My Vampire System Chapter 751

743 Ex Head

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It seemed like the Cursed faction were full of surprises, bringing both Paul as well as the redesigned Bertha, they knew what they were in for. They knew who would be there and how it would further complicate matters.

Originally, they had already decided to use Paul on one of the teams due to his poison ability. It was strong and could act as a support type ability. However, when they found out who was going to be there they were trying to figure out whether or not it would be best to swap Paul out for someone like Peter.

But Paul had now become a crucial part of the Cursed faction, and surprisingly he was keen on fighting even when knowing who would be there. Peter was strong but they already had strong physical damage dealers. In the future, this would be something that needed to be answered anyway, and if any questions were raised about his lost and new ability, he no longer answered to the military. They no longer needed to answer to anyone.

There was no longer the fear that some stronger power would take them away and ask them questions. The reason being after today, the Cursed faction would become one of the strongest powers the human race had.

That's when Quinn had realised how far they had truly come from the beginning. Still, the vampires were something he needed to worry about, so he or the others wouldn't be using their vampire powers anytime soon.

'The reaction from the supreme commander is a strange one.' Bonny thought. 'Do these guys know each other?'

That's when she noticed. Oscar wasn't looking at Quinn, but instead was looking at Paul when directing the question.

Before saying anything, Paul looked to Quinn for confirmation. He stood there not reacting at all, letting him do as he wished.

Giving a bow, Paul replied,

"It's good to see that you are healthy and looking well."

Oscar was trying to wrap his head around what could have possibly happened for Paul to be put in this situation. He was quickly analysing everything he had just seen, and had noticed the small glance he made towards Quinn.

'Isn't that boy, the one with the shadow ability?' Oscar thought.

Suddenly, the links in his head were starting to connect. The last time Oscar had seen Paul was when the two of them had led an investigation into the location of where the shadow ability book was discovered. At the time a crisis had happened which caused Oscar to step away, leaving Paul with the task. That crisis was the Civil war.

When he had tried to contact Paul and the others, there was no reply. Seeing Quinn, he knew he was the one with the shadow ability and now, after Paul disappeared, he had returned working under this kid. The whole thing couldn't have been a coincidence.

'Who are you really, kid?' Oscar thought.

Clenching his fist he had one more thing he wanted to ask.

"Just tell me, are the others alive, or are you the only one that survived?"

This time, rather than turning to Quinn for confirmation, there was someone else he needed to turn to. That was Kazz, and she was shaking her head denying him to reveal anything.

With no answer, Oscar had assumed the worst.

The others around were still slightly puzzled by the relationship Oscar had with one of the members of the Cursed faction, that was until a few comments started to appear on the livestream.

'Hey wait a minute, isn't that the head general Paul?" A person commented.

"You're right. I used to be in the Second military base, I only saw him a couple of times but I'm sure of it."

"I was a student, he is definitely the same person. Why is he working with the Cursed faction."

"Didn't you guys know, the leader of the Cursed faction is also a student at the second military base."

"How could a head general now be under a student, what the hell happened?"

"I think you mean EX head general." Another person replied.

Seeing these comments, Bonny was already reporting as they came in.

"It looks like some people have recognised one of the members of the Cursed faction as the ex head general of the Second base."

Of course, the others could hear Bonny's words quite clearly.

'A head general that's gone over to the other side." Lucy thought, looking at the large ship. 'Well that explains that.'

Another person that was taken back by Paul's reveal was none other than the current head General Duke. Paul used to be his boss, his superior. He would answer to Paul and there was always this slight fear when working for him.

'If Paul is participating in this duel, then there is a good chance the Cursed faction will win this fight.' Duke thought.

There was a reason why Paul was elected as the head general - because of his great power, particularly when using his soul weapon. However, Duke knew that having a head general on one's side wasn't enough to become a big power.

Otherwise the military would have been able to be a lot more commanding with just their eight head generals. In the other factions here today, there should be people who were just as strong as a head general and maybe slightly stronger.

"Oh, will you look at that," Bonny said excitedly. "We have just been given an update on the current betting situation and it looks like those now betting on the Cursed faction have better odds. Currently the Daisy faction still has the biggest lead having the most amount of credits put by their name."

"Of course we do." Helen interrupted, hearing Bony speak. "We are so confident that we will be winning this that we have put all of our factions' funds betting on ourselves."

Daisy had been an ongoing faction for years, just as long as the other big factions, so hearing this was shocking news. They were unlike the Cursed faction who had recently started out. Even if they put all of their funds betting on themselves, it would hardly raise the amount of credits that were put towards Daisy.

Seeing the screen, Bonny gulped at the amount of credits she could see now being spent. The one line from Helen caused even more to bet on their team winning.

In truth, Owen wanted to bet on the Cursed faction, but he knew that news would get out if he did. Before today, others thought it was strange that Owen had praised the Cursed faction so much. There were also questions as to why they didn't try and take over the Cursed faction when they were smaller.

He had to be careful because every action was now being watched, and he didn't want to do harm for himself or Quinn at the moment.

"You can ask all the questions you want later on!" Lucy said, pulling out her thin rapier and stabbing it into the ground.

"Yes, yes." Oscar said. "Would the Cursed faction please present the people who will be taking part in this duel."

Quinn then reached the teams, for team A it would be himself, Nate, and Fex. For team B, Sil, Dennis, and Paul.

Once the team members were revealed, another interruption had taken place, and this time it was from Owen.

"I'm sorry for interrupting, but I don't think you should use him." Owen said. "No let me rephrase that, it wouldn't be fair to the others if you used him, this competition would be over before it started."

They all wondered who Owen could be talking about, was it the young Cursed leader who had displayed great powers at the Pure planet? Or possibly the head general that had turned sides. It turned out he was talking about neither of these two people.

Instead, the person Owen was talking about was Sil.

"I think Mona will agree on me with this one. If he is to participate in the fight, I wouldn't be able to count this as a fair duel, for this boy is a Blade."


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