My Vampire System Chapter 741

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Bonny didn't know what was happening and just acted on instinct. Her lips were still pressed against the boy's and suddenly, the strange feeling she had that was in her body, had disappeared.

Void, who was standing off to the side, had his mouth left wide open and he also had his camera held out. What the others were unaware of was Void and Bonny had decided to live stream their first meeting as a surprise, and everyone had seen the deed done.

Quinn had gotten famous all right, as all the jealous boys who were die hard Bonny fans burned the image of him in their heads.

"What happened, how could he do that?" A user commented.

"Was it just me, or did it look like Bonny was the one that lent in?"

"Are you crazy, why would she go for that curly haired bastard! It was clearly an ability of his or something."

One of those that had their heads filled with jealousy, was Nate.

'How, can someone be that lucky, is it really that easy if you have good looks, to just pull up and get a kiss like that?'

The next set of actions were unexpected even for Quinn. He had taken a step back and wiped his mouth. When she had pulled him forward, he knew there was no harm in her intentions, but never expected something like this to happen.

'That was my first kiss?' Quinn being Quite the lonely hermit at his school, never experienced anything like this before. 'Maybe it wasn't a good idea to test out my charm stat.' Quinn thought.

Recently, Quinn had learned to use his charm skill with greater control. It happened when his stats had reached level sixty. So far, he had relied on the system when using his skills. The problem with this, it only allowed him to either use the skills or not.

This was also the problem with the shadow ability and was why he was unable to pass on the knowledge to Sam. Thanks to Fex, Quinn had been practicing how to use some of his vampire skills in a more controlled manner.

The only problem was, when using his charm skill other than using it via his influence, he would attract unwanted attention. Now he was able to focus his charm stat so that it was only being directed towards one person.

He had done several tests and had found out a few things, the charm stat affected humans a lot easier than it did Vampires. Fex had explained that it was natural evolution, a way for vampires to get their meals easier.

However Fex was still affected by it, but that was due to how high Quinn's stat points were. What he also found out through tests though, was the more someone was exposed to it, the less of an effect it would have on someone each time.

Apparently, this was also the case with all the skills related to the charm stat. Removing someone's memories once was fine, but if one needed to do it a second time, there was a high chance it wouldn't work properly.

As a final test, Quinn had used it against Kazz, but there seemed to be next to no effect. The vampire knights were often around other leaders, so perhaps they were training against it or had built up some type of resistance to it.

All of this led him to what he had done when leaving the ship, he was still currently testing it now and again, and had done so with Bonny. But this was not the outcome he was expecting.

'This boy, was that his ability? Why do I feel nothing now.' Bonny thought. 'But it couldn't be his ability. I'm sure of it, this kid is the same kid that was at that inter base tournament with the unique shadow ability.'

Trying to forget and ignore what just happened, Bonny looked at the ship they had arrived in and noticed that Quinn had only brought around fifty members with him.

'I thought they were coming here and inviting us, because they wanted to make an announcement to everyone. To show us the Cursed faction's strength. Did I overestimate them?'

"It's nice to meet you again." Bonny said, giving out her hand to shake this time.

"Er, yes." Quinn replied, shaking it back.

All those that continued to watch on the stream had been given the wrong idea by these set of words.

"Meet again, so these two are an item."

"No wonder she embraced him like that."

"No I'm telling you, he has her under some mind control trick or something. I'm telling you trust me."

The faction members were brought off the ship and were preparing themselves while casually chatting away. They didn't look afraid as if they had done this type of thing a few times before.

Bonny had asked Quinn some questions but the answers he gave were uninteresting to say the least. She would ask if there was any relationship between him and Owen, and he would reply, "Not really."

Then, when she asked about Daisy and Pure, Quinn didn't really know what to say, he left all the research stuff to Sam and said if they had any questions about it that they should ask him.

In the end, she had given up asking Quinn any questions and was starting to feel like the whole thing was a big disappointment.

'Owen, this is the guy that you said is a natural leader. Someone that you saw at the same level as yourself. I can't believe it. How can all of these people just follow him, how did he even get all those planets in the first place?'

Thinking about this, Bonny tried to push herself on, there had to be something or someone running things behind the scene. Trying to get an idea that there may have been someone else running the Cursed faction, she decided to interview all the faction members that had been brought with them.

"The young boss." One of the members replied. "Of course we have no reason to worry with him here. He will take this place over just like how he did all the other planets."

And the interviews and questions continued.

"We thought the same thing when we first saw him, I guess my opinion of him changed when the Sunshields attacked one of our planets. I think he took out about half of their forces out himself."

"Yeah, what the guy you spoke to before said was true. We saw him do it again with another faction. They had agreed to give in, and then suddenly wouldn't let us leave the planet. All of their members had the fifty of us surrounded, but Quinn and Sil dealt with them all, none of us even needed to lift a finger."

"If I had to say anything about Quinn, it's that he's certainly strong, but he's only better than me by a little bit. Also I would have to say he has a horrible personality. Can't trust the guy, he's a playboy alright. One time I saw five different girls go into his room." Nate answered.

After interviewing the members, Bonny was now struggling with what to think. Some of the things they had told her sounded almost impossible. And now there was even new information about defending an attack from the Sunshields.

It sounded so barbaric that she was wondering if they were making things up just to look good for the report.

Finally she decided to approach the one person who seemed sensible so far about everything, Sam.

"It seems like the members are gearing up just incase of a fight." Bonny said. "But with so few people, you can't expect to take over this planet? I know this isn't the main planet Pure has a hold off, but they still have an entire shelter full of people. Some of these guys think that you might be fighting today."

"That's because they might be." Sam replied. "We always have to prepare for anything, why do you think we haven't moved yet?"

She was wondering why the ship had landed at the abandoned shelter and they still hadn't done anything other than casually talk to each other.

"It's because we are waiting for them to come to us. By now they would have seen that our ship hasn't left yet and they will be investigating."

At that moment, the sound of vehicles could be heard coming their way from a distance. Sam turned around and could see everyone getting ready including Quinn.

"You better be filming everything on that camera of yours, because you don't want to miss a single thing."


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