My Vampire System Chapter 757

749 Overpowering Force

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The three big powers were sitting next to each other on their own platform. Oscar had made each of them seats from the ground below, making it more comfortable for them to watch the match. While, the others watching were left on their own platforms.

Although the leaders were trusted not to get into a brawl, the same couldn't be said for those that followed them. It wasn't too long ago that each of these powers were at each other's throats.

When Quinn entered, Mona noticed that Owen's shoulders were moving up and down slightly, the fan still covering his face, but it was clear that he was happy about something, chuckling to himself.

"You seem to believe in this boy a lot," Mona said. "I watched your interview and I was surprised by your answer. I admit that the boy seems strong, but I wonder why you think so highly of him?"

Oscar was listening in, but he also felt the same way, why did Owen believe in him so much? Back at the inter tournament, sure the kid showed promise and anyone would have been lucky for him to join their side, as he would be a sure asset to a faction in the future. But that's all Oscar could see, the future potential in Quinn. As the inter base tournament was only a year ago. How much could one improve in a year?

"At first I didn't," Owen said. "It was just a slight interest, but eventually that started to grow. Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. He has only been an interesting subject to me, that was until I gave him a little test. You remember the blonde haired boy from before?"

It was clear Owen was talking about Sil, the one in the Blade family. Oscar was aware of this kid and had heard about them not wanting him to participate. Whatever the reason, it was something that the others didn't want him to know about, so he would have to try to do his own research about it later on.

Mona just nodded not wanting to give too much information away.

"Well, one day that boy came to me, asking me about their location. I gave it to them, thinking I would never see him again and when he returned, that boy was by his side. If he can escape from those monsters, then this will be a walk in the park for him."

'Monsters, did the kid escape from some powerful beasts.' Oscar thought.

At that moment, Mona realised just how powerful Quinn was, as she was unsure, if that was something even she could do.

When Quinn walked onto the battle floor, dark shadows started to cover his body, and soon his equipment was visible on him, as the shadows disappeared. However when the others saw what the equipment looked like, they were quickly disappointed.

"Most of their leader's gear seems to be at the king tier level." Helen said as if she was disappointed but at the same time what she had expected.

Both Paul and Nate, also didn't have equipment above the king tier level, even though their equipment was now better than before.

"Are they laughing at us?" Nate asked, hearing chuckles from the other platforms, mostly he was worried that the girls were laughing at him, making him feel a little subconscious.

"It's because of our equipment," Paull replied, making sure his clawed gloves were on properly.

Recently, their weapons and armour had been upgraded to king tier, most factions would die to have equipment like this, but here it was seen as nothing special.

Quinn, when using his shadow equip had decided not to put on his emperor tier equipment apart from his gauntlets. It had great defence but slowed him down. He felt like this wasn't the time to use it and could always switch midway through the match if needed to. Shadow equip took less than a second to cast.

Another piece of equipment he didn't equip on, was his mask. The was due to Duke being at the scene. When Quinn went around the school as the night demon, he did so using his blood abilities not using his shadow abilities.

Besides he knew he wouldn't be needing it in a fight like this.

Watching from the sidelines, Layla had her hands behind her back with her fingers crossed, begging that Quinn would be able to win this match without getting hurt.

"Are there any rules about accidental deaths?" Quinn asked, while looking in the direction of the Daisy gang.

"If someone does die, then they can replace that person with someone from their faction for the next duel." Oscar replied.

"This kid," Tulk chuckled. "You didn't need to ask that question, because we were about to find that out in this match."

Quinn didn't reply, as he just continued to look in the direction of Daisy. Not even caring about those in front of him.

'Again, they nearly killed someone I cared for in front of me. I was here this time, but what if I wasn't?'

"The match between Pure Team B, against the Cursed faction A will now begin!" Oscar shouted.

As soon as the match began, Quinn raised his hand and pointed it at the man known as Tulk.

[Shadow lock]

A shadow portal appeared behind him, engulfing him inside, and as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared along with Tulk.

"What just happened to Tulk?" Fareen said nervously. Neither of them had ever seen the shadow ability before, so they had no clue what they were dealing with. They had only seen a glimpse of it block the attacks from the Daisy fight.

In her shock, she looked back, and when she did, she could no longer see Quinn there, only the other two. A loud stomp was heard on the ground by her side. A force so strong she nearly fell from it. Turning her head, the next thing she could see was Quinn throwing out a fist.

'Hammer strike!'

'He's using his bare hands? His shadow ability doesn't seem like an offensive one, so he needs to use his beast gear to rely on his power. I'm wearing legendary armour so his attack shouldn't hurt me too much, then that will be my chance to strike!' She thought.

However, as the first landed, the punching power seemed to bypass whatever armour she was wearing, feeling a pain she had never felt before. Her insides felt like they were rupturing by the second, as the force pierced through her skin into her organs.

She was barely able to keep conscious through the pain as her mouth was filled with blood and before she knew it, she was staring upward at the sky.

Before her body fell off the large platform, Oscar managed to raise another pillar catching her, and medical attention was immediately on the move from Pure's side.

No matter how strong one's armour was, Hammer strike, added with Qi energy was an attack that bypassed one's armour.

'How did he get over here so fast, does his ability allow him to move like that as well?' Kubo thought. 'My ability works best at a distance, I need to move away.'

Just as he was about to run, a path of shadow was seen under his feet, and when he tried moving his legs, they did so at a snail's pace.

[Shadow path activated]

A strong kick was thrown out to the head, the one place Kubo had no beast gear on, knocking him out instantly.

Was the fight over? No, there was still one person remaining.

[Shadow lock open]

The portal of shadow that was seen at the start of the fight, opened up again and Tulk had fallen out of it, onto the ground.

"Huh, where was I? What was that place?"

For strong ability users, it was easy for them to break out of the shadow lock if they were to start attacking it, but Quinn knew that when a person entered the space, they would be shocked and cautious about what to do.

It might have only kept him in that shadow space for a few seconds, but that was all that Quinn needed. Before Tulk could make a move, a red hot blade had appeared from his gauntlets and had skimmed past Tulk's throat.

When he tried moving his head back, Tulk felt another searing pain behind him. Quinn had used both blades, activating his gauntlet's skill, and Tulk was unable to move his head.

"I give up!" Tulk said, thinking that those simple words had saved his life.

"The winner is Cursed faction A," Oscar announced.


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