My Vampire System Chapter 764

756 Getting The Truth

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If there was one thing Lucy was being right now, it was cautious. There was a strange confidence that was filled in the boy, and she knew that he wouldn't be naive enough to act this way, if he truly didn't feel like he had something.

Inside the dome itself was Layla, Lucy and Quinn, while it had just cut off blocking out Rony, Paul and Nate, left on the outside. She was unaware if this was done on purpose or not, or if Quinn could even control the size of the dome around him.

This was done of course, to keep certain people out of the loop for what Quinn was about to do. Before Lucy knew it, Quinn was sinking into the ground itself. She looked around trying to sense the Qi energy from within him, to see if it was anywhere close by.

'If the boy plans to attack, I should be able to sense it just before.' Yet, she could feel nothing, until the force she was expanding around her changed, it was like a ripple in a pond hitting her.

All of a sudden, Quinn had appeared from an angle above. He was dropping down with an axe kick raised high with his foot reaching his head. It was too close and the only thing she could do was block the attack with the hilt of her blade.

The attack was strong and Quinn had even used his own Qi on top of his regular strength. The struggling face of Lucy said it all, as it changed into a smile and it looked like she wasn't hurt at all.

Quinn not letting up, and not letting him lose focus, flashed stepped behind her and started the regular hammer strike, rather than the blood hammer due to it taking too long. The fist was thrown and slammed into her back, but there was no movement on Lucy's end. She hadn't moved like a rock and she seemed to be completely fine.

Sinking into the shadow again, Quinn was wondering what had just happened.

'How, is it her beats gear? But a hammer strike still should have had some type of effect on her?' Quinn thought.

"You really don't know how to do anything other then basic Qi, if you keep attacking like that, then you won't even be able to hurt me!" Lucy shouted.

It seemed like what she was saying was true, but Quinn hadn't even begun to show her everything that he could do. It was a last resort, but nothing else had worked so far. Using shadow hop, Quinn could move to anywhere inside the shadow dome, appearing in one of her blind spots Quinn threw out a blood swipe.

A single one as a test, and when Lucy turned to block it with her sword, the two collided. Her hand was visibly shaking and this didn't go unnoticed by Quinn.

Seeing this, he shadow hoped to a different location and threw out more blood swipes. Lucy was no longer talking back and was focused on blocking each strike with her blade. Compared to the physical hits she had taken head on before. None of the hits had gotten through, as her skill with the blade was excellent and the blade she was using was at the legendary level also.

As she had gotten used to dealing with the blood swipes. A loud bang was heard and she had fallen down on one knee, Looking down, her knee was bleeding and a hole had been created. It looked like an object had pierced right through.


Quinn had to be careful. Usually he could rely on the blood bank for extra HP, but at the moment, he was unable to heal from attacks that had been dealt from Lucy. He could still heal up health from the Bloodskills, but it was something that would be difficult to keep track of during the fight.

When noticing Lucy was desperately blocking the attacks, he knew something was up. For some reason, the blood attacks she was unable to block like she could his physical attacks. When Lucy got comfortable blocking the blood swipes, that's when Quinn fired using his blood shot.

"What are you, how can you have two abilities!" Lucy shouted. "I knew you had been experimenting on people, but I never knew you had gotten this far. Tell me who you are working under?"

Although she was on one knee, Quinn could tell Lucy was not out of the fight. She was waiting for him to get close.

Throwing out two blood swipes and catching it with his shadow, Quinn had created the duel blood scythes. This way he could attack with great strength from a distance. Swinging out wide he had great momentum, Lucy tried to move and she did so quite well picking herself up.

A normal person who had their kneecap blown wouldn't have been able to move like her, yet she could, but she only found herself running into the other scythe swinging in the other direction. Lifting her sword, she allowed it to take most of the impact. The shockwaves and power was still sent through her body and it sent her back into the other scythe behind, hitting the back of her armour.

The amour was strong and had taken a lot of the damage, but blood could still be seen flowing out of her mouth.

'When was the last time I was in a situation like this?' Lucy thought.

"From the beginning I could have beaten you, I just wanted to find out how to save my friend. Now quit this match, and tell me what you did to Peter?" While speaking these words, Quinn's eyes were glowing red.

He had activated the influence skill and was hoping now she was more hurt, that it would work, but unfortunately, by the look on her face he knew that it had done nothing.

Lucy smiled. "You and all your people can rot in hell. Your friend will die, and you will suffer watching him. I know your kind, even if I saved your friend, you would either use me or kill me anyway. I'm telling you now, I will never be used again, everything I do is for myself, and for a better future for the world!" She gathered her strength to throw out a blood fist mouth full of spit on the floor, which landed in front of Quinn.

He couldn't force Lucy to do his bidding with influence, and he couldn't threaten her with her life. What could he even do that would make her save Peter. Not being able to come up with anything, just filled Quinn with more rage.

[Mask's active skill activated]

[Select an attribute to use adrenaline on]

[Strength attribute selected]

[Secret Mask active skill has been activated]

[Rage active skill activated]

[Your next attack will be twice as strong]

The mask on his face lit up, changing in colour and a red glow could be seen around it. It seemed to be feeding Quinn with a new energy in his body.

Staying a distance away, still not getting close. Quinn prepared a blood hammer strike. He pounded his foot, stomping it into the ground, and snapped his fist back, before throwing out his right fist, he flash stepped forward closing the distance, and threw his fist down towards Lucy's stomach.

"Let's see if you're really not afraid of death!" Quinn shouted.

"Quinn, no please!" Layla screamed from the sides, as she could see everything happening. It looked like what Cia had seen was coming true, even with her interference, even with her being in the duel.

Was it really going to play out the same way? No, Layla wouldn't let that happen.

When Quinn's fist had hit Lucy in the stomach, it almost felt like it had phased through until he had felt something solid. Then, he could see strange looking ripples around his fist.

'What is this?' Quinn thought.

The sound of a body falling to the floor from his right side was heard, and he could see Layla lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Where her stomach was, a giant hole.


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