My Vampire System Chapter 762

754 Big Distraction

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Hayley was the school doctor at the second military base. She had also been made one of the Saregents there as well, although many thought it was due to her special connections, as she had relations near the top, one of them being her father, the head general of the military base.

One could imagine all the crazy thoughts that had gone through her head during the time of war. When she hadn't seen her father return, the rush of feelings she felt right now, seeing him completely fine, yet supposedly on the enemy side. It was conflicting.

She didn't care what he was doing though, what had upset her more than anything, was the fact that even though he was alive and well, she hadn't been informed of this.

"Why, why didn't you tell me you were okay, do you know how much I worried about you?" Hayley asked.

Paul wanted to see his daughter, he wanted to make sure she was okay more than anything in this silly war. He was sure she would be safe, as many of the higher ranking officials in the military were protected.

But due to his situation, he thought it would be best for him to distance himself from her. Pretend she never existed. The less relations and information the vampires knew about him, the less chance there was of any of his family and friends getting involved.

When they finally arrived, Quinn was surprised to see the doctor from his school here, but he couldn't care about that now. His main concern was Peter.

While Peter was getting healed, Quinn was wondering how he could have done things differently, unlike before he didn't interrupt this fight, but there were a couple reasons why he couldn't and hadn't.

The first being even Quinn was overconfident about Peter's healing capabilities. If she had aimed for the head, he would have attempted something. The second reason was how sudden the attack was. The movement was too quick, and the duel had gone from a few scratches here and there, to a whole arm being chopped off.

Thankfully, Fex was quick to call the match off.

Wiping the sweat away from her forehead, it looked like Hayley had done everything she could, using the tools from the medical bay. There was quite a lot of advanced equipment left on the ship that was never used by the others. The Cursed faction had people with healing abilities, but no doctors on board.

The wound was bandaged up, it was hard to tell if blood was still soaking through it or not, and Quinn was no doctor.

"My abilities helped a little, but I had to operate on it mainly, the problem is, in an open space like this in a non sterile environment, there is a good chance the wound will become infected.

"Also, I don't think I will be able to get his arm back."

"That's not much of a problem, but is the wound healing?" Quinn asked.

Hayley shook her head. "It isn't healing and if I had more time, we could cover it with artificial tissue and also probably get him a mechanical arm. But his regentive abilities seemed to be blocked."

Quinn, then tired to search for the Qi inside Peter's body again, and there was still the strange energy felt around the wound. It didn't look like it would be healing anytime soon.

Turning his head, Peter could see the concerned look Quinn had on his face.

"Hey, don't worry Quinn, she said I'll live, right? Just do me a favour, go ahead and return the favour to that Bitch will yah?"


The others had been waiting outside for a pretty long time, but it was understandable after what had just happened and there was only one fight remaining anyway. Finally though, Quinn had returned from the ship and was ready for the duel.

He walked across the bridge without saying anything, Paul followed behind and so did Nate. Pure started to do the same with Lucy walking out the front, but then behind her, Layla had stumbled to the ground.

"What the hell!" Rony complained. "Are you that scared of him, what's wrong with you?"

Her whole body couldn't stop shaking, even while she was on the floor, her knees were banging into each other as she walked, causing her to stumble. She was afraid, but it was because of all the dark smog she could see circulating around Quinn.

At first she thought it was his shadow ability, but she soon realized that it was her own powers. She hadn't seen this amount of negativity smog around a person before.

'Is this it? Is this why Quinn kills my mother?' She thought.

"Agent Five!" Layla shouted out. "You can make it so the person from before can heal again, right? You can make it so abilities will help the healing process."

"I can," Lucy replied.

The reason Layla was asking this, was because she wanted Quinn to hear the answer. Maybe if he knew that she could reverse whatever was happening to Peter. Quinn wouldn't kill her.

Looking back at him, she could see that the smog had died down a little, and it looked like her plan had worked slightly. It was still there but not as intense as it was before.

'I have to do this, for both of them!' Layla reassured herself, standing on her two feet. They were still a little wobbly but she could move forward.

"You won't have to get involved in the fight," Lucy said. "Stay away from them the best you can."

It was hard for Layla to know whether this was her mother speaking out of concern for her, or if she felt like she would only get in the way. Still, to find the truth she needed her mother to come out of this alive at least.

She went out and grabbed her hand.

"Mother be careful, he's strong," Layla said. She knew she wasn't meant to call her mother in front of the others but she felt like she had to, and at the same time, Lucy didn't seem to be rejecting her daughters hand.

Lucy then smiled before letting go.

"The match between Pure Group A, and the Cursed group A, will now begin!" Oscar shouted.

"What do you want us to do Quinn?" Nate asked.

Quinn held out his hand, like he did at the start of the last match.

[Shadow lock activated]

A shadow portal had opened behind Rony, and he was sucked into the shadow. The look on his face was one of confusion, as he was wondering why he had been picked.

Then, Quinn moved his hand over to his two teammates.

[Shadow lock, open]

The portal opened, and Rony caught himself, before he fell on the ground face first.

"Just make sure him and you two don't get involved in the fight." Quinn said, walking forward. "I need to find something."

"Oh, I thought you would have attempted to use that strange skill on me?" Lucy said. "I was looking forward to breaking it down, and showing everyone here that it was nothing to be frightened of."

Layla was wondering what to do, Quinn had asked for the other two on his side not to get involved, and they currently had held Rony down on the floor. Nate was able to use his soul weapon to make his weight a ton and now he was unable to move any part of his body.

Still, trying to keep up the act, she drew her bow and was ready to fire at Quinn.

"Layla, don't get involved and move to the side. Stay there!" Quinn commanded.

To him, he was just saying simple words, but without realising it, he had activated a true command, a leader's command. All of a sudden, Layla, placed her bow down and was starting to move to the edge of the arena.

"Agent hundred, what are you doing? why are you listening to him!" Lucy said.

Layla was unsure herself, but her body was doing everything Quinn had just said. Unlike before when thinking about attacking Peter, there was no chance for her to put up any kind of resistance.

"A true command from the vampire leader and the person that turned her," Kazz mumbled. "Of course she can't disobey."

Soon after, Quinn dashed forward and threw out a single punch. Lucy being confident went to strike it down with her sword, expecting Quinn to be straight forward.

"This blade will slice through your hand, just like it did to your friend!" Lucy shouted.

When the blade hit Quinn's hand, both of them had stopped mid air and she could feel the strange force.

"I thought so, I knew you could use Qi!" Lucy shouted. "Now tell me how you know!"

Quinn had no time for games, and he was hoping he could figure out just what she had done to Peter. However, something had appeared that would distract him from the fight.

In front of his face, a notification screen appeared.

[Emergency quest!]

[The cursed family is under attack]

[New Quest revived]

[An unknown force has invaded the tenth family area. Do not lose more than ten percent of your forces!]



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