. Not until he found out who was betraying them and had caused him to go into such a state. This was why if the king needed to go in internal sleep, he would choose not to.

"I'm sorry, if he sleeps now, then he will regain his strength and no longer be in pain. Maybe after a thousand years or so, he will have the strength to move like a regular vampire, but he has already aged greatly, he will never be at the strength he once was."

Clenching his fist, Dwight knew what this meant.

"So you're saying he has no choice, he has to go into eternal slumber now, and a new king needs to be elected?"


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