My Vampire System Chapter 754

746 Annoying Girls

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The best outcome for the Cursed faction would be for them to win every single one of their duels. Of course, being realistic this outcome was unlikely. They were now fighting those nearly at the top of the food chain, and a faction like Daisy had been around for years.

Another negative point was Fex, who was unable to use his blood abilities, but was still able to use his blood string which was a bonus.


Seeing this, Quinn took a step back.

'Well, this should be the case for a faction going on this long. I guess now we are going to start seeing things like this more often.'

Using his inspect skill, Quinn wanted to gauge their strength, he couldn't see their ability but he could see the equipment they were wearing. The two girls by their leaders' side were covered in legendary equipment. While Helen herself had a piece of Demigod equipment on.

At this level, seeing top level equipment like so would start to become more common. Their advantage with speed, strength and so on, would be less apparent until Quinn had gathered his own high level gear for his faction.

The problem was, beasts at the legendary and Demi god tier were rare. It was hard to find such beasts. Which was why even though Quinn's faction was powerful, they were playing catch up in terms of equipment and beast gear.

"The match can now, begin!" Oscar shouted.

Unlike before, Daisy wasn't going to take any chances and they had activated their abilities straight away. Each of the girls started to form what could be described as seeds in their hands. Moving slightly towards the centre. All three girls then through the seeds onto the ground.

Ivy and Peach threw their four in a semi circular surrounding behind them, while Helen was able to throw out four seeds on her own in front of her. Everyone waited in anticipation for something to happen, but there was no reaction from the seeds at all.

"It would be best for them to proceed cautiously while they have no clue what their abilities are." Sam said. "I tried to see if there were any videos online, but similar to you Quinn. Daisy had managed to take over their planets without having the need to use their abilities."

"What are you two doing, were not going to win the fight by just standing here?" Peter said as he charged in.

Sam was shaking his head, as it looked like Peter was doing the opposite of what he just recommended.

'What impressive speed,' Helen thought. 'But it won't be enough.'

The second Peter had gotten close to the seeds that surrounded the three girls. They sprouted to life creating a human sized plant. A stem with leaves could be seen and for it's head a closed bulb. Still, it was moving as if it was alive and all of the plants twisted towards Peter.

Seconds later, the bulbs opened up and large thorns were shot out like bullets. With his great speed, Peter was able to dodge the first few, however, there were too many coming out from all the plants. The thorns that were the same size as a large stick had pierced right through Peter's leg.

"Got him!" Ivy said as she licked her lips, blood was trickling down his leg. "Once you get hit once, the other thorns start hitting you more and more."

"Screw this!" Peter shouted, running straight ahead. It was clear the attack's were too fast for him to dodge and if he was going to get hit anyway, then he might as well get his own hit in.

Running forward he raised both his arms covering his head, making sure it was the one place that didn't get hit. Now multiple thorns were hitting him in the leg, thigh and shoulders. He was looking partly like a hedgehog, but he continued to run forward.

"HAve you noticed?" Mona said watching.

"Yeah, this one doesn't feel pain." Owen replied back.

It was the only explanation as Peter hadn't slowed down one bit and ran past the plants. The plants had turned and were firing some in his back, but he continued to ignore them.

"I never thought one of you would reach us, but it doesn't matter." Helen said, pulling out her whip. She then flicked her wrist and the tail end of the whip lashed out, grabbing onto one of Peter's forearms. He tried to pull away but at that moment the weapon's active skill was activated, creating multiple thorns all across the whip digging into Peter's flesh like barbed wire.

"This is why we needed to wait," Fex said. "Now we have to help him."

Dennis had transformed into his golden eagle form, and was trying to see if he could dive down and pull Peter out of there somehow, but the plants were now shooting at him. His wings were used to deflect the thorns and were strong enough to block them, but his body wasn't and it was making it difficult for him to move well.

Fex on the ground was dealing with a similar problem. The thorn's from the plants were too strong to be blocked by his strings even with the blood coat. They were just going through them and he was using all of his energy avoiding the attacks.

Helen had originally planned for the plants to finish Peter off while holding him in place. With the other two now taking the attacks from the plants it was no longer possible.

"I'm now going to have to get my own hands dirty.' Helen said as she yanked Peter forward. The whip seemed to be alive as it had its own strength added to her pulling him in and before he knew it a fist was planted in face. The great momentum from pulling him forward and her punching him made the attack extremely effective.

Peter was hit back, his head flung backwards and landed towards the edge of the large platform, lying still on the floor.

"That's one down, just two more." Helen said.

Getting annoyed at the thorns shooting his way. Fex eventually managed to grab one with his stings and threw it back at one of the plants, it went through the head of the plant and soon it shrivelled up turning brown and was no longer alive.

"This will work," Fex said with excitement.

However, Helen threw another seed down and another plant had just risen in its place.

"Okay bad news, it looks like they can just make more plants. Good news, there seems to be a limit to the number of plants they can have out at one time. Otherwise there would have just planted more."

Seeing what just happened though, the girls decided to change tactics.

"Aim all attacks against the boy over there." Helen ordered.

And now, all the thorns were being shot Fex's way.

"Damn it, if I could only use the blood wall right now."

"Arghh!" A battle cry was heard from the girls right side. They had expected it to maybe be the eagle man, but instead it was a person who they thought they had already dealt with.

"Why did you have to scream!" Fex said.

The thorns had been removed from Peter's body and thrown to the ground, while Peter himself had no visible wounds apart from the holes in his uniform, and cracks in his armour. He had completely healed.

"Unfortunately, if I get hit by those things, I won't be able to heal as well." Fex throat, then an idea struck him.

The whip was brought out and was ready to be used on Peter again, but before he could get close, Peter felt something else pulling him away, he was then thrown up in the air, and once he knew where it was coming from he had stopped resisting.

His body landed in front of Fex. At the right moment, the thorns were being hit away with such speed and skill. Hitting them so they wouldn't pierce his body.

"When did Peter learn martial arts?" Nate asked.

"He didn't," Quinn replied. Peter had stats that were comparable to Quinn's. They were a little worse due to not having the same equipment as Quinn but he was still impressive. However, one of the worst things about Peter was, he didn't really know how to fight.

Edward had only taught him how to protect his head and no more, if Peter ever learnt to fight he would easily improve.

"I'm just going to have to borrow your body Peter," Fex said.

'Although Peter's body is strong it won't be enough to block the attacks and hit the girls. Dennis isn;t the best fighter either and I can only control and use one person as a puppet at a time. I guess I'm going to have to use that.'

"Dennis, come down here!" Fex shouted.

Dennis landed, and the three of them stepped back away from the range of the plants.

"I don't like you controlling me like this, but if it makes it so I can hit those bithces then it's fine." Peter said.

"Don't worry, we're going to win this," Closing his eyes, Fex looked inside himself and saw the red flame. As he reached out to it, he felt a warm sensation over his body. The light started to form in his hand and an item could now be seen.

It grew, and the others could now see it fully formed on the outside.

"Is that his soul weapon?" Sam said.

'How can that be?' Quinn thought 'I thought vampires didn't have soul weapons, and Fex was a vampire from the very beginning. Not only that, but this feels different.'

When Kazz saw the item in Fex hands her eyes widened as well, for she knew it wasn't a soul weapon, but a blood weapon.


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