My Vampire System Chapter 761

753 Untreatable

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After forfeiting the match, the Cursed faction quickly moved Peter away and onto the platform the rest of them were standing. A few of them couldn't help but whisper to each other and feel concerned as they looked at Peter's face in pain. An unusual site for those that knew him, as well as anyone who walked around the ship.

While moving him, the bleeding still hadn't stopped. Fex using his string had tied just above the wound, keeping strong pressure on it, his arm was raised, whatever was left of it to make sure it was above his heart trying to stop the blood loss as much as possible.

When the healer came out, they were hoping everything would be okay , but Quinn had a bad feeling and he was hoping he wasn't right.

"It's not working, the bleeding won't stop. I don't know what's wrong?" The girl cried and looked like she would break down herself at any second. Her hands were shaking, but she wasn't frightened because she couldn't help Peter. It was because she could feel a strange intent behind her, it was a smothering feeling around her throat, the air felt tight. If she couldn't do anything to help Peter, she thought it would be the end of her life.

"Quinn, stop it!" Linda said, noticing that he was the one that was frightening everyone else. A strange power was seeping out of him that he wasn't able to control.

Getting his act together, Quinn went over to Peter and tried to see if he could do anything. The attack that was used was a Qi attack. Quinn knew that Qi attacks made it so vampires had trouble healing. It was most likely that Peter was experiencing the same thing, only a more drastic version of it.

Maybe it was more effective against vampire type creatures compared to humans.

Closing his eyes, Quinn tried to feel the Qi around Peter's body and that's when he could see it. A strange energy was felt around the edge of the wound. The question was, how would he get rid of it?

Quinn tried moving his own energy to the wound but there was nothing, he tried extracting whatever energy Peter hadm but that still didn't do anything. Each time he tried something different it failed, and he clenched his other hand by his side harder and harder.

So hard that he hadn't noticed his fingernails piercing into the palm of his hand, and the blood dripping onto the floor.

"Peter are you still, there? I'm going to do everything I can, so don't die on me!" Quinn shouted.

Grabbing Peter, he soon dashed away with him to the ship. Injuries that were bad could usefully be fixed with meat. Maybe the healing hadn't completely stopped, but was just slow. This was the last thing he could think of.

When entering the ship, Peter still had the energy to eat the food provided. It had been mashed up into minced meat, that way if anyone was to find the strange meat or see Peter eating it, they wouldn't be suspicious of anything.

Finally, there seemed to be some results, as the wound was slowly healing, but it was at a rate that was far too slow, and soon Peter didn't have the energy to eat any more, bringing the healing to a complete halt.

"No Peter, we aren't going through this again!" Quinn shouted

Back outside the ship, many of the Cursed were busy talking to each other, talking about what had just occurred.

"Why did they have to go that far, and why aren't they doing anything to help us?" The Cursed members were talking amongst themselves.

She clearly knew the wound wouldn't heal, just like how Helen's hadn't. What Lucy had done was basically a death sentence. They were wondering if it was a message.

On the other side, Layla was having similar thoughts, she didn't think her mother was a killer and didn't understand why she had done what she had done. She wanted to ask but was too afraid. When looking at her mother it was always hard to read her which was strange.

Ever since Layla had changed, she was able to see a smog of emotions depending how negative one's mood was. Everyone usually had a little bit of fog or smog above their heads. With her mother it was different, she couldn't see anything above her head.

'Does she really feel nothing after what she has done?'

"You want to know why I did it, don't you?" Lucy said. "It was the only choice I had after receiving that punch. After seeing him regenerate, I thought he had a regentive ability. Which was why his raw attack power took me by surprise. A regular person with that low level of beast gear shouldn't have that much power. I thought it might have been Qi at first, but I couldn't feel any of that coming from him.

"These guys, I don't know what they are, but they aren't ordinary. The only thing I can think of. that they might be doing, is altering Humans. If that's the case. I can't let this faction get away with it."

It seemed like the whole thing was a big misunderstanding. Usuelly, when two sides were fighting each other, both believed they were fighting for the right reasons and it was the case with this as well.

'And what if I told you what I really was mother, would I be something you had to deal with?' Layla thought, saddened.

Someone could be seen running over to the Cursed faction platform, crossing the bridge that connected to them. It was a brown haired beauty, who wore large round classes and had her hair up in a ponytail.

"Wait, you're not part of the Cursed faction, what are you doing here?" A member asked.

"I was sent here by the supreme commander. He said your staff might not be enough." The woman replied. "I have healing powers, but if that doesn't work I'm a trained doctor as well. So I'm sure there's something I can do to help."

A doctor from the military had been sent over to the other teams during the matches before, healing them all. But this was the first time they had seen this doctor, it made them a little suspicious.

"Let her in," Paul said.

A command was given by one of the leaders, so the members made way allowing her to pass through.

"I'll lead the way to the ship so you can take a look at him." Paul said.

The two of them were off and they were running as fast as they could, while doing so the journey was completely silent, until Paul was the first one who had eventually broken it.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry I didn't say anything to you." Paul said.

The doctor continued to run ahead with her head held down.

"You could have at least told me you were alive. That's all I wanted to know."

"I know." Paul replied. "I'm sorry Hayley, I'm a horrible father."


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