My Vampire System Chapter 769

761 Equal Postion

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Due to Quinn's young age, and the inexperience of a new faction. Oscar and Mona had plans thinking that maybe they could use the Cursed faction in some way. Perhaps have something against them, 'an attempt to blackmail them' to be used to force them to act.

Oscar was originally planning to put pressure on Quinn, even if they didn't have a relationship with Pure. To prove to the others and the world, it would have been best if they two groups fought each other.

However, it looked like Quinn and the people by his side weren't going to be so naive in this after all. They knew their position well now, if there was something they didn't like, or felt like they were being treated unfairly, they could very well be the catalyst to start a new war.

Especially with the dangerous information they carried with each group.

'I expected there to be spies within my group, but I didn't expect for any to be from the Cursed faction.' Mona thought. The demon tier locating device was meant to be their trump card. Now that information had been revealed, if they chose to keep it hidden or deny it, the others would soon think that the Bree family were planning something.

"Your right," Oscar said. "We really haven't been treating you fairly. Our time is short, but while you are here, is there anything you would like to know from us?" Oscar asked.

This wasn't just asked to make Quinn feel welcomed and make him feel a part of the group, but was also there to see what the Cursed faction goal was. Oscar having already worked with Mona knew her ambitions pretty well.

As for Owen, he was one covered in mystery, since he and the previous leader seemed to be nothing alike, but with the Cursed faction. Oscar had no clue, but it was clear from his words, that they were filled with anger.

'That boy has risen to this position, not because of skill, talent and pure luck, but because he wanted to, he has clear intent.' Oscar thought.

"As long as we are open about information with each other, I guess I should ask some things that will benefit all of us." Quinn said. "Have any of you been able to locate Richard Eno, or Is he possibly in one of your families?"

The others looked at each other for a second, as if they were trying to read their faces hoping to get an answer, but it seemed like no one was hiding anything. While asking questions, Quinn was also listening very carefully to each and everyone of their heartbeats.

To see if there was a slight change, or response to his questioning. He wasn't sure if this would prove someone was hiding something, but it was a start. However, there seemed to be no reaction from anyone at the table.

"It appears no one has information on his whereabouts," Oscar replied. "Even before Eno was a very secretive person, he would only meet the military on occasion to provide new information or technology and then disappear. He was a hard person to find before the civil wars and even harder to find now."

Quinn waited to see if what Oscar had said was inline with what the others had to say. And it seemed to be the case. The question Quinn asked also didn't raise any suspicions, as they thought anyone who wanted to raise their groups strength, would be looking to build a great relationship with the individual.

"Actually, I suggest once this whole thing is over we try to gather our resources and find him as soon as possible." Oscar added. "I'm sure the Dalki have been watching us closely this whole time. If that is the case, once they find out the fighting has stopped, they will not allow us to recover and will attack.

"Eno was a man who gave us technology to fight the Dalki back, I'm sure he wishes for humanities survival just as much as the rest of us."

What Oscar had said made sense , but Quinn wasn't too sure if Richard Eno really was on humanities side or not.

"And what of Jack Truedream?" Quinn asked.

Other than a grudge, Jack Trudream was another person that people were after. If someone controlled him, they could effectively control the other groups and people once again. No matter how horrible his personality, the public saw him the same way as the vampires saw the Punishers. Someone who could apply justice to those that did wrong.

"All we know is that Jack Truedream is missing after his city was destroyed. Although a lot of people are missing after that. The military's guess at the moment, is it might have something to do with Pure."

When Oscar said this, the heartbeats of the other two changed, but Quinn could guess why. They knew the real people behind the Truedream's mess, which was the Blade family. The other two thought the Balde family had captured Jack and were currently using him as a chained.

However, Quinn knew this wasn't true. When rescuing Vorden they had checked the other prisoners briefly and at least while down there, there were no signs of Truedream, according to Sil this was the case as well.

As for thinking Pure had Jack, according to Layla she hadn't seen him. Which didn't rule out the possibility but it was unlikely they had him as well.

'Just where the hell is that little rat,' Quinn thought.

"Do you have any more questions?" Duke asked, in an annoyed tone. Seeing a student of his rise to a position higher than himself annoyed him, but what was even more of an annoyance, was the particular student in question as well.

He was actually the one that had convinced Oscar greatly that Quinn was working with Pure. Putting doubts in his heads.

Quinn liked seeing Duke annoyed though.

"Yeah I have another question, how's your arm doing?" Quinn asked, he didn't let him reply though and moved on to the next real question. "I wanted to ask you, when the war started or before the war started, did any of you have some unexplained deaths that happened suddenly?"

Now this was a question Oscar wasn't expecting and was wondering why Quinn was asking such a thing.

"It's hard to say, at the start of the war deaths happened frequently, also it's a shame to say, but those types of reports on individuals don't rise to the top. I just get numbers on a sheet of paper. Perhaps it's something each of us can look into, but it will have to be after the hunt."

"Can I ask, why?" Mona interrupted. "Why are you interested in deaths that would have happened before the war?"

Quinn was actually asking because that was the mission he had been given by the king. To find out what had happened to the vampire spies on earth that were within each group.He also felt like this incident might be linked to Eno and the others somehow as well.

Still, Quinn didn't really know how to reply to this without sounding too suspicious and Pall was the one that eventually answered.

"It's because our men were part of your group." Paul replied. "We had people in each of the major factions and military, including myself but we had lost contact with them all. We find it strange for this to all have happened at once."

Coming from Paul it sounded very believable, and Oscar looked a little upset, as if Paul's words stung him finding out he was a double agent. The reason Paul decided to speak was because this was his main goal as well.

If he had done well getting information about them for the council, then he could save his people. The king at least seemed to be a vampire of his word, but that didn't mean others would attempt to leave the humans in that crazy world alone. The longer time was spent here the more chance his people had of dying.

"I think that is enough questions for today," Oscar said. "We must move on to the main matter."

Oscar went on to explain to everyone about the hunt for the demon tier beast, at the same time he explained what would be done with the crystal to make things fair, adding Quinn as one of the code bearers to unlock the weapon once it was crafted.

Quinn hadn't expected this to be their answer when splitting the rewards, but at the same time couldn't complain about it.

"So when does this hunt for the demon tier beast start?" He asked.

"As soon as this meeting is over," Oscar replied.


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