My Vampire System Chapter 755

747 Blood Or Soul?

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In Fex's hand was his blood weapon. Shaped like a large needle black in colour. There was no handle, hilt or guard for the weapon and it only had a pointed end. Looking closely, even though it was black in colour, one could see through it like glass.

'It's light.' Fex said giving it a few swings.

Lucy chuckled seeing this.

"He is no master swordsman, that's for sure."

From the few swings, she could tell he was inexperienced when it came to using a blade, Layla knew this as well.

'If this really was his soul weapon, then it was a shame that it had to be a weapon type.' She thought.

However, Kazz seeing the weapon knew straight away that it wasn't a soul weapon. It was a blood weapon. But this was different and it challenged everything she knew about blood weapons, everything she had learnt.

Blood weapons were created using crystals that were left behind once a vampire was killed. The crystal's strength varied depending on the vampire that had been killed. But once the crystal was used to form a weapon or armour, it was permanently in a solid form.

There was no enhancement type blood weapon like the soul weapon, it was more like beast weapons. A user wasn't able to bring it out and place it away as they wished.

But Kazz had just seen Fex do that very thing. He didn't have the weapon before, and it had come out from within. The energy coming off it, she could tell straight away it was a blood weapon.

When she saw Quinn use his soul weapon, she could tell it was different to a blood weapon. That was a soul weapon, something only humans had. She thought because he was a human before, it looked like he was able to have a soul weapon. She didn;t know much about human turned vampires.

And there hadn't really been any since the discovery of soul weapons since it was linked to abilities.

In the past, Vampires had attempted to see if they had a soul weapon, but could only see the blood crystals inside them.

'How did this boy manage to do it?' Kazz thought. 'If I go back and let the vampires know about this, it will be a huge change. The vampire's strength will increase greatly. I just need to find out how he was able to do it.'

Since using blood crystals had become a taboo and was against the vampire's code, blood weapons were very rare amongst vampires, and were either passed down through families, or only those that were old enough had one.

"Dennis do you trust me?" Fex asked.

"We haven't been together long, but I trust you guys as much as I would my own family. We have been through life and death fights together. Split the same blood, drunk from the same cu-"

"That's okay Dennis, I just wanted a yes or no answer but it was a good answer." Fex said, tightening his grip around the large needle. It was then thrusted forward towards Dennis back. "Then trust me on this one!"

"No!" Linda shouted as she saw what looked like Fex trying to hurt one of his own.

The needle stuck in about two inches deep, and through the transparent black sword martial down the middle, a red glow started to fill up.

There was another major difference between soul weapons, beast weapons and blood weapons. For blood weapons to use it's true power, it needed human blood.

"What are you doing?" Dennis asked, but soon he felt a strange surge of energy pumping through his body. A new found strength he had never felt before. He realised that he wasn't feeling pain, but instead, it was pleasure.

From the needle itself, right at the end where Fex's hand had been covering the whole time, there was a small hole. Here was where he would use his string ability.

"Try not to fight it Dennis, and I promise this will be the best chance we have at winning." Fex said.

With his blood weapon, it allowed him to control two people. The needle was somehow linked to his thoughts and only a single connection needed to be made. While with his other hand, he was able to control Peter.

Not only that, but the Needle would strengthen whoever it was placed into, and this included vampires as well. That was until the blood would run out.

When acquiring his blood weapon, Fex thought of a number of ways to use the needle. He could try to impale his enemies and absorb their blood. When filled up he could stick the needle into himself or an ally.

That's when he came up with another idea, what if the needle was stuck into a human permanently? This way it would get a constant blood supply and would empower Dennis for longer than anyone else.

Now controlling the two of them, Fex made it so Dennis was in front running forward. He used his large wings to block any of the incoming thorns and just behind them was Peter.

Before when the thorns would hit Dennis, he would feel a slight pain and even though his wings were strong enough to block the attacks, there would be damage done, but not now, not while he was being empowered by the needle.

When they eventually got close enough, Peter jumped up in the air from behind and landed in front of the three girls. A strong kick was made towards Helen, but Peach had jumped in the way with her large round body.

However, they never expected the kick to be so powerful, as it threw her into Helen and they both went flying away. Thinking fast, Helen threw out her whip wrapping it around Peter's arm. They started to slow down, and she started to retract the whip pulling herself towards him.

"Why aren't the plants doing anything?" Ivy thought.

Looking around, all the plants had already been destroyed by Dennis. He was faster than before, and his claws were now more dangerous than ever. His next move surprised them all, as he chopped down using his claw slicing off Peter's hand.

With nothing to pull against, the two girls fell to the floor.

"How could he hurt his own teammate like that." The members of Pure mumbled to each other, but in front of their very eyes. Peter was starting to heal, it was beginning to grow back.

"Were fighting a bunch of freaks!" Peach said in anger.

Those watching from the Cursed faction started to cheer their teammates on. A lot of them had seen Sil and Quinn's power, but the others didn't get to shine so much lately. This was only bringing them confidence that they were in the right faction.

Trying to get rid of the most troublesome one and being the closest. Ivy threw out a punch of her own, which was just matched with Dennis's. The two hit and neither one was pushed back.

"How, I'm using legendary beat gear. I should be overpowering you?"

Dennis didn't understand it either, and could only guess it was Fex's doing.

"Stop!" Linda shouted. "You're killing him."

The others by Linda's side looked in confusion. Was Linda talking about Dennis, but he had yet to be hit or take a serious injury? When they looked at him closer, they noticed that he was starting to go pale, almost looking like a ghost.

'I don't think Dennis can take much more, I'm going to have to remove the needle. I can still use Peter and it's just going to have to be enough,' Fex thought.

Not wanting to hurt Dennis or push him anymore, the needle was removed and returned, but there were still other ways he could use it. Looping his string through the whole, he was able to freely swing it about all over the place, if he could stick the needle in one of the girls, then he could empower himself or Peter.

"Do you think they've done enough to win this one?' Sam asked.

"No," Quinn replied. "You can see it, Daisy haven't given up yet."

Peter charged towards Ivy ready to help Dennis out, now he no longer had the needle in him, it was impossible for him to go toe to toe with the others.

"I can't believe I'm going to have to resort to this for a small fry like you!" Helen shouted.

Suddenly, Peter's feat were frozen to the ground.

'Did something hit me?'

His great strength allowed him to break through and carry on running, but his feet continued to be hit and were freezing as he went forward.

"Maybe you can heal from physical wounds but let's see you heal from this." Helen said.

Right where Peter was standing, six plants rose from the ground looking different from before. The others were green with a bright coloured bulb. While these were red. When looking around the arena, there were also four more plants that were coloured blue by her side.

What Peter was getting hit by, were thorns created by these specialised plants.

"They held back!" Sam said. "The limit was never six in the first place. It was all done just to trick us. To get them to feel comfortable."

With the ice thorns constantly hitting Peter, he could only break free and move across slowly. Fex was busy dealing with Peach who had come towards him, and Ivy with Dennis, leaving Helen and Peter together.

When the plants opened up it's head, he could see the thorns seemed to have a flame attribute around them.

"If the fire is strong enough he will die," Kazz said.

Seeing this Peter started to laugh.

"It looks like my time has come to an end, it's a shame I won't get to see what Quinn does to you. For killing me like this." He said smiling.


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