My Vampire System Chapter 743

735 Whos The Bad Guys?

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When Blip had passed away, after finding out more information, Quinn had been made aware that there probably was something he could have done. There was time that had been wasted in between when Quinn had chosen to save the Parasite members, and getting back to the ship.

In truth, there was no way for him to know for sure whether or not he could have saved Blip's life that day.

Others had told him he had done the right thing, even Linda. She had great anger when she went to the Parasite's base. Quinn was questioning whether it was the right thing to do, but Sam had informed him she needed to see something.

She quickly realised that they too had families, children and others living there. When she felt like her brother's sacrifice had saved all these people, she felt a little better about it.

But for Quinn he felt different, he blamed himself for putting strangers' lives ahead of those he actually cared about, and this had happened more than once already.

A person needed to look after themselves before they looked after others. After all, what's the point in saving everyone, if you yourself end up dying. Quinn stuck to this mindset, with 'himself' being the Cursed faction.

He needed to protect them, before thinking about saving others. Hesitating against those that attacked him first, could mean the death of one more person.

"Are you getting all of this!" Bonny said, looking at what was happening. "Quick! film it all."

"I can't!" Void complained back. "He's moving too fast."

Using his fists, Quinn pounded through abilities and any beast armour they were wearing. Using his kicks, he was able to hit away those that got up close from behind, and moving from person to person, he was too fast for anyone to use their ranged abilities without hurting their own.

Quinn was taking out a hundred or so men one by one by just using his fists and legs. At one point, he had activated his new gauntlet skill, creating a blade made of flames, and it grew in size stabbing three of them quickly before retracting again.

From battles on other planets before, Quinn had realized that when adding Qi to his active skill, he was able to make the flame blade that appeared from the top of his gauntlet longer. The more Qi he used, the longer the blade could be.

When people saw no weapon in his hand, it was a little surprise for them to suddenly feel a hot poking blade in their stomach.

'How is he doing all of this?' Bonny thought. 'From the looks of things, he hasn't even used any of his abilities, he's beating them all bare handed.'

"We have to get in closer!" Bonny said as she ran forward with Void following.

It became clear to the Pure members that they were going up against someone who was impossible to beat, the only thing they could rely on was him tiring out, and it didn't look like he was slowing down anytime soon.

That's when one of the members spotted the reporters coming in. One of them went to grab Bonny.

'He tried protecting her before, maybe we can get him to let his guard down.'

But before they could, an iron hard fist was slammed into the man's face.

"Are you two idiots!" Nate shouted as someone else went to hit him with a sword. A clang was heard, but there was no pain.

Soon though, more started to join in. Nate was able to block and hurt most of the attacks without him getting hurt, and using his body to block things from hitting Bonny, but not from hitting Void.

An ice spear was heading his way. Not wanting to destroy his precious camera, he pulled the camera away from his face.

'Damn him, that guy really meant it when he said he was only going to protect Bonny.' Void thought. 'I only have one thing left to say.'

"Bonny, I Love yo-" A shadow was lifted in front of his face, it had not only blocked out the spear but also the sound of his sentence. Still, he was alive.

"You listened to me?" Quinn said. "You stay close; if you want to live, then don't go too far."

When the shadow dropped, Void could see out of the hundred or so people there were only about twenty left, and each of them had dropped their weapons begging to be spared.

The short little fight, was over.

"What do you want us to do with these guys?" Sam asked.

"Get the guys to take over the large vehicle, they can set up and relax in there for now. They can keep an eye on them in the vehicle and when this is all over, it's up to them if they want to join us or not. We only need one of them to give us directions."

The group started to get ready, and although the jeep was only meant to fit six men, by hanging climbing and sitting on the front, they managed to fit ten members on one. The reporters, Quinn, Sam, Nate and their guide were sitting on the other jeep that was brought with them.

"What the hell is this crap!" Bonny said. "I've never seen you film so bad before, you didn't manage to catch anything other than flying bodies, and random people using their abilities."

"It was hard like I said, he was moving too fast and taking them all out too quick. I couldn't keep the camera still in one place." Void complained, still feeling a little awkward about what he had said just moments before.

'It's true, why was he so fast. I can tell he has good beast gear on, but that was too fast. Maybe the faction was just weak? Or..." For a second, Bonny started to think about what all of the Cursed faction members had told her, all the stories she thought were exaggerated, what if they really weren't exaggerated?

A tingling feeling was felt in her body, but Quinn hadn't been tested yet. He needed someone that could at least draw out his power before she could judge him. Also, there was only so much one person could do.

If the people following him weren't strong either, then he could only get so far.

During the ride, Quinn checked his system screen with a concerned look on his face.

'It was close, if that attack was stronger and I had used too much of my shadow, then that would have been a little problem.' Quinn thought.

After a bumpy ride over the small red rocks, they had finally made it to the shelter. As soon as they saw Quinn and his gang a surprise move was made. The doors to the Shelter were opened for them.

Now that he was inside the shelter, Quinn was pretty confident that Layla and Cia weren't here, which made him feel a little better. He could sense Sam, so he was sure there was no interference going on like before.

When they entered, multiple different beast weapons, open palmed hands and abilities were pointed at them.

"Get out of the viecheals, if you try anything we will attack."

Once they had descended, The guide had been recognized as one of their own and immediately the guide went running towards them.

"Oh thank you, thank you, he killed them, he brutally killed and beat all the guys. Take him out, take him out now before he can kill us all!" The guide said, panicking so much he had even fallen over a few times running away.

"Just play along everyone," Sam said and they all raised their hands acting defenseless.

"Are you recording?" Bonny whispered.

"It's still on." Void replied, with his camera hanging off a strap that went chest high. Void was a little bugged about what had happened. They had tried attacking them, in an attempt to make out Pure as the bad guys, this time, the whole broadcast was being live streamed.

They waited for a while, with no one saying a word until finally, a dark skinned black man with sunglasses had come out. It was another member of Pure. Using his inspect skill, Quinn noticed that there were a lot more Pure members in the shelter.

Counting at the moment, there were around six hundred faction members with a good split. The shelter itself also had civilians all over that had been made to move away from the entrance gate. Pure was a bigger organisation than both the government or the general public thought, but Quinn already knew all of this, because of Layla's first hand information.

"The name is Abdul." The black skinned man said.

"Why is he wearing sunglasses even though it's not sunny?" Nate commented.

"Are you one of the low ranking numbered from Pure?" Quinn asked right off the bat. If Layla and Cia weren't here, then it was a simple task, to take over the planet.

"Oh, maybe we have underestimated the Cursed faction to be able to have information like that." Abdul said. "If you know that much, then if I was to tell you I was Ranked number sixteen, you should be able to know my strength?"

Quinn knew his strength all right, he knew it wasn't strong enough to pop the instant level up on his quest notification. Until this happened, he knew he had nothing to worry about.

"Nobody has to get hurt," Quinn said. "I think everything will be a lot easier, if you leave this planet, and then come back with your commander? I'm telling you, don't make the same mistake as the last group of people you sent."

"For someone who is in their current situation, surrounded in another one's base, with so few people you certainly are making some crazy demands." Abdul replied. "You know I can see it in your eyes. You're like a wild dog that refuses to be put down. It's a shame because I would have loved to have you work under me. But I can tell you won't ever let that happen. Maybe you need some convincing."

Signaling with his hands, the men started to move in, aiming for those around Quinn.

"I was just wasting my breath after all," Quinn said. "If you give up, then I will save you all.

"Shadow lock, open."

Above Quinn, four strange shadow like oval portals had appeared. Three of them were quite large, but the fourth one was the biggest of them all.

"What is this an ability, fire above!" Abdul ordered, and the faction embers started to shoot their abilities into the strange looking shadow portals.

From the portals themselves, A claw had appeared from one, a furry figure from another and more from the other portals.

"Beasts! We're under attack from beasts!" They shouted.

The beasts that had decided upon the shelter were of the king tier, so it proved difficult for many for them to deal with, but finally a beast had exited out from the largest of portals. A large one that mimicked an elephant on earth, only it had several trunks on its front and was two times the size.

Seeing the attacks nearly bounce off the beast's skin, Abdul realized. They were dealing with an emperor tier beast.


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