My Vampire System Chapter 752

744 Borrowed Power

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Attention was moving from person to person on the Cursed faction team. So far, Owen had been really supportive of everything the Cursed faction had been doing, but the words he used was certainly strange and when Bonny pointed the camera towards Sil, they expected for the audience to answer who this person was this time as well.

However, there were no such comments, it seemed like to them he was just an everyday student and they had no clue why Owen didn't want him to fight.

While Layla was looking at him, she noticed that Vorden was acting a little odd. His head was faced downward towards his chest, with his back slightly humped and with his fingers he was constantly twiddling them as if he was nervous.

'His eyes, did something happen to Vorden, why do I feel like he's. A completely different person.' She was unaware of the things everyone else had been going through during her time, and she could never imagine the truth.

Although she was curious, her mind was preoccupied with other things and she couldn't lose focus. In Cia's vision, Quinn had killed her mother, and it looked like this would be the event where it was to happen.

Layla wasn't originally planning to take part in the duel, but after learning about the possibilities of her mothers death, she knew that they needed to change the future that Cia had predicted, and the only way she could get involved, was by becoming one of the participants for the duel.

Three of the members had already been selected, those that were brought along with Lucy, the previous leaders of the faction alliance. As for the other two, trials were to take place in the shelter. They decided to hold a little fighting contest to just see who would be chosen to fight alongside Lucy.

Trying her hardest, having improved her abilities, and facing countless life and death situations, Layla had managed to come out as one of the winning contenders alongside a boy she disliked greatly named Rony.

Of course, Pure had stronger agents then these two, but on the planet they were located on these were the best, and Mr 0 had made it clear. To deal with this herself, and not call upon help from the others, but Lucy was confident in her own abilities either way.

"Why can't he take part in the fight, why would it be unfair?" Sam objected.

"If what Owen is saying is true, then I have to agree with him." Mona added.

Sil didn't know how to act as this was happening, he was happy to do as Quinn asked, and now he felt like he was causing more trouble for him. He looked towards Quinn, and his eyes were watering up. Seeing how uneasy Sil looked, Quinn stopped forward.

"Sil is part of the Cursed faction, and the Cursed faction only." Said Quinn.

"Even if he is a part of the Cursed faction you have to know what weight his family name brings," Owen replied. "Can you truly say his family see's it the same way? If he was to get hurt, or maybe something was to happen, their grudge might not be pointed at you, but to all of us."

"Besides, do you not think it would be best if you were to demonstrate the Cursed factions power, and not the borrowed powers of others?"

They had a point, Quinn remembered how much the Blade family had done just to keep Sil on the island. They never had any intention to harm him, they just, didn't want him to leave. It was quite possible for whatever reason, they saw Sil as someone important to their family.

Although Quinn didn't think Sil would get hurt with how strong he was, there was always the chance, and in a way it did feel a little like cheating especially with who was around them. With Sil's ability, the stronger his opponents were, and the stronger people around them were, the stronger he would be as well.

And here, there were some of the strongest humans in existence that had been gathered.

'These blasted families, it seems like they always have secrets they have been keeping even from us.' OScar thought.

'A boy that possibly is too strong or has relations that not even these guy's want to touch?' Bonny thought. 'What is going in here. Are the rumors true, were the big four being controlled by a force even big then them that no one was aware of?"

Throughout time, people always wondered why some people just had abilities, and others didn't. Where they had come from and how people had learnt them in the first place, and there were rumors that the people who gifted these abilities, were secretly controlling all the power houses, however none of it was able to be proven true.

But there was one thing that Bonny had found suspicious during her time as a reporter under a bog news channel, before she had become independent. At times there were incidents she had reported, and the articles themselves came out slightly different to what she had mentioned, when talking to her previous bosses about it, she was told to let it go if she wanted to live.

'Could this boy be part of that certain group?" While thinking of this, Bonny had a saddened look on her face. The reason, she wished she had found Quinn sooner. Then she could have reported on his entire journey, because she was sure, that Quinn was full of secrets.

After agreeing to the terms the next thing that needed to be done, was select a certain replacement for Sil. While they were discussing this, a jeep could be seen approaching the scene.

"Don't worry, they belong to me," Mona said.

When the jeep had arrived, three men exited from the jeep, and what looked like a middle school green haired boy.

'Logan,' Layla wanted to shout out, but she had to pretend that she had no idea who he was. At last. The original gang was reunited once again.

"Did you complete the task?" Mona asked.

"I set up sensors around the place, so we know where the demon tier is located. We will also know if it's on the move or starts to head our way, don't worry. I won't let anyone disturb this fight." Logan replied.

Mona thought Logan had been quite loyal these days, he didn't even ask for compensation when doing this task or anything in return. She thought maybe he liked being under the protection of a strong family, what she didn't realise, was Logan was doing all of this for Quinn and his group.

This was important for Quinn. He needed to become one of the big power houses and Logan wasn't going to stop him from doing so.

Finally, Quinn had returned and the person who had been selected as Sil's replacement was Peter. A strong fighter who was unlikely to get hurt, and his regentive abilities could be explained.. to most people.

For there was one person who was shocked to see Peter.

'That brat!' Duke thought. He knew Peter well, and both of them had caused great trouble for each other in the past.

When Peter saw Duke looking at him, he gave a little wink, and soon after raised his middle finger.

"Do you know that young boy?" Oscar asked.

"Only a little, a past student at the school," Duke replied.

Back at the second military base, Duke had tried to get Peter to do his bidding, when Peter was unable to complete his tasks and was no longer of any use, his plan was to get rid of him using Jack Truedream, but Pure was meant to take him away.

Yet, for some reason, the person had returned disguised as another student and then Peter was forced to participate in the inter base tournament as a fighter. Once again though, Peter had been taken away.

'What's going on? Are Pure and the Cursed faction actually working together, but I have no proof, and they can easily just deny it.Wait, how do we even know Pure was really behind those kidnappings in the first place.' His eyes started to turn towards the Cursed leader and Sil. 'Didn't we bring those two boys in for questioning multiple times?'

It was simple, Duke couldn't figure out anything that was happening or had happened, because he didn't have all the pieces of the puzzle, but seeing the three boys here together, and the fact that the Cursed faction had attacked one of the Pure planets, he could only guess that these three had managed to fool him somehow.

'You three have just made it to the top of my hit list, just under that dreaded, stupid night dmeon.'

Now with all the teams sorted, the area was cleared and an open large circle space in front of them was made.

"Let's give this a go," Oscar said, placing his hands on the ground. He was unsure if he could move the strange crystal like substance, but soon vibrations were felt and shooting out from the ground a circle platform was made.

Oscar then went and made several smaller platforms for each of the factions and the military to watch from. Split apart from each other so there would be no conflict. Then contacting from the smaller cylinder platforms was a bridge that led out towards the centre.

"The first group that will do battle is group A from Pure, against Group B from Daisy." Oscar announced.

The three from the Pure platform walked out onto the arena, and the same could be said for Daisy's group.

"It doesn't matter if you lose this one girls." Helen said. "Just try to get them to show everything they have hiding up their sleeve."

Helen never expected her team to win this one, she was relying on her group A to beat the others but Pure was surely their biggest threat, which was why she wanted to see what they had.

"Arligfht void, make sure you get everything, I don't want you to miss anything."

Lucy stood out front, and she hadn't drawn her weapon. She looked uninterested.

"You two, don't; do anything." Lucy said.

Both Lucy and Rony didn't draw out their weapons and stood there like statues.

"Match, begin!"

The three girls from Daisy came charging in, running towards them, but after a few steps they started to slow down, and suddenly tumbled, falling to the ground. No one had seen anyone from Pure move, yet for some reason those in Daisy, were lying on the floor.

"This match is over," Lucy said.


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