My Vampire System Chapter 740

732 Red Flush

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"Hey, did you see the latest report from Bonny?"

"What the one with the Bree family?"

"No, not that one you lemon. How the hell did you miss it? I'm talking about the one with the Graylash family."

[A new user has entered the chat.]

"Ah, I was waiting to see it, not everyone has no life checking out these things all the time you know?"

"We're in the middle of a civil war, us non fighters have to keep on top of things. Anyway, basically they said this Cursed faction is going to be the one that becomes part of the big three."

"You really believe that, why would Owen give a no name faction like that as his answer?"

[A new user has entered the chat.]

"The Cursed faction, that name is kinda lame, but doesn't that remind you of something? Were any of you guys at the inter base tournament last year? There was a kid who called himself the Cursed child. "

"Cursed child? Come on, couldn't he have come up with anything better. The Big Toe sounds like a cooler name than that, just thinking about entering with a stage name like that and hearing the announcer shout out "Cursed child" makes me cringe so hard my balls start to hurt."

"If your balls start hurting after thinking about that, I think maybe you should go see a doctor. Anyway the Cursed child actually did really well, some say he could have even won the tournament if he wanted to, but decided to forfeit. I'm telling you, these two things are linked in some way."

[A new user has entered a chat]

"Guys, guys, have you seen this? After the latest interview, someone went ahead and set up a betting ring. Basically you choose which new era faction is going to come out on top."

"Seriously, well I guess there's nothing better for people like us to do, maybe we should try to earn some easy credits, who even set up this thing anyway?"

"Not sure, but what's interesting is you can see how much people have bet and so far, the Cursed faction has the least amount of bets, maybe I should put some money on them, who knows what could happen, just like at the tournament the Cursed child could surprise us all, lol."


On the Cursed ship, as usual Quinn was preparing to take a small team with him over to one of the planets that Pure had currently occupied. Just in case, people needed to be left behind so they were able to protect the planets that they had occupied themselves.

More eyes were now on them than ever before, and there was a good chance that if Daisy found out that Quinn had taken a large force with him to one of the Pure planets, then they would try and attack one of his.


[Strength: 60]

[Stamina: 60]

[Agility: 60]

[Charm: 60]

Every time they had taken over one of the planets, Quinn had made sure his people went around and took as many blood samples from different people as possible. Sam was already ordered to do this and he continued to, until Quinn had finally hit his max once again.

Consuming blood now didn't increase any of his stats, which meant his body would be at the limit, at least until the next evolution.

'Am I just as strong as those vampire leaders now?' Quinn thought. 'Or maybe I'm just at the bottom.'

Quinn could assume this was as strong as a vampire noble could get. All of the leaders were vampire lords so their stats should be better than his.

However, there were a few advantages Quinn had over the other leaders. For one, he had beast gear which the other vampires didn't use, improving his stats significantly. The other advantages were his Qi, and finally his soul weapon.

However, there were the blood weapons vampires carried that a few had as well, and also the vampires abilities. If Quinn was to compare his shadow ability at the moment, he would say his ability was weaker than theirs. But seeing how well Arthur was able to utilise the shadow, he knew he had room for improvement in that area. Especially since his shadow was still at the ability level of seven and he had one more skill to unlock before going up to level eight.

As for becoming a vampire lord himself, the Exp amount was far too high. According to Fex, vampires took hundreds of years to become a vampire lord. Although Quinn felt like his progression had slowed down a lot, if they knew how quickly and close he was to becoming a vampire lord, they would have had a heart attack.

All he could hope for after completing the quest of becoming part of the big three, was to receive an instant level up.

Entering one of the medium sized spaceships, he was on his way and with him was Nate and Sam. These two were chosen because they needed another strong fighter, and Sam was there to try and talk to the reporters, as well as settle things with Pure without too much conflict. There were also around fifty or so faction members, ranked around D and C taken with them.

These had fought with Quinn during his take-over, although "fought with" was a very generous phrase to describe it.

"Ah, I wish it was one of the Daisy planets we went to." Nate complained. "We wouldn't have had to fight at all, I could have used my charming looks to swoon them over into surrendering."

"Has that ever happened?" Sam replied. "If anyone is going to win over people just from their looks, then Quinn's got more chance than anyone."

Nate glanced at Quinn's pure skin, that didn't seem to have a mark on it. No acne scars, no scars at all. And there was no change in pigmentation in his skin. His body was better proportioned compared to Nate as well, who had short, stumpy legs.

"Hey Quinn, I know you're busy with this whole taking over the world thing.." Nate said.

"I'm not trying to take over the world." Quinn replied. "I'm trying to change it. You're making me sound like a villain."

"Potato, Potahto. Anyway, my point is now that you're kinda my boss and everything I don't want to step on your toes. Do you have any girls you're interested in at the base at all? Or boys of course. But there must be someone in your life."

What Nate actually was thinking, was what if Quinn was interested in any girls at the base who had made Nate's list? Then he would have to give up immediately because there was no way he was winning. Maybe in the past he could have fought for his love, but he knew he stood no chance now. Not yet anyway.

'Thinking of girls, there's plenty that have been in my life.' Quinn thought. Layla, Erin, Cia, Kazz, Silver. He never had time to stop and think about these types of things because he was always running for his life.

Thinking about the girls, Quinn wondered about the information he had received so far about the Pure planets. From Layla and Cia they had told him that this was only a small portion of Pure's force that were involved in this fight.

But with each of the planets that had left what they refer to as the 'numbered' behind on them. Those in Pure that were ranked from five to twenty were left on each planet in charge. And there was one of the high ranked numbers, from one to five in charge of the whole operation.

In a way, Layla had explained that Pure were only committing a little more than one fifth of their force in this takeover. They were confident that this was enough, and they had been doing a good job so far.

Because of this insider information, it was why they had decided to attack Pure first, not wanting to mess anything up, Quinn had decided to personally be involved.

A meeting place with the reporters had been made beforehand and it was placed a distance away from the shelter where Pure was based. They would have seen the ship coming, but such a small one they wouldn't possibly think that it was an attack with so little people.

They had also scouted out the planet a few times, and no ships were sent to attack them and it was the same this time.

The location they had agreed to meet at was an abandoned shelter, or a destroyed one that used to belong to the military before the planet was completely taken over by the Sunshields. It was the smaller of the two that were on the planet.

Both Bonny and Void were already there patiently waiting for them. Bonny felt like bouncing up and down as she saw the ship land, and when the rail came down she saw who was out in front, her excitement quickly dwindled.

"Isn't that the kid I interviewed at the all base tournament?" She said out loud, not even being able to hold in her thoughts. "The mystery leader of the Cursed faction is just a kid?"

The ship had landed a distance away, but Quinn spoke loud and clear while walking over.

"Do I really look that young?" Quinn said.

He had heard her with his hearing from far away, but when Quinn finally got close and Bonny got closer, a strange feeling had come over her. Her face started to blush bright red and her pupils winded.

"What have you done to me?" She asked.

When Quinn was finally close enough, she grabbed him, pulling him forward and pressed her soft lips against his.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" Nate shouted.


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