My Vampire System Chapter 739

731 Making The First Move

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When Bonny spoke to Owen, she hadn't mentioned the Cursed faction like she did with the other interviews. She thought it was an interesting subject at first, but it seemed like neither of the other big families were particularly keeping their eye on this new faction, their replies were disappointing and didn't make for a good interview. So she thought it would be pointless to ask again a third time, and would only bring it up at the end of the interview just in case.

But for the first time, the interviewer had brought up the faction themselves. Bonny's little sense was tingling, as she felt like she was onto something.

"I have to ask." Bonny said in an excited voice. She was upbeat now and the change in her tone could be heard by everyone. "Why do you speak so highly of the Cursed faction. Their name has recently been passed along, and I also noticed that they seemed to have started out their planet questing campaign near the Graylash family territory. If you really thought this highly of them, wouldn't it have been better for you to either get rid of them early on, or try to get them to join under you?"

During the interview, Owen had his metal fan covering his mouth the whole time, he often spoke this way when speaking to others, but he decided to take it down and place it on his lap. When she could finally see his face, she noticed how young Owen really looked and how precious his smile was.

For a second, she completely forgot how he was one of the people who sat with the others at the leader table. The others were quite old and gave off a wise feeling, but Owen, he seemed to have the mind of a trickster, a fox in disguise.

"How much do you know about the Cursed family?" Owen finally asked.

"Not much, just what we told you right now."

"Then let me tell you something, in this world I think there are people who are born to be natural leaders. Even if they don't know it themselves, when they are chucked into a situation people will rely on them.

"When I met their leader, I could tell he was not someone who would work under me. And if your evaluation is like mine, I knew it would be more beneficial to work with him, rather than become an enemy of his."

Bonny was a bit stunned by what the Graylash family had said. Out of the big four powers, there were many that hailed the Graylash's ability as the strongest, but there was always one thing holding them back. It was the fact that their ability didn't work well against the earth ability that the military had a monopoly over.

The reason she felt shocked, was because their leader was quite possibly treating the Cursed family leader as an equal, even more, the two of them seemed to have met in person.

"You seem to think very highly of them, who is this leader you speak of?" She asked. When she tried doing her research about the current leader of the Cursed, it was hard for her to come up with anything.

She was sure it had to be a leader of a high ranking faction that possibly broke off and now created their own, or something similar along the lines. The other possibility was it was someone who had broken off from Pure, but that was unlikely as well from what she had heard from the reports.

Owen started to chuckle and stood up from his seat.

"Why don't you go and meet them, see if your evaluation is right like mine. Also you've met him before."

With that, the interview had come to an end, and Void and Bonny were told to pack their things and leave.

When entering their ship, Void was looking back over the recordings and footage they had received. "Where to now?' Void asked.

"We could try to find out more about Pure, or we can head to one of the planets that Pure and Daisy have taken over. It seems like the two faction are at boiling point with each other." He asked.

"No," Bonny said, shaking her head. "Didn't you hear what he said, we have to go see the Cursed faction. They could be the next big thing, an influence of power in this war."

"Are you serious?" Void replied. "You know it's safer for us to record this thing from who we think is going to be the winning side, otherwise there's a chance we could get caught in the crossfire. Usually when we're recording, we make that faction look good so they're more willing to protect us, and you really think this Cursed faction can do this?"

"Think about it, Owen was far more confident than the others, and we only have to go see them, I'm sure we can tell once we meet them whether or not it's the right decision to follow them."

On the Cursed family ship, the group was having a meeting. Each of the groups had been busy going from planet to planet taking over the other factions if they were to cause trouble. The main way they would do so was through a duel, but more times than not, it wouldn't work out and they would have to demonstrate the extent of their powers before the faction agreed to either work under them, or leave.

Most of the factions, had agreed to join under them, as there wasn't much they could do, some that had left had tried returning attacking a second time, but after setting up teleporters from the Cursed ship to each planet, they were easily able to send there strongest fighters and defend the planets successfully.

The successful defence had gotten around the small factions and other planets which made it easy for them to take over, but now they were in quite the pickle.

All of the planets that were once claimed by the Sunshield family had already been claimed, with the Cursed faction including the Crow's planet, they had taken over six in total.

Ten had been taken over by Pure, while double the amount twelve had been taken over by Daisy.

"Beep, Beep." The ship's indicator went off.

Sam answered the call, and spoke to Bonny who was on the other end for a while before telling her they needed to think about it, Quinn and the others had also heard everything he said.

"So what do you think?" Sam asked.

"Actually, I would like to hear your thoughts on this." Quinn replied. "You have been great in coming up with plans and talks through all of this so far."

"I think we should do it. The interview, and the filming will be good press for our family and people. They can see how we treat our own and maybe more people, including the civilians will be happy to switch sides."

Quinn thought about it for a while and finally gave his answer.

Bonny and Void were now just floating around in space, waiting for a reply. They didn't want to set a destination as they knew they might be going in the complete opposite direction, that's when they finally got a reply back from Sam.

When the call ended, she had a strange look on her face that Void didn't understand.

"Why aren't you jumping with joy like you usually are?" Void asked. "We got the interview you wanted, didn't you?"

"Yeah but didn't you hear?" Bonny replied. "They want to do the interview on Planet Kutuma." She then pressed a button getting up a map of the beast planet area. Each of the planets were colour coordinated. Something that she had set herself. A different colour represented what planets belonged to which powers.

Void looked for a while and finally spotted the name of the planet, which was coloured white. "What was White again? Wait what! They want to do an interview on one of the planets owned by Pure."

Bonny nodded.

"It means, they have decided to make the first move out of the new Era powers. I knew this was going to be something exciting," Bonny said with a smile.


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