My Vampire System Chapter 760

752 Cant Heal

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The cursed group were preparing gearing up, doing a few stretches here and there before the fight. There was always a small little break between each fight, and those in Pure had just fought as well.

"You guys don't have to do this," Quinn said. "If you give up the fight, then it will be four wins each and our group will go up against them."

The three of them looked at each other, and they all already knew their answer.

"Quinn, thanks for looking out for us, but we want to fight. We need the experience. You can't keep doing things on your own. There will be times when you aren't there to protect us. You aren't the only one that needs to get stronger, we do as well. And what better way than against people like this?

"And besides, you saying that hurts us a bit you know? Do you really think we're going to lose?"

Quinn stopped to think for a second, perhaps he was being selfish, he was forcing his wishes and desires onto them. Yes they were a part of his group, some even a part of his vampire family, but they were each individual people. All living their own lives.

"Don't cry too much if you lose." Quinn said, and gave his team a thumbs up as they walked out onto the platform.

Layla, making her way out was nervous as ever and gripped her bow tightly. Technically she was now going up against her own teammates. Before the Cursed faction had stepped foot on the planet, the leaders were made aware, that both Layla and Cia were one of their own.

This was to update the new leaders that were placed at the table. As they had never seen the two girls before. It also explained to all of them why Quinn was able to get inside information about Pure.

Everyday, they were learning something that impressed them even more.

When the two groups reached the arena, Lucy had asked them something surprising.

"Do any of you know how to use Qi?" She asked.

The others looked at each other for a moment, as they had no clue why she would have asked that.

"The look from your faces says it all, none of you interest me then." Lucy said and she drew her rapier weapon.

"So far, group B from the cursed faction has only lost against group A of the Daisy faction." Bonny reported. "Even though Pure managed to beat Daisy, this should still be a good match up. From what we have seen, since just the first fight alone the Cursed faction has improved, so who knows what the outcome of this fight would be?"

Finally, the comments seemed to agree with what Bonny was saying. Many didn't like the Cursed faction, but many didn't like Pure either. Even if they had become more popular recently, years of televised T.V stations showing all their wrong doings and labelling them as a terrorist group couldn't be rid so easy.

Most of the viewers were supporting Daisy, and with them out of the picture they now needed to decide out of the lesser of two evils and the support was pretty evenly split.

"The match between the Cursed group B and Pure group A will now begin!"

Layla had begun firing arrows, being the support she was meant to be, and most of them were aimed at Dennis who was flying in the sky. At first Dennis allowed one of them to hit him and then realised that they were quite strong, and were coming at him fast.

'Hey, hey wasn't she meant to be on our side, I thought she was just going to pretend to fire those arrows!' Dennis complained inwardly, but he knew that she needed to try her best to make it look realistic otherwise she would be found out.

'But then, why the hell are all the arrows being fired at me, fire them at the others! Does she hate me?'

The reason she was doing this was for two reasons, it made sense, her being the ranged one to target the airborne ability user, as for the second reason. Due to her being part of the Cursed family, something in her mind wasn't quite letting her fire arrows towards Peter.

It felt like if she forced it, maybe she could, but it would use an incredible amount of energy in the first place to even do such a thing. It wasn't even worth attempting even at a time like this. There was far too little she knew about vampires, and their family links.

What came as a surprise to most people, was how urgently Lucy and Rony seemed to be attacking both Fex and Peter.

She wouldn't let up and continued to thrust the blade towards Fex. He dodged each one and tried to tangle the blade with his red string, but it would slice through it without putting up any type of resistance.

What he needed more than anything was a break.

'If she keeps attacking me like this, then I won't be able to use my bloody weapon.'Fex thought.

Still inexperienced, Fex couldn't someone his blood weapon with ease, he needed to concentrate and take a few seconds before doing so. It seemed like somehow Lucy had caught on to this, and she was doing her best to stop him from summoning it.

'Oh, this boy isn't all looks, he has dodged everyone of my attacks.' Lucy thought.

After seeing what she had done to Helen, Fex wasn't going to let the blade touch him.

Rony, swung down his bat, and wanting to help out Fex as quick as possible, Peter sacrificed his arm blocking the blow. It had broken in the process but it gave the perfect opportunity for Peter to deliver a full force punch. Sending him flying and out of the fight.

Now he was free to help Fex. Seeing Peter running towards him, Fex was hoping to use Peter as a puppet like he had done previously. To do this, he could use his normal strings.

The problem with the red blooded string, even though it was stronger, it could be seen quite easily, but in this situation the red string was being treated the same as his regular string, so he might have well made it harder for the opponent to see what he was doing.

When Peter was close enough, moving his hand outward he threw out the small needles with the strings attached, required to control Peter. However, this was the opportunity Lucy had been waiting for.

Somehow she could see everything, and slicing the strings she soon followed up by stabbing Fex in the arm from above.

"Damn you!" Peter shouted throwing out a punch as hard as he could. Lucy was able to lift her other arm to block the attack. When the fist had hit, nothing happened.

There were no broken bones, Lucy didn't go flying and it reminded Peter of the old days. When his punches were weak with no power.

"That's not a punch of a regular human." Lucy said, as she pulled the blade out of Fex's arm. She then slashed at Peter's arm that had just hit her and it had fallen to the floor.

"Arghh!" Peter screamed, and had stepped back gripping onto the wound.

"What!" Quinn said, panicked. He was now worried, it had been too long since he had last heard Peter scream. Just moments ago his arm was crushed by a bat, yet he had made no noise, but if he had screamed it meant one thing. He was feeling pain.

Blood was pouring out on the floor and it didn't look like it was going to stop. She then proceeded to stab him in the thigh. His face was scrunched up in pain.

How long had it been? How long since he had felt pain? Coming back to him, his body was frozen.

That's when Fex noticed, that neither his wound in his forearm, nor Peter's missing limb was regenerating like it usually would. If Peter's arm wouldn't regenerate and with the amount of blood he was losing, they were in serious trouble.

"We forfeit the match!" Fex shouted.


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