My Vampire System Chapter 759

751 Pure Vs Daisy

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The comments on the livestream were coming in faster than they could be read now that the most anticipated fight was about to happen. For the bets, the odds were made even and it looked like Logan wouldn't really make a loss or a profit depending on which side would win.

It didn't matter much to him, as his main profit making machine was the Cursed faction, and so far from what they had made, he had more than enough to support the group once more.

"So far, we have seen very little of what Pure can do." Bonny started to speak into the camera during the break. "But the Pure leader's performance from the last match is still ingrained in our minds. This mysterious power known as Qi, we still have yet to know what it really does, and how far it can go.

"Is it strong enough to go against the top ability users in today's world? We will soon find out."

This time, when Pure entered the arena, both Layla and Rony took a fighting stance, rather than just standing there like trees. It seemed that they too would be participating in the fight.

"Who do you think is going to win?" Nate asked.

"Judging by how the two girls are taking part in this fight as well. It looks like Pure sees Daisy as a strong opponent." Sam replied. "I think rightfully so as well."

'I need to watch closely.' Quinn thought. 'Maybe then I can see what she's doing that I'm not.'

"The match between Pure's team A, and Daisy's team A, will begin!" Oscar announced.

"Go on," Helen said. "Why don't you use that skill you used before on us, like you did against the others? Oh wait, that's right, you can't can you? I'm guessing that skill only works on those that are weaker than you."

While Helen was talking to Lucy trying to taunt her, roots were travelling fast across the ground and it looked to be Ivy's doing, as she had her hands placed on the floor.

The seeds were then quickly planted on the ground and sprouted the plants. They didn't waste their time using their soul weapons to give them each an elemental attribute.

"Agent hundred, I need you to distract the tall one, agent sixty two, you stay behind me, and when the fat one gets involved. Knock her to the side," Lucy ordered.

Firing out her arrows and using her telekinesis, Layla was able to target them wherever she wished. The range with her bow was longer than that of the plants, and she soon realised that the plants were only able to target living things.

It allowed the arrow to fly straight past everything and aim for Ivy. She easily avoided the arrows, but was unable to use her other skills while doing so.

'That girl is so annoying!' Ivy thought.

Walking ahead Lucy had drawn out her rapier and held it by her side, while Rony stayed directly behind her, with a large bat in his hand. A strange beast weapon, but it was his unique one.

Moving forward, the ice thorns and fire thorns came straight at her, but a good meter before they could even reach her. They would either swerve to the side or fall to the ground.

"It's like she has some type of invisible force field." Peach said. "Just what is Qi?"

Going past the plants, Lucy sliced them cutting of their heads causing them to shrivel up. The others prepared for her to dash forward after this, but instead. Lucy went around to different parts of the platform ground they were on, and started stabbing random places in the ground.

Although it looked random to those on the outside, Helen was in shock for each place she had stabbed, was a seed that had yet to be sprouted.

'How did she know?'

Trying to stop her, Peach moved forward and now it was time for Rony to shine, as he interrupted swinging his bat.

"Hold her for thirty seconds." Lucy said, she then went forward and was after Helen.

Lucy knew that both Layla and Rony weren't a match for those at Daisy. They didn't even know Qi themselves, but after getting rid of the leader, the rest would fall one by one.

Two plants suddenly sprouted right by Helen's sides. These looked different to the ones before, being back in colour. A thorn shot out from the black plant and the same was expected to happen to this thorn as the others, only when it reached the meter distance and hit the invisible shield, it exploded on impact, creating a black cloud of smoke.

"Ha ha ha." Helen started to laugh. "The fire plant and the ice plant were my sisters, but this one is my soul weapon. Did you really think this was all that I had?"

When the black smoke cleared, she could see Lucy standing there with one of her arms over her head. Her sleeves were black, but there were no such injuries on her body, or even the clothing itself.

A dash forward and a thrust with the rapier. On instinct, Helen moved back avoiding the tip of the blade, or so she thought. Quite the deep cut appeared on her cheek, even though the rapier had never hit her.

While she was distracted the rapier came at her a few more times, now attacking her beast armour. However, Helen was fast and was blocking most of the attacks with her arms and legs, not allowing the blade to hit any of her vital spots and only parts of the armour.

Then the attacks had stopped, and Lucy turned around.

"This fight is over." Lucy said, loudly.

The two sisters turned their heads to have a look, and they could see Helen standing there. She looked fine on the outside, and had blocked all the attacks, but why wasn't she moving?

Then when looking down underneath her feat, there was a pool of blood. Seeing Helen's eyes not alive, Ivy, gritted her teeth and regrettably said

"We forfeit this match."

"What happened?" Mona asked.

"I'm not sure." Oscar replied. "I was sure that Helen had blocked all the attacks."

The only one that had a slight idea was Quinn. His guess was it had to do with Qi. The blocking of the attacks, the defending against the explosion, and the attacks that were able to bypass the armour and damage the body underneath.

It all must have been Qi. From watching alone, Quinn wasn't able to figure out much at all. The only way he knew how to use Qi was to enhance his body, and also to control it outwardly on his items.

When the girls returned, back to their group everyone could be seen crying. There were multiple reasons for this. The first being the fact that Daisy had lost. It meant they were no no longer contenders for becoming the new era powerhouse.

This fact was hitting them hard. After being a faction for so long, they would have to disband. As the rules of this duel stated. The resources and land that Daisy owned, would then belong to whoever was the final winner of this duel and they coudl chose to join them, or go to one of the other powerhouses, if they would take them.

Suddenly, a loud pricing screm was heard, and Ivy stood up, looking at the Pure group.

"You bitch!" Ivy shouted. "What did you do to her, our healer, she can't heal her wounds. It's not working!"

Hearing this, Quinn thought it was the same as when he would hurt the vampires using his Qi, although this was strange. Qi had never stopped abilities from working before, so was this something different to how he would usually combine Qi with his attacks?

"Clam down." Lucy said. "Your leader will live, I made sure not to hurt her too badly. In a week maybe she will be back to how she was."

With the fight over, Pure had now won a total of three matches, Daisy two, and the Cursed faction four. There was no longer any reason for Daisy to fight, nor could they with their leader out.

So the next fight was to begin, Pure group A, against the Cursed faction group B.


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