My Vampire System Chapter 748

740 The Leaders Table

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Since the start of the Civil war, the leaders table had not been used. The great powers were unable to meet each other without the fear of fighting one another. Before, there was the Military, with the Supreme commander Oscar and his eight head generals.

Jack Truedream, Mona Bree, Burnie Sunshield and finally Owen Graylash. These people were part of the leaders table and were in charge of the human race. Pure was an outside force who didn't wish to be any part of what was happening at the leaders table, and it was part of the reason why they were considered a terrorist group, not because their power was lacking.

Today was the first day since the Civil war started, that the leaders meeting room and the building would be used again, only this time there were far less people. In a dark room, there was a large round table and only three were sitting there.

A light source from the table shined on their faces, and each of them had two guards standing by their side. At the table, Mona Bree, Owen Graylash and finally Oscar White.

"I'm happy that the two of you finally agreed to join this meeting," Oscar said.

"Well, the troublesome ones are out of the way." Owen chuckled, with his fan still covering his mouth as always.

"Well, I'm hoping that the talks today can put an end to this Civil war, so there aren't more situations like what has happened with the Sunshield family." Oscar said.

At that moment, both Owen and Mona gave each other a little glance. They knew who was behind it, and it looked like Oscar was still unaware.

"A lot of people have died in this war, Humans." Oscar continued to say. "And I think everyone has missed the real threat in front of us, the Dalki. If we don't get our act together soon, they will attack and all of this fighting for freedom will be pointless."

"You do have a point," Mona said. "Which is why we have agreed to this meeting, however, the people still remember how they have been treated, how you utilized the dungeons in your camps. I think now that there is no longer the threat of Truedream, that things will never be back to the way they used to be."

"They don't need to be." Owen quickly added. "Things are looking up, but I do agree if there is a way to stop the fighting, especially now it would be best, we can try to solve our own and individual problems later."

Oscar was a little relieved hearing the two of them talk like this. It seemed like they were willing to cooperate. So far the military had actually been staying out of any scuffles, and was content on protecting anything that was to happen on earth.

Because of this, unlike with the other families, their powers hadn't diminished, although they were affected the most when the war started, as the military also had the most deserters, either moving to the other families or starting their own factions.

"Although it is unfortunate, a lot of the initial fighting has stabilized with the troublesome groups disappearing," Mona said. "Now, only those loyal to their said groups remain. As long as us three can work together, then we should be able to move forward."

"Great!" Oscar said, clapping his hands together. "An announcement won't be enough, the public won't believe in our harmony as three separate powers. Which is why I think we should deal with the demon tier beast as a group together."

"And the beast weapon itself, how will the reward for that be split?" Owen asked.

"At the moment, there is nothing in the world that is comparable to a demon tier beast weapon, even if we gave gifts to the other groups that were comparable to the demon beast weapon, it would not be acceptable.

"I have a suggestion, when the crystal is obtained and forged into a weapon. It is locked away. The location is only known by us three at this table. Each of us will put in a combination only known to us, and to use the weapon the three of us must agree to its uses. This will make it so none of the current powers gain strength, and it doesn't fall into the wrong hands either."

"At the same time, I think the demon tier weapons are needed in order to help us defeat the Dalki."

At first, Mona and Owen didn't give an answer straight away. Their reason for this was they had their own plans with the demon weapon. One of them was protecting themselves from a great force that the military didn't even know about.

Still, what other options did they have, if they weren't to do this hunt together, then it would surely be a bloodbath.

"There is still one problem," Mona said. "Although most of the current powers are under our control, not all. Do you think we should invite the new Era powers to hunt with us? Otherwise there is a good chance that they could get involved in this as well."

This was another topic of discussion that needed to be brought up and couldn't be ignored.

"With the current tensions, it would be impossible for the three of them to work together and be invited along, and I don't think any of us have the time to control them," Owen said. "However, if there is only one of them, then maybe we can invite them to this hunt as well."

"What are you thinking of?" Oscar said, knowing Owen already had something in mind.

"I'm sure they would agree to this, but how about a duel between the three new era powers? Winner takes all supervised by us three here at this table. I'm sure they are tired of deaths just as much as we are, if this offer was made public, they would have pressure from the people to be accepted.

"If this can be solved without getting others involved, then they should snap at this opportunity. It would also be a way for us to see their strength, to see if it's worth inviting them to the hunt with us in the first place."

"Remember, people don't like to be controlled, they like to have a sense of freedom whether it really exists or not. What you have to do, is make them believe they had a choice in the first place."

"Is that how you control your people?" Mona commented, but Owen chose to ignore it.

"I think your suggestion is a good one." Said Oscar. "The event should also be broadcasted to everyone and we should also agree that if one of the other sides does not accept the outcome of the duel, that we will join forces to eliminate them."

"A blacklist is too little of a threat."

The others couldn't see it, but Owen was starting to smile. There were many that had only seen Oscar's good side. One of the heroes of the war, but if he was really truly a good man, he would have never have been able to have done the things he had done in the first place.

Here at the leader's table, he could show his true colours.

"Great, so it's decided!" Mona said, rising from her seat. "A location shall be set, now the only thing we have to worry about, is whether or not they accept."

Secretly, Mona didn't mind letting one of the emperor tier crystals fall into protection, for she had her eyes on the bigger picture. With the device from the green family, she would soon have her own collection to choose from. Especially with this alliance, she wouldn't have to worry about attacks from the others."

"How did you come up with this idea?" Oscar asked.

"Have you heard that there has been a little bet going on online," Owen asked. "It seems the public are already casting their votes on which one of these new era powers will come out on top. That's when the idea popped into my head. There is already more attention on them than us, so let's give the people what they want: A little show."

"Although, I have already made my own personal bet?" Owen said with a smile.


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