My Vampire System Chapter 746

738 The Other Factions Reactions

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The news reports from Bonny and Void were surely quite popular. They were well known, and one of the only reporters giving out first hand information. However, it was something that was more for the citizens and people living at the different shelters spread across the universe to watch.

Large factions and powerhouses would have their own ways of gathering information. With negotiations going on though, there had been less for these factions to do, and more people than usual were watching Bonnie's report, as they were waiting to see what would happen between the new era powers.

Outside a large shelter, there were fields filled with all sorts of different flowers. Each section was a different colour like a rainbow. Inside the Shelter, was the main base for the group known as Daisy. They too had just finished watching the report.

Daisy was a faction that was mostly made up of women, and at their base in their main conference room, there was Helen, who now flaunted a long pink pastel hairstyle, then there was also her two closest friends who had started the faction with her.

Ivy, who was two meters tall and thin like a tree with green hair, and Peach who was as round as a peach herself. She had orange her with red rosy cheeks.

"I'm surprised that group from back then has made it this far, and they even went ahead and attacked one of the Pure planets," Ivy said.

"No, I saw it in that boy's eyes that day," Helen replied. "I knew he would be trouble and crazy enough to do something like this. Something is wrong with that boy's head. To be able to use beasts against civilians like that."

"Well, I guess that gives us a few options," Peach suggested. "We can either take on the Cursed faction now while they are focused on Pure. The good thing about this is, while everyone hates them if we're the ones to take them out, we will be even more popular than ever with the people."

"We could attack Pure. Out of Pure and the Cursed faction, I still think Pure is the bigger threat, so while they are focusing on the Cursed we can take them out. Or we wait it out and see the outcome of this. After a battle between the two, one side should be weakened, even if it's by a little bit."

Helen thought about it for a while, and what she was struggling with, was why had the Cursed faction decided to attack Pure, over them? They had two choices, two paths to choose from moving on after taking over the last of the unclaimed planets.

'Do they have some information on Pure that we don't?'

In the middle of her thoughts, a call had been made and an offer had been given on the other end.

'Now this is a surprise.' Helen thought.


Away from the Daisy faction, a group of planets in the beast part of the universe was owned by Pure. There was one in particular they had chosen to set up base at. The beast planets that Pure occupied were set up in a way so the main base was located in the center.

All the other planets surrounded it in some way, this way if there ever was an attack, they would have to go through one of the planets ahead and they would be informed beforehand anyway.

This of course wasn't the main base of Pure whose whereabouts were still unknown.

The center planet where the Pure base laid was covered in a white pastel ground. And built on that ground, the Shelter. Which was a different shape than usual. Pure had converted it into their style. A large oval dome that blocked everyone's view from the outside.

Having complete control of everything, who went in and out, what, when, and where. Relaxing in a basic bunk bed on the bottom bed. Layla decided that she would get some rest, while doing so she started to watch the video report.

She soon went down a rabbit hole and had seen everything.

"What!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

Cia grabbed her pillow and held it over her head.

"Hey, I'm the one that's meant to do the screaming," Cia said. 'What the hell is going on?"

"Look, it's Quinn, he he he"

Then Cia saw the video replay of Bonny kissing Quinn.

"Oh, calm down, it was only a kiss, besides it looked like she was the one that leaned into him," Cia replied.

"Just a kiss?" Layla said not having calmed down, her face still feeling quite hot. "So have you ever kissed someone before?"

Cia shrugged her shoulders and pointed to the top of her head.

"How am I meant to know, I can't remember?"

As time went on, Cia had become less and less dependent on Layla ever since arriving and working for Pure once more. She hadn't learned much about her past, but had learned Pure's ways of doing things.

And she soon realized that maybe it was better that she had forgotten everything to do with this organization. Soon, she was starting to accept what she had become and although she didn't realise it, Layla could recognize that she was more of her old self, the fake persona she was portraying at school.

After settling down and watching the rest of the reports, a smile appeared on her face.

"It looks like the others are doing well."

"Are you happy that the enemy has taken one of our planets?" Cia said sarcastically, smiling back.

'Once again Quinn, you have become so strong, when I return I might not even recognise you. Will you still have time to speak to me like we used to?' Layla thought.

Things were much simpler at the start between the two. Quinn would often rely on Layla for help. Helping him figure out the vampire stuff, being a blood supply for him, among other things and great mental support.

Now, he had others around him that could help him with that. Clenching her fist, she wouldn't give up, she had also improved herself overtime.

The two of them left their room the next day and started their normal routine. When walking around the base at the canteen Layla was seeing something that was disturbing her.

A blonde spiky haired boy called Rony, a member of Pure, had four other men up against the wall. Each of them appeared to have bruises on their bodies and marks on their face.

"When are you guys going to understand that this Shelter no longer belongs to you guys!" Rony shouted.

Others could see this happening, but just walked past and continued to grab their food.

"The only thing you guys respond to is physical pain!" Tony shouted, punching one of the larger men in the stomach and causing him to drop to the floor.

"What are you doing!" Layla said, rushing over. "You can't treat them like this. They're not members of Pure, so of course it's going to take some time for them to settle into our ways." Layla complained.

Tony turned to look at who exactly was nagging away at him.

"Pipe down, Agent hundred, I remind you that I'm agent sixty four, so I carry a higher rank than you."

"Of course you would use the agent ranking card on me," Layla replied. "Were an organisation that is against discrimination. Even if I'm a lower Rank than you, I have the right to speak out and speak my mind when I think what you are doing is wrong."

Tony started to walk towards the two girls and pulled out two finger daggers which had a circle handle at the end where he could spin his blades.

"Your right, you can speak your mind. However, we can also have disagreements as we see fit, and would anyone care if a low ranking agent like you were to die?" Rony said, throwing out both of the small finger daggers.

Layla was wondering what she should do, but before she could act, an invisible force had pushed back the daggers, and had thrown them back into the wall, piercing right through the solid metal.

Footsteps were heard clanking against the metal ground. And in her field of view stood in front of Layla, a large white overcoat could be seen with a number on the back.

In Pure, only five members proudly displayed their agents rank, and they were the top five within Pure. On this overcoat was the number five being displayed.

'Mother.' Layla thought.

In charge of becoming a new era power, was Layla's mother, agent five and at some point, her and Quinn were destined to clash.


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