My Vampire System Chapter 745

737 Im A Villain

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After defeating the emperor tier beast, it didn't take long for Quinn to kill the other king tier beasts as well, and the screaming all around the shelter had soon stopped. Many of the faction members were angry at Quinn for what he had done, and some were about to lash out their pent up feelings at him, until Abdul stepped in.

He knew it would all be pointless. The younger faction members were young fools who were just too hot headed to realise that. The fighting may have stopped, but they were now in a tricky situation they had never been in before. What to do with the remaining members of the faction, including those that were part of Pure.

The planets they had taken over had no affiliation with any other big factions, so it was easy to convince them to come under the cursed faction once they had shown them their power, and Quinn had saved them.

This time, taking in any members of Pure was dangerous. They were still a large force that had more power than themselves. There was a high chance that at any point and time, Quinn could be betrayed.

Eventually, all of those that had arrived with Quinn, including Nate and Sam had returned to their positions. Bonny seeing this was wondering just where they had gone off to during the fight.

"Is everyone okay?" Quinn asked.

"Yep," Nate added, rolling his shoulder about a bit as if it was sore. "I had to take one or two blows though, but I guess whatever doesn't kill me only makes me stronger."

Abdul who was listening in was confused, and then he thought of something.

'It can't be?' He thought.

The fighting had stopped between the two of them, but Abdul and the others hadn't really been made captives, there were far too many of them, and not enough of Quinn and his group to even do that in the first place, so Abdul still had control of the shelter, he just wasn't able to leave or communicate back with Pure, for now at least.

He then ordered his men to go check on their families, and when they returned with their report, his eyes had widened.

"You," Abdul said, approaching Quinn who was chatting away with Sam about what to do next. "You protected them all, thank you." It was the only words he could say.

Bonny and Void were confused, and had turned off the stream as soon as the fight was over, just seconds ago these two were enemies and Quinn had unleashed an army of beasts on him, why was he thanking him?

"There were still people who ended up dying." Quinn said, "But at least the people who aren't involved in this didn't get harmed."

Now, Bonny was starting to get an idea, just what Nate and the others had done during the fight. While Quinn was waiting for Abdul to surrender, Nate and the others went around protecting the families of the Shelter from the beast attacks, while also making sure not to kill the beasts.

"Still, you didn't need to do that." Abdul replied. "As thanks, let me give you some advice, what you used to take down that beast, it was Qi, right?"

This startled Quinn for a few seconds, but then he thought back to what Erin and Leo had told him. When they were on the run, Pure had sent an agent that was also able to use Qi. According to her information, all top ranked officials in Pure knew how to use Qi in some way.

What Quinn didn't understand, was Leo had told him that everyone who once knew Qi had died. There was a chance Leo was somehow involved in Pure, but Quinn doubted that, Leo would have told him otherwise.

"I don't know who taught you it, or whether or not you learned it naturally by yourself, but this is a warning. Your Qi is strong, but if you were to fight with the level of Qi you have against the Pure leaders, you would be outmatched. At the moment, yours is at the primary stage, your control is good so you should be able to learn the second stage quite easily."

"But all the leaders are already at the third stage."

Hearing Abdul talk, Quinn had no clue what he was going on about. When Leo had taught him Qi, the only thing he had taught him was how to sense it and move it around his body. Everything else was a learn as he went basis.

He was wondering if even Leo knew about these stages of Qi, and how Quinn currently compared to him at the moment. Quinn still kept up his daily mediation of Qi, but it had stopped growing in size long ago, he was at a standstill and it would have been good to learn more about it from Leo or someone else.

"What stage of Qi are you at?" Quinn asked.

"I am only at the first stage, so even if I wanted to teach you, I could not," Abdul replied.

While Quinn was thinking about Qi, and wondering what he could do to improve himself. Sam and the others had realised that something else had occurred that they were unaware of.

"Bonny look at all of this." Void said, showing her all the comments on the video at the end of the livestream.

The group read them out, and nearly every single comment was condemning Quinn for the actions he had done. Once the fight was over, the livestream had stopped, and due to everything happening, Void and the others hadn't uploaded the videos of where Pure had tried to attack the Cursed faction first.

"You guys have to do something, you have to fix this now!" Sam said, worried and concerned. 'I thought having the reporters come with us would show the Cursed faction's good side, but it looks like it's only made things worse.'

"Don't worry, we can fix this," Bonny said.

Quickly, the two of them went around interviewing all of the survivors of the attack and had them explain how the Cursed faction members had protected them from the beast during the attack.

The clips, from when Pure first arrived and attempted to attack them were also edited and made in a way to make the Cursed faction look as good as possible and finally. They had finished off the report, claiming that the Pure's planet now belonged to them.

Even though they didn't know what to do with Abdul and the others yet, Abdul had made it clear he would not be fighting them and allowed them to do as they wished.

When the videos had been uploaded, Bonny thought she had repaired the damage, but the comments didn't make it seem like so.

"Are you kidding me, obviously the cursed faction now having taken over the base have forced the people to say that."

"But why would they make a false report?"

"Isn't it obvious, we all saw it. Their leader and Bonny are an item, of course they're not going to report anything negative."

"He's right, I saw that video as well, Bonny went up and kissed him. Also, they say they were attacked before, so why didn't they upload that footage until now. Did they really get attacked?"

"I heard the screams and cries of all those people, they must have been so scared from the beasts."

"Did you see how he made that guy beg before he even stepped in to help?"

"Whatever, it's clear that the Cursed guys are the bad guys in this, this is portably how they were able to rise so quickly, using underhanded tactics like so."

"Do they think we're stupid, that we would believe whatever the report tells us."

"Don't blame Bonny, it's the Cursed faction, they are Evil twisting things like this."

The comments were more negative than ever, and it looked like due to the incident before being streamed. Even Bonny and Void's reputation as reporters was being affected.

"Quinn.." Sam called out, but didn't really know what to say.

More than anyone, Quinn was doing all of this for those people who were commenting. He wanted to create a safer world for everyone, and to see everyone writing things like this about him.

People were so cruel, even when they didn't have all the facts.

"Don't worry," Quinn said. "In the end, it will all be okay, if I have to play the role of a villain to make a change, then so be it."


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