My Vampire System Chapter 758

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Layla's fingers were uncrossed and her mouth left wide open like many others that had watched the fight. They just witnessed something they didn't really understand. While Lucy had done the something similar in taking out a whole team without touching them.

Quinn's display had a more lasting effect, as the sheer power could be seen through each of his actions, rather than something unexplainable happening.

'Quinn, how strong did you get?' Layla thought.

The fight had gone even easier then Sam had predicted and he felt like he knew the reason why. Usually, when Quinn would fight, he would do so conserving his MC. The reason for this, was the shadow was used mostly to block attacks or as a utility tool.

On top of this, usually in fights, Quinn would have to worry about the chance of what was coming next. When fighting bests or in a war, there was always the next thing around the corner, and using up one's MC could be the death of them.

But here, in an official duel, he could use his shadow as much as he wished, and replenish his MC before going into his next fight.

The camera had been left in one place, with others having been set up beforehand in multiple positions to get a better view, and this time, the livestream was able to see everything.

"What the hell was that? How weak were those guys?"

"Huh, weak I thought a moment ago someone said they were really strong?"

"Cleary not if this guy could beat them so easily like that. Someone was clearly overhyping those leaders."

"Yeah I agree, they were treating them like they were the next best thing since sliced bread. So I thought they were actually strong."

"Thats a really old saying bro, has there really been no great inventions since sliced bread this whole time. I mean, we can travel using teleporters and you used sliced bread?"

"Maybe, the cursed faction is just strong? They did well against Daisy."

"Couldn't you tell Daisy were going easy on them. They hadn't even used there beast gear properly."

The general thought of the online community watching, was the Cursed faction couldn't possibly be strong. It had to be that the opponents in Pure were weak. Still, there were those that knew the truth.

Those that had personally been beaten, and had seen these 'weak' people fight, but anyone who would bring it up, would be considered a supporter of the Cursed faction, accused of being a member.

With the first three fights over, one from each faction, everyone was currently tied with one point. Most still believed that the winner of this whole outcome would either be Pure or Daisy. The bets continued to pour in supporting this thought

It didn't worry Logan, he had just made a killing on the fight that had just taken place. Very few people had betted on the Cursed faction winning, and those that did, didn't put a lot of money in to begin with, so the payout was minimal.

Lucy had decided to go over to Fareen who was receiving treatment. She knelt down and went to take a look at the chest piece she had worn. It had been scuffed but wasn't really damaged , yet it was clear she was hurt internally.

'Internal damage, was it Qi? But how would a kid know Qi?' Lucy thought.

Luckily, some of the best healers had been brought by the military and something like this didn't take too long. Soon, all three of them were as good as new, physically at least.

"Tulk, I need you to tell me about everything that happened to you. We need to learn about his ability." Lucy said.

The next fight was announced and this time it was the Cursed faction again, only the B team. They were to go up against Daisy's B team as well.

Wanting to make up for their lose, when the fight started the Cursed group went out in full force. They had discussed what had gone wrong in the last fight, and this time were far more organised when it came to thier attacks.

In the end, it didn't matter too much, as it looked like an easy victory for the Cursed team. This was expected not only online, but everyone else including Daisy as well.

Daisy's B team was already evaluated as the weakest team, and was only there as a way for them to scout out the other teams strength.

Soon after, when all the healing was done, Daisy's B team were to fight again, and they were to go up against Pure's B team. Online were still criticizing Pure's B team over their horrendous performance, and they were trying to decide who was weaker out of the two teams.

The haters were quickly silenced, as Pure's B team had a dominating performance finishing off Daisy quickly. They had seen a strong display of abilities and skills that many of those watching could never perform. Reminding everyone at home who they were really criticizing at the moment.

"Wait, so does that mean the Cursed faction are strong?"

'I told you, but no one would listen."

"Well, they must have some strength to get to this point, but we haven't seen them go up against any of the really strong guys yet. They're on another level that I just don't think they can reach."

The next fight the Cursed A group were up again and were going up against Daisy's B team.

"Quinn, would you let us deal with the fight this time, we need to stretch a bit as wells and your going to need us for the last fights." Nate said.

When the fight started, Quinn did nothing and allowed both Paul and Nate to take the lead. It was three against two.

Nate at first found it a little difficult to hit the girls, but he knew where to draw the line between an important fight and his love life.

"My biggest love in life... is martial arts!" Nate shouted as he punched one of the girls in the stomach, causing her to fall to the floor. However, that didn't stop the tears from falling off his cheeks.

"Is that guy crying, what a wimp?"

As for Paul's opponents, he had actually faced two of them on his own. Displaying great fighting skill, dodging attacks and hitting them back with his weapons, and slowly the opponents seemed to slow down, unaware of what was happening to their bodies.

"Why doesn't Paul use the earth ability?" Duke thought watching from the side. "I've never seen him fight like this before, or use beast weapons?"

It was confusing, and they had the right to be confused, especially when the two girls Paul was fighting against had collapsed on the ground, and started to throw up uncontrollably.

When the fight was declared the Cursed teams victory, Paul removed the poison from the two girls, making sure they wouldn't die.

Then, an unexpected big clash happened. It was the Cursed B team, going up against Pure's B team. After witnessing their fights and gaining the confidence of the public once again, no one was sure which side would win.

Both sides seemed quite strong, and the fight proved that as well, but there was one overwhelming factor that gave one side the advantage over the other, and that was Peter.

In the last fight, Peter wasn't really able to show his talents, but in this one, it was clear. No matter how hurt, or badly damaged Peter got, he was able to heal the wounds at an incredible speed. With Fex controlling him and his great strength and power. The cursed Faction eventually won that fight as well.

After witnessing such a great fight, Pure's group B were to fight again, this time against Daisy's group A. The outcome was as expected though. If Daisy were able to beat the Cursed faction, and the cursed had beat Pure, it was clear that Daisy would become the winner like they had done.

"Hey, hey, this isn't looking good," Peach said. "So far, Pure have won two matches, and so have we. But the cursed faction in total have already won four times."

"That means, if we lose one more fight, we've lost, and if the Cursed faction wins one more. They've won this whole thing." Helen added.

"The next fight will be between Daisy's Group A, vs Pure's Group A." Oscar announced.

This was the fight many had been waiting for. Even if Daisy and Pure were behind. They thought the winner of this fight, would go on to win the whole thing. To the viewers this was the most important fight, and for Quinn and the others, it was one they needed to watch closely.


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