My Vampire System Chapter 747

739 The Future Vision

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"The young girl is right," Agent five said. "At a time like this, we should be treating those that are helping us with respect, not through fear and abuse of our strength, like them."

Immediately, Rony's tune had changed, he looked down, finding it hard to look the Pure leader in the eye, and decided to walk away from the scene.

'That bitch, everyone respects those with a higher rank, because they know how much those members have given up for the sake of our goal.' Rony thought. 'We higher ranks have contributed more, so why shouldn't we be treated better then others, and Layla, agent one hundred, she shouldn't even be in the numbered agent ranks in the first place, if we are going to talk about privilege through birth then she's the worst.

'Just because she has some type of blood relation to the leader.'

It was no secret around the base, that agent five was Layla's mother. Rony didn't know when, but apparently a certain incident in the past had made everyone aware of this fact, and rumour of course went around the whole base.

Agent five, real name Lucy, was not only a high ranker, but she was well respected in Pure, because she was one of the founders of Pure. Even though she was lower ranked then some of the other members in Pure, she was respected even among them.

And she would do anything to get rid of the ability users of the world.

"Thank you," Layla said, giving a little bow, as she felt the wind of the overcoat walk past her.

"Is that really your Mum?" Cia asked. "She doesn't even act like she knows you. How are we meant to convince someone like her to leave Pure?"

"I'm not sure we can," Layla replied back, looking at her mother walking away.

Later that day, a meeting had been called, all of the Pure members had been gathered in front of the main building, still inside the Dome shelter. Also, all of the faction members who used to be a part of the Shelter before it was renovated, were invited.

Lucy had been given quite the strong allies to go with her on this campaign, when the Civil war started, many of the larger factions had formed an alliance and people thought they would soon be a new great power, but they were defeated when they had stepped on the toe's of Pure.

The people that were in the shelter today, were part of the group that had attacked. The main three leaders of the old alliance were also present.

'Time for the daily speech again, it really feels like they're trying to brainwash everyone." Cia said, standing somewhere in the middle of the crowd with Layla.

The person who was giving the speech, was none other than agent five, Lucy. She stood there with her long brown hair and wrinkled face. Her body was in top shape but her face told a different story as there were deep wrinkles.

"The world has been in chaos, and has been worse than ever before and why? The reason is simple, because of abilities." Lucy started to explain. "The powerful ability users that refuse to share their powers with anyone else, bully and suppress the world. Why was it even before this, we had the term the big four and the military, the powers were divided because these people ruled.

"Think back to incidents in your own lives, when one of these big powers ever did something wrong where they punished for it? Or were they exempt from such things, their actions brushed off stating that these people were more needed in the world then us.

"We are fighting for the good of the world. If Pure are in charge will there no longer be fighting? Of course not. Will the war's stop in the world, no. But it will be on equal terms. It will be fairer than how things are today."

Everyday so far, Lucy had given out similar speeches to the people at the same time. She would also have Pure members come up on the stage and speak about their own experiences. Their rough treatment form higher ability users and answered anything other users wished to ask.

Hearing all these stories made Cia wonder.

"What did you Mum go through that made her hate ability users so much?"

"ActuallyI don't know." Layla replied, she was starting to realise how much she didn't even know her own mother and it was making her more upset by the day. Whenever the two would converse it would always be about Pure.

"Do you really need to save her, it's risky us being here the way we are," Cia explained.

"I know but, I do have some good memories." Scenes of when Layla was really young were flashing in her head, but even they weren't too pleasant. However she did remember seeing her mother smile. It warmed her heart thinking of this and it was something she hadn't seen her mother do ever since she was a kid. "She is my mother, the person who raised me, I just can't leave her like this, at least I have to give her a proper goodbye."

"Does that mean you're going to tell her what you really are?" Cia asked. "What if that goes wrong?"

Layla didn't want to think about that, how her mother would react knowing what she now was. She was wondering if she would only be thinking about what benefits this body could bring for Pure.

Letting out a big sigh, Cia came up with a suggestion.

"Why don't I have a look, I can see you've made up your mind, so I should be able to see something right, as long as I touch her."

Lately, Cia had been getting better at using her powers as a Banshee, through a simple touch of someone she could see a possible future. The only problem was, this type of ability could only be used once and what it would show, how long in the future she did not know.

It was possible that she might have visions later on about this person, or nothing related to them at all. The only sure thing was when she would touch someone for the first time.

Layla was still unsure if she even wanted to actually know about a possible future where her Mum disowned her, but before she knew it. Cia has raised her hand and had been selected to come up on stage.

"Oh Cia, have you remembered something about your past." Lucy asked.

Cia stood there looking at everyone and she started to shake, a few moments later and her legs gave in as she fell to the floor sobbing.

"I can't do it, because of them they removed my memory, I can't even remember who I am!" She shouted and continued to cry.

At that moment, Lucy came over, offering her hands lifting her up off the ground.

"Don't worry young child, we will help you get your memories back, and Pure will be sure to make you feel at home and welcome." She said with the gentlest smile.

There was one thing for sure, Lucy was able to easily win the hearts of the others, even those that weren't members of Pure previously. The thoughts of Pure being some type of vicious terrorist group had long gone out of their heads.

After Cia's little act, although they were channelled by some of her true feelings, she had returned to Layla.

"So what did you see?" Layla asked, too curious not to ask.

"Let's talk after this meeting is over."

When the meeting was over, the two girls returned to their room, and Layla was worried about what type of answer Cia would give.

"Did you find out anything, about what would happen if I told my Mum what I really am?"

Cia shook her head, whatever it was, it didn't seem like it was good news.

"I saw Quinn," Cia finally said. "Your mother and him were fighting, I don't know over what but it looked like a lot of people were watching."

"That's not too surprising, Does Quinn end up losing then, why are you so worried?"

"No he doesn't lose, but if we don't get involved. I'm afraid Quinn's going to kill your mother in that fight."


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